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Remembrance/ Forbidden coming soon to Amazon!

Unfortunately, some crazy stuff in my life knocked me on my ass for the last half of this past year. Sucks, but I promise that I'm steadily getting my bearings back. In the meantime, to keep me in a routine, I resorted to cleaning up an old story I wrote several years ago with my good friend, Raven Foxx. I've come a long since way since then, and yet Jazz and Seth still stay very close to my heart. I've been posting the chapters of this story for free on my website and, after getting countless requests to put it in book form, I've decided to do just that... with a special epilogue included!

Behold! A sneak peak of its cover (re-titled Forbidden)!

What's more, as a special thank you to those who've already read this story on my site, I'd like to gift each one of you your very own ebook copy in exchange for an honest review! Simply email me your amazon and/or goodreads' review link (available late Jan/early Feb 2019), and I'll send you out a copy straight to your device!

>> Synopsis: Stationed in New York City, mission order angel Jazz Jagger's sole objective is to extricate demons from the human realm. Underlord Seth Masters, however, isn't having it. Shrewdly, he has Jazz captured, anxious to punish him personally, but Jazz turns out to be an angel like none Seth has ever met. Despite raw emotion, their dynamic gradually shifts. Anger, desire, conflict, need. Opposites attract like never before. Will love concur all or will dark pride prevail, denying them the happy ending they've struggled so long for?

*Releasing Jan/Feb 2019 *Cover art by the incredible Francessca Wingfield.

** Please note:

Due to these plans to put Remembrance on Amazon, this story will be removed from my website just prior to its release, estimated to go live Jan/Feb 2019.

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