Goin' to GRL this October!

Utterly psyched to meet so many of you amazing people at this year's annual GRL retreat! While I won't be going as an official author (I'm a newbie at this stuff, so I wanna get a good feel of how things roll before diving in head first), I WILL be going as a super-excited reader just like so many of you! This does mean, however, that I won't be bringing books to sell, but will be more than happy to sign your previously purchased copies--or anything else you want me to Hancock. Within reason of course. ;) I'll be coming in Friday evening and leaving Sunday afternoon, all the while rooming with the fabulous, romantic-comedy sensation, ZB Heller! That's right, we wanna meet all the amazing writers on the docket, too!! So many big names, omg!! Good times ahead! Hope I see you there!


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