Sean’s POV in the demonstration room

BDSM scene of Sideline Submission


*In order to avoid repetition regarding a scene readers have already experienced, my editor and I decided it would be best to nix this and offer it as a deleted scene instead. Enjoy!



Holy motherfucking shit.

Sean couldn’t believe he was doing this.

Was he crazy? He must be crazy. There was no other explanation.

Heart pounding wildly, he tried to stay still as Max bound the top of his nut sac super tight. Not that he could move much regardless anyway. He was trapped bent over in a pillory, for shit’s fucking sake, his head and hands detained in its three holes. Below him, on the large, circular platform he stood on, his feet were spread and latched to the floorboard. So, yeah, he could wiggle his ass a little, but that was pretty much it.

Max gave Sean’s balls a pat, causing them to sway. “How’s that feel? Not too tight?”

“No, Maximus. That’s fine.”

“Good.” Max slid his hand forward and gripped Sean’s shaft.


Sean moaned. “Thank you, Sir.”

Max loosed a soft snicker. “Don’t thank me just yet. Not quite done trussing you up.”

He stood and moved to the side of Sean’s body, his heavy boots echoing through the room. A room, as it were, Sean had never been in before. According to Max, it was used for demonstrations. For what, Sean could only imagine. God knew, the visual Max was creating with Sean now had to look pretty fucking scandalous.

Out of his peripheral, Sean watched Max dig into his pocket and pull out some tiny silver chains.

He fooled with the things for a second, then sank to his haunches. “Last but not least,” he murmured, no doubt smirking. Ever since the night of that wicked little funnel, Max had noticeably been enjoying their encounters a lot more. Like, that night had been some kind of unspoken test, and when Sean passed, it’d freed Max up to go no-holds-barred. Blatantly having some serious fun giving Sean a run for his money.

Speaking of money, that tab Max started for him must be getting pretty steep.

Sean winced as the bite of a cold, metal clamp closed around his nipple. Damn, that thing was way freaking meaner than the clothes pins. Sean fisted his hands, adjusting to the pain, tempted to challenge Max to wear a pair himself. Not that Sean thought Max would. Max never fell for Sean’s impulsive dares. In fact, most of Sean’s efforts ended in repercussions. This time Max would probably take said mean clamp and give the fucker a nice tug.

Sean cringed at the thought. Nope, nope, nope. He’d be keeping his mouth shut—

A curt little knock resounded to Sean’s right, interrupting his train of thought. He glanced toward the noise, eyeing the two-way mirror. The one Max explained had an observation room on the other side, something Sean found downright unsettling. Probably because when they’d first walked in, Max had yet to fill Sean in on his plans. Suffice to say, a big fat two-way wall had come as quite the shocker. Sean had slammed on the brakes and outright balked, doing the initial math. Which not only got Max laughing but also promptly elaborating on the most prominent element of the night’s agenda.

Aka the part involving a fucking audience.

Sean’s heart had gone berserk. All blood had drained from his head. Because while modeling naked for others was one thing, getting sexually taken apart in front of them was very much another. That shit was private. Personal. Intimate. Something no one else had any business seeing. He hadn’t signed up to star in fucking porn. He came to Max to lose himself, body and soul. An experience he wanted in no shape or form to share with fucking strangers.

Sean scanned the glass, seeing no one behind it. Not that he’d expected to. Or, honestly, wanted to. Thankfully, he did know who one of the viewers was. Max’s roommate, Scott, whom Sean liked a lot. He was cool. Not a dick. Exuded nice-guy vibes. Which gave Sean a little bit of comfort. Because not only was he confident that Scott wouldn’t mock him later, but that his companion would be of similar character. Only assholes hung with assholes. So this Tad guy Max mentioned was probably good peeps like Scott.

Max moved to Sean’s left side and attached the other clamp. Sean hissed at the second sharp lance of pain. Goddamn, those things hurt. But like the first, it dulled fast, morphing into a deep throbbing ache.

Until, that is, Max secured each clamp’s chain to the pillory, leaving no slack for movement. Something Sean discovered when he shifted his weight in an attempt to alleviate some of the discomfort. Pain roared back fast. Sean tamped down a curse, fisting his hands even tighter.

Were they having fun yet? Didn’t exactly feel like it. Sean fought not to grimace, or worse, freaking whimper. God knew, the last thing he wanted right now was to look like a pussy in front of Max… and their audience. Wasn’t easy, though. In fact, it was hard as shit, especially with his heart hammering a hole through his chest.

He needed to calm down. To get a grip. To focus. But every time he clung to a thought, the thing turned into a vision of what was to come. Which Max had only given him the basics of, leaving Sean’s wild imagination to fill in the blanks. After all, he knew how his Dom loved to play. How Max operated without an ounce of freaking mercy. Would he finally find a way to break Sean’s sanity, and do it in front of rapt onlookers? God knew, every week Sean barely made it through, holding on by the skin of his teeth. And that was when he actually crossed the finish line. Last week he’d straight-up passed out. Not from pain, though, or anything he should’ve used his safe word for, but because Max had rocketed him to some other form of existence. Some crazy-wild out of body experience. Meaning Sean had lost complete control, something Max could very well strip him of again. Tonight. In front of their viewers.

 Sean’s breathing instantly quickened. A cold sweat surged from his skin. But right as he felt himself readying to panic, Max emerged from around the pillory and squatted in front of him. His eyes locked onto Sean’s, their intensity entrancing. Sean held them like a freaking lifeline.

He could do this.

No, he couldn’t.

For Max.

Not even for Max.

As if sensing Sean’s turmoil, Max leveled him with a smile. One of his most captivating smiles to date. Sean’s racing heart downshifted—just a smidge.

Max cupped his face, his warm hands soothing, and leaned in till his scruff brushed Sean’s cheeks. “Breathe, a stór. Don’t over think it. I’m just pushing your boundaries like I always do. And you love that shit. Remember? You love it. Gets you off.” Sean exhaled roughly. His Dom nuzzled his ear. “Seeing you like this,” Max murmured quietly. “Makes me so goddamn horny. Can you hear it in my voice? How bad I wanna play with you?”

And there it was. What always got Sean charged. And exactly what he needed to hear. To get his head in the game. To amp him for the challenge. He couldn’t wait to see that look in Max’s eyes. That wicked desire, that burning need, blazing in his gaze because of Sean. Eyes, as it were, that were lined in kohl, the most erotic thing Sean had witnessed in ages. Hell, when he’d first gotten a look at them earlier, the sight had given him pause… and then a boner. Good God, Max managed to push buttons inside Sean that he’d never frickin’ known he possessed.

Smiling a little, he nodded against Max’s cheek.

“Mmm. Of course you can,” Max murmured, easing back. And just like that, his amazing smile was back, right before he leaned in and took Sean’s lips. Not for some crazy-hot impassioned exchange, but what felt like a final boost of morale. Reminding Sean who he was—Max’s treasured sub—and all the craziness he’d triumphed over to get there. Max believed he could do it, and now so did Sean. No way would he be proving Max wrong.

Sean’s insides filled fast with heady heat. Gratitude, confidence, anxious excitement. But most of all, a surging lust for his Dom. Sean’s breathing leveled out to go the long haul. His heart thumped eager and steady. And down between his thighs, above his tied up nuts, his boner steeled harder than rock.

Sean could do this. He could. As long as Max was driving. But more than that, he would enjoy it, relish every exhilarating second. Just like always when Max assumed full control.

Max withdrew his lips and stood, then strode from Sean’s line of sight. Next thing Sean knew, the very ground he stood on was circling to the right. Sean tensed. Max hadn’t told him that the floor fucking moved. Sean’s heart skipped a beat in realization. Oh, God. Max was going to point him toward that freaking mirror. Son of a bitch. The fact that Sean had been facing away from it had been one of his only comforts. A reassurance Max clearly considered unnecessary.

The platform came to a stop a few seconds later, with Sean aimed in said dreaded direction.

Shit, shit, shit.

“Sean.” Max’s voice, from somewhere to Sean’s right. “Say hello to Scott and Tad.”

A brisk little knock resounded from the glass.

Ugh. So awkward, and truth be told, kind of embarrassing. Sean smiled through a wince, eyeing the blank mirror, where all he could see was himself. He forced himself to meditate on Max’s words as much as humanly possible. Something about this little arrangement intrinsically turned Max on. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be here like this at all. Which meant, right now, as Sean squirmed in front of strangers, Max was getting more and more aroused. A notion that quickly got Sean’s head back on track, and his dick even harder than before.

But just as Sean accepted his new arrangement, Max sent the floorboards turning yet again. Sean exhaled in relief. Reconciled or not to facing an audience for the next hour, he’d still always opt for the alternative.

Once more, the big black platform stopped, with Sean aimed in the exact opposite direction. Or in other words, with his ass to their guests. What a nice fucking view they must be getting. Hopefully they liked the sight of bound nuts and boners. Although, honestly, they probably did. After all, Sean seriously doubted Scott’s guest was straight. And only dudes into BDSM would watch this. Sean shifted his weight and smiled. This shit was so damn crazy. So crazy it was awesome.




The sound of heavy boots resounded through the room. Max, making his way to a couple locations before stepping back onto the stage. Sean thrummed as warm fingers slid into his hair, then skimmed down his back to his ass. His Dom was always touching him, one way or another, the feeling possessive and comforting all at once.

Max stopped directly behind him and palmed one of Sean’s cheeks. “I’m going to begin now. Are you ready for me?”

Sean’s heart pounded. “Yes.”

“Yes what, Sean?”

“Yes, Maximus.” Ugh. Focus, idiot. “Yes. I’m ready.”

Abruptly, the sound system came alive but quickly eased to a low-key volume. Damn, Sean hadn’t listened to this band in ages. Jane’s Addiction. Old school alternative. “Ted, Just Admit it.” A freaking classic. One of the band’s most beloved, renown songs. And for good fucking reason. The tune was amazing. So penetrating and raw. So hypnotically dark. Pulsating right down to one’s bones.

Sean’s mind and body tingled, as if wrapped in charged suede, the buzz of anticipation descending.

Max sank down behind him, breath skimming Sean’s left hamstring, and firmly clutched Sean’s ass with both hands. Unyielding fingers spread Sean wide, then big warm thumbs grazed his sensitive ring. Sean bit his bottom lip and fought not to moan. Already, he was ridiculously horny.

“So fucking pretty,” Max purred, voice husky.

Sean vibrated. He loved the way Max teased.

But Max didn’t tease for long. Instead, he stood back up and massaged Sean’s cheeks nice and slow. “All fucking mine,” he growled softly. “This and every other inch of you.”

Ah, God. That possessive little bite in Max’s tone…

“Yes, Maximus, yours.” Sean fidgeted eagerly. “Every single inch.” And my soul.

Max emitted a sultry sound, then a heartbeat later, a lubed finger grazed Sean’s tender hole.

“Gonna fuck you with my finger now. You ready, little boy?”

Ready and then some. Sean loved Max inside him. And facing away, he couldn’t give a shit who saw. “Yes, Maximus,” he answered. 

“Say please.”

“Please, Maximus.”

“That’s my beautiful slut.”

He was smiling. Sean could hear it, feel it in his voice.

Again, Max got busy slicking up Sean’s backdoor, then pushed a finger through nice and deep. Sean jerked in surprise, air rushing past his lips. Max leisurely moved inside him, sliding his digit in and out, then withdraw the thing to just inside Sean’s entrance.

“So fucking tight. Want two fingers now?”

Sean tried to nod. “Yes, Maximus. Please.”

Another delved inside him along with the first, kicking more breath from Sean’s lungs. His mouth fell open. Shit, that wicked little burn. Max got back to pumping, mixing up his pace, fucking Sean’s ass with varying force. 

“My pretty snatch,” Max murmured, timbre thick. “To do with as I please.”

“God, yes.” Sean couldn’t stop the moan from coming. “Only yours.” Don’t ever want another.

Waves of dominant satisfaction rolled over Sean’s body from behind. Clearly, Max was pleased. Approved of Sean’s answer. Liked that Sean considered his body Max’s.

“Now,” Max rumbled. “To take care of what’s mine.” Abruptly, he withdrew and shoved back in, his knuckles all but ramming Sean’s crack.

“Yes, Maximus!” Shit yeah, Max was getting feisty. “Oh, thank you. Yes!”

Please, please, don’t stop.

A sharp, stinging smack connected with Sean’s ass.

“No more talking unless directly addressed.”

Sean winced but managed to bite back his curse. Then a slew of moans that tried to emerge next. Was no easy feat, though, with the way Max was working him. Feverishly fucking his backdoor.

Oh, shit. Felt so good. Sean’s brows pinched in rapture.

Max slowed some and palmed the small of Sean’s back. “Gonna make you crazy now, a stór.” Sean felt his fingers shifting, moving to a subtly different spot. And then, just like that, he resumed his vigorous pumping, plunging super-deep into Sean’s channel.

Sean’s eyes shot wide a second later. Then his whole body started to reel.

Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Max just found his freaking prostate and was showing the thing who was boss.

Every muscle tightened as Sean’s G-spot went nuts, rifling shards of pleasure straight to his junk. Sean tried to stay quiet. Tried to bite back his bliss, but the strength of it all was too much.

Ungh, fuck!” he cried out, unraveling in ecstasy, hands fisting, feet shuffling atop the floor.

“Hmmm…” Max eased up. “Even now, you’re still so tight.”

Without warning, his fingers vanished, then the floor beneath Sean moved. Max, stepping back off the platform. The sound of brief rummaging rose above the music. Sean stilled, catching his breath. He knew that sound. Max was in his basket of toys. Sean’s heart kicked up a notch. Max with toys was always exciting. In a very scary-thrilling, arousing as fuck sort of way. Which was he going to make Sean crazy with this time?

Two soft thumps and Max was back on their little dais. Then one warm hand was back on Sean’s ass. Parting him wide again, exposing him for their audience. Sean’s dick gave a kick. Max’s energy was palpable. Sean could feel his excitement. His own pulse raced in delirious expectation.

Until, that is, something pressed against his entrance. Something cool, and hard, and lubed. Then Sean’s heart skipped a couple of beats entirely. Because suddenly all that his brain could be bothered with was finding out just how big Max’s mysterious toy was.

Max eased the thing’s smooth, small tip past Sean’s muscle, its girth growing larger the deeper it sank. Sean shifted against the sensation of being slowly pried open. Butt plug. Max was filling him with a butt plug. And not a small one. The biggest one he’d used yet.

A low, strained moan forced its way up Sean’s throat, unable to be contained any longer.

“Take it, Sean,” Max ordered, his voice silky steel. “Take every inch I give you.”

“Fuck,” Sean exhaled, squirming to obey. So big, it was getting so fucking big. And, goddamn, going so deep. His lungs worked faster, stifled grunts pushed free. His entire frame struggled not to tense. Lord knew, if he resisted even the slightest bit, that burn in his ass would quadruple. He just needed to hang in there, the end of that plug would be smaller. 

But right when he thought he couldn’t bear a millimeter’s width more, Max paused all movement.

“Hold it,” he murmured, stopping just before the slender base. Forcing Sean to endure it. “Make me proud.”

Sean grimaced. “Yes, Maximus.” His ass was on fire.

“Good boy. That’s my good fucking boy,” Max praised, sinking his toy to the hilt.

Air rushed from Sean’s lungs, relief washing over him.

Max squeezed his tense cheeks. “Say thank you.”

“Thank you, Maximus.” Sean smiled, feeling instantly so much better; brain back online, body thrumming.

Another sharp smack connected with Sean’s ass. Sean jumped with a start, then shuddered, eyes rolling back. Holy fuck. His jerk just kicked that plug into his prostate, and now his G was straight-up freaking singing.

“I’m gonna tan your sweet hide now, and you know what I’m gonna use. You ready to play?” Max was smirking this time, Sean could hear it in his tone. He enjoyed performing. Like putting on a show. And who was Sean to disrupt his kinky fun?

Sean’s lips curved despite the implications of Max’s words. Yeah, this was going to hurt like a bitch. Yeah, he’d be feeling it for days. But the upfront rewards were always worth it. He was bringing Max pleasure, and vice freaking versa. Not the typical kind, of course. The hard-to-articulate kind. But it was exhilarating and exciting all the same.

“Yes, Maximus. I’m ready.” Sean steeled himself for the ride.

A third smack. “Aren’t you always,” Max rumbled in approval. “Which is why you’re my favorite little slut.”

Fuck, yeah. Sean’s insides purred. “Thank you, Maximus.”

Call me that again, Sir. Pretty please.

Max’s touch abruptly vanished, followed by the sound of his boots stepping off the platform. Sean’s heart sped up with anxious anticipation. Max was grabbing the crop he’d showed Sean earlier. The one he’d given Sean a sample whap of on his thigh. That skinny little fucker had stung like a mother. And now it was about to do so again. Right on Sean’s ass. In front of a rapt, viewing audience.

Good times. The best of times. Wouldn’t trade this shit for the world. Sean was scared as fuck but having the time of his life.

Max was back on in seconds, running his fingertips along Sean’s ass. “Mine,” he murmured as if talking to himself. Sean wished he could say the same about Max.


Clipped and direct.

Sean gasped with a start. That asshole hadn’t warned him. And yet, the image in Sean’s head of Max smirking defused all irritation fast. Max loved watching Sean jump. Had admitted to the fact. Admitted to it with a gleam in his eye. Sean’s dick bucked at the memory, even as fire lanced his butt.


“Ah, fuck!” Couldn’t’ve held that one back if he tried. That crop was a demon. Goddamn.

Max growled. “So tender. The skin on your ass. Wanna turn it bright red then take a bite.”

Sean groaned, pulse racing. He wanted that, too. That mouth on his body? Yes, please.


“Shit!” Sean yelped before he could stop himself. White-hot fire shot from his ass cheeks to his junk. He’d gotten better at channeling those sharp bites of pain. Max had offered countless random bits of wisdom. Especially last week, while Sean was strapped to his spanking bench. When Max was hurtling Sean toward the place he’d only yet skirted. Again and again, Max had helped guide Sean’s focus. With his words. With his touch. Directing the craziness to Sean’s cock. Over and over until it all finally clicked. And once it had, Holy mother of ecstasy, Sean embraced that shit and let it rocket him away, then final lift off from Earth when Sean climaxed. And what a fucking climax it’d been. He’d literally passed the fuck out.

Max rumbled something huskily and picked up the tempo.

Whap! Whap—whap! Whap—whap!

Sean hissed a round of oaths. He was getting better at this shit, but he still was far from perfect. And Max didn’t seem interested in waiting for him to catch up. Like he was forcing Sean to make that shit happen or pay the price. Tough love and all that crap. Not that he was hitting all that hard. Max never really did. At least not with Sean. Problem was, even with as easy as he was going, after a few crop-to-fleshes Sean’s skin started screaming regardless.

He struggled to find his bearings, worked hard to steady his breathing.

Whap! Whap—whap!

He grimaced and clenched his jaw. Normally, Max worked with him. Walked him through it all some way. Whether by murmured encouragement, or his lifeline eye contact, or that freaking incredible you’re-making-my-dick-so-hard smile. But now Sean had none of that. Had nothing to ground him. Nothing but past experiences to guide him.

Sharp licks of fire snapped their way down his thighs, giving Sean’s ass cheeks a breather.

 Max was clearly in some kind of zone, his strikes coming in a smooth, rhythmic tandem. Sean panted, lungs pumping, grappling to stay focused. But shit, that crop was new to him. He needed more time to adjust to its sensations. More time to learn how to steer its brand of pain.

Back end reeling, he squirmed in his restraints, his legs muscles quickly turning shaky.

Whap! Whap—whap!

His knees started to buckle. His concentration was crumbling.

Max halted immediately. His crop found Sean’s abs. Impatiently, he tapped at them. “Up.”

Sean winced, embarrassed. “Yes, Maximus,” he panted. Quickly he righted himself, but as soon as Max resumed, he was back to furiously fighting to stay steady. Again, his knees gave as his leg muscles trembled.

“Up,” Max ordered, his tone hard and curt. “Don’t make me tell you again.”

Shit, shit, shit. “Yes, Maximus. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t want your apology. I want you to obey.”

“Yes, Maximus.”

“Do you need to use your safe word?”

Sean frowned. For real? That question was degrading. “No, Maximus,” he muttered.

Max didn’t respond, just grazed Sean’s tender hamstring with his crop. The contact sent shivers up the length of Sean’s frame, his skin still so sensitive from Max’s whipping.

“I can take you to that place you love, but if you can’t stand on your own, I’ll have to help you out. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Oh, yes. Sean understood. Max had shown him plan B earlier.

“Yes, Maximus.”

Again, Max stayed quiet and returned to his task at hand. But even though his hits still held minute force, Sean’s nerve endings refused to cooperate. He just couldn’t get his fucking footing. 

Max stopped a third time as Sean’s knees turned wobbly. “Safe word, Sean?”

Sean could feel his Dom’s tamped aggravation. Sean’s heart pounded erratically. He was letting Max down. Was making him look bad in front of their audience.

“No, Maximus,” Sean agonized. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He needed another chance. To get this shit right. To redeem himself in Max’s eyes and make him proud.

Next thing he knew, Max appeared right in front of him, lowering to his haunches with a frown. Not a mad-looking frown, but definitely an intense one. Sean stared at him, crestfallen. Was Max intensely disappointed? If he was, that’d be so much worse than mad. Sean’s heart galloped faster. So much fucking worse.

Max gently tucked a loose lock of hair behind Sean’s ear. “Hey, now,” he soothed, cupping Sean’s cheek. “Shhh. I forgive you.”

And then he smiled.

Sean blinked, then smiled, too. “Thank you, Maximus,” he breathed.

Just that one small gesture of understanding and Sean was instantly calm.

Max’s voice dipped lower. “But you know what I gotta do.”

Sean shivered. “Yes, Maximus.” What Max “had to do” was straight-up nuts.

“Safe word?”

“No, Maximus.”

Max grinned and rose to his feet, then ditched his crop and strode out of sight. A split second later, he was kneading Sean ass, causing that plug to move inside Sean’s channel. Sean moaned at the feel of it nudging his prostate, then winced when Max pulled the toy free. God, he suddenly felt so fucking empty. Wanted Max to fill him back up.

Preferably with his cock. Hard and Fast.

Max’s closeness disappeared, followed by more rummaging at his toy bin. The trip was short lived, though, then he was right back where he’d been. The soft clink of metal whispered past Sean’s ears. He tried to turn his head, to look in its direction, but the pillory offered very little wiggle room. His pulse sped faster. He knew what Max grabbed. Could guess with utter certainty what he was doing. Connecting a great big, shiny silver hook to one of those chains latched to Max’s belt loop. A big, shiny hook no bigger than a softball, with a smooth ball instead of a point at its tip. But smooth fucking ball at its tip or not, Sean still cringed at the thought of where it was going.

Definitely brought twisted to a whole new level, and Sean wasn’t holding his breath that it was the good kind.

The soft snap of a bottle cap abruptly distracted him, but only until Max palmed one of Sean’s ass cheeks. Sean tensed as Max spread him and pressed his toy against Sean’s hole.

Aw God. Here we go. Sean tried to relax, but a hook at his door was unnerving. 

“Easy,” Max murmured. “Don’t fight it, a stór.”

Sean exhaled and forced his brain to focus, then forced his clenching asshole to ease. That shiny little ball slipped promptly inside, then eased along the wall of Sean’s channel. The sensation was bizarre; so small, cold and hard. Fucking hell. He had a hook up his ass. Sean stayed as still as possible, and two seconds later, Max sank the last of his toy into place. Sean sighed, relaxing, but tensed right back up when a pulling pressure emerged from that hook. As if the chain attached to its other end was slowly being drawn taut toward the pillory. Sean loosed a breathless grunt as all slack disappeared, the chain holding his ass in strict position. Nice and raised, with no room to slouch, strongly encouraging Sean’s knees not to buckle. Sean bit back a curse. Didn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce what would happen if they did.  

Sean winced at the feeling, not especially liking it, the sensation of a hook immobilizing his rectum. Not that it hurt too much, but it definitely wasn’t pleasurable. What was the other end of that damn chain connected to? Felt like something on the pillory behind Sean’s head.

Ugh. Sean clenched his jaw. He must look ridiculous. Max better fuck him good for this shit. 

As if spurred by Sean’s thoughts, Max pressed his crotch to Sean’s butt, then reached around and curled his hand around Sean’s cock. Sean sucked in a breath. A hopeful breath. How quickly things were suddenly looking up.

Max started a steady jacking, leaning his body against Sean’s backside, his warm gusts of breath skimming Sean’s shoulder.

Sean moaned, eyes closing. Max’s hand felt so good. Especially after that hiding. And this hook.

“Don’t move, Sean,” Max rumbled. “Not one fucking muscle.” Fuuuck. His husky timbre was like a drug.

Sean’s body, his crotch, thrummed hard with the need to come. “Yes, Maximus. Oh, God... Yes.” But staying still wouldn’t be easy. Not when those shivers kept licking at his tailbone and shimmying up the length of his spine.

Sean felt Max lean closer, felt his fist pumping faster. Then a hot tongue dragged lazily up his shoulder. The visual of it all slammed into Sean’s brain. His wickedly gorgeous Dom jacking and licking him.

Oh, fuck. Oh, shit. Any second he was going to come.

Sean’s abs constricted. He fought not to thrust. But the fundamental urge was just too strong. His hips gave a tiny little kick of their own. Something Max evidently didn’t approve of. A split-second later, his free hand was on Sean’s nipple clamp, giving the thing a hardy tug.

“Ah!!” Sean cried out. Son of a fucker, that hurt!

“No moving.”

Then Max got right back to jacking.

Sean panted whispered curses, trying like hell to stay motionless. Hopefully stationary hips would be good enough for his Dom. Because in all freaking reality, Sean had no control whatsoever over every other muscle group twitching like crazy. Unfortunately, all that twitching found its way to Sean’s crotch, adding vicious fucking fuel to the fire. Specifically, the one Max was stoking up and down Sean’s shaft as he worked Sean’s freaking sanity into a frenzy.

Oh, God. Oh, God. He was gonna fucking blow. 

“Maximus,” Sean strained out. Please, please, let me come.

Max rumbled against Sean’s back and bit his shoulder. “Not until I give permission.” And just like that, all contact was gone, Max’s weight up and off of Sean’s body. “Such a needy little slut.” He smacked Sean’s ass. Sean hissed as Max stepped off their dais.

Goddamn it. So close, so close to actually coming, yet all Sean ended up with was a slap.

Again, the floor beneath him began to move, till Sean found himself staring sightlessly at that mirror. Still catching his breath, he peered at his reflection. So that’s what he looked like when horny as shit. Red-cheeked and glazed-eyed. All but freaking vibrating. If he wasn’t still hardcore reeling, he’d straight-up laugh.

The stage’s subtle jostle said that Max had returned. He pressed against Sean’s backside like before. Sean held his breath, then groaned as Max resumed with his cock, pumping its rigid length way too masterfully.

“I want our guests to see how much you like this, Sean.” Stroke—stroke— “To not just hear, but see you moan.” Right on cue, someone rapped on the two-way. “You hear that?” Max was grinning again, amusement rife in his tone. “They’re watching it all. Can’t wait to show them how you look when you shatter.”

Oh, fuck… Max’s hand… Oh, fuck… On his dick…

Sean struggled to focus, to digest Max’s words. He stared at the glass, seeing nothing, only feeling. Feeling Max driving him back to oblivion. Shards of awareness speckled his daze, reminding him that he was unraveling in front of strangers.

He smiled despite himself, face flaring hot. “Yes,” he panted. “Can’t wait.” He suddenly couldn’t. If Max wanted to give them a show, then so did he.

Max chuckled and stroked faster, puffs of breath on Sean’s back. “Course you can’t, ’cause you’re shameless like that. So greedy for my touch. Don’t give a shit who sees.”

Sean’s eyes rolled back on a blissed-out moan. So good… Oh, God… Need to come…

Abruptly, Max stopped.

Wait, what? No, no, no!

Sean squirmed against Max’s weight, against that hook his ass. “Please, Maximus. Please,” he unabashedly pleaded.

“Please what.”

“Please, give me more.”

Max rumbled. “Alright. But only if you stay nice and still.”

Sean nodded, or tried to. Max bit down on his shoulder. Then that wicked fucking hand of his turned merciless. Not that Sean had expected anything less. He loved Max ruthless, even at his expense. Drove him wild. Made him crazy. Shot him higher than any drug. But all that said, what Sean should have expected was that Max would have him shaking in less than a minute.

Shit—Need to come—Need to come so fucking bad—

But right as he opened his mouth to start begging, Max pulled his fist up and off of Sean’s cock.

Sean sucked in a breath, dazed eyes peeling open.

Max growled and kissed his shoulder, then stood up.

“Back to our original task, a stór. Getting you to your favorite place.”

Sean groaned, brows pinching as he processed Max’s words. Max stepped off the platform and grabbed his crop.

Sean’s brain churned faster. His favorite place? Was Max talking about that subspace business from last week? Max climbed back on before Sean could ask.


“Ah!! Fuck!!” Fire seared Sean’s ass.

“So vocal already? You done for the night?”

“No, Maximus.” Sean shook his head, utterly determined.

An approving thrum. “Didn’t think so. I know you love this shit.”

Sean swallowed, steeling his fortitude, then embraced the reality. That the methods to Max’s madness were alive and kicking, happening at this very fucking moment. He was a bona fide pro, and times like this were the proof. Showing how, with the way that he’d just riled up Sean’s dick, this was exactly the perfect time for that crop.


Sean’s whole body jerked to attention. He shuddered, then groaned. Oh, God, yeah. Just like that. Because when his dick was so close to the fucking brink, every lick of pain morphed instantly into pleasure. And not just the normal kind. The tantalizing stuff. The raw, blow-your-mind, firecracker shit.

Max moved to Sean’s other cheek.


“Ungh! Fuck!”

Sean’s everything went wild, every nerve ending in chaos. Scrambled. Upended. Conflicted. Adrenaline surged hotter. Sean could feel it in his veins, feel it like a buzz in his blood. He could feel the endorphins getting jiggy with it, too, the cocktail quickly scrambling Sean’s brain. Overwhelming and confusing it, making it fire fucked-up signals. Compelling Sean to embrace the ride and fly… 

More connects came, none especially hard, just the perfect strength to take Sean to that plane. The level of bodily awareness that he was quickly falling in love with. Like a junkie, and Max was his drug…

In the back of his mind, the background music shifted. Another song? Pigs in Zen?


“Ungh! God….” White fire to pure bliss. Lancing from his ass cheeks to his junk. Firing into his nut sack. Careening up his cock.

Again and again and again and again… Till all Sean’s conscience knew was Max’s rhythm…




Some time later—Sean had no idea when—Max’s soul-robbing rhapsody abruptly ceased. The feel of that hook sliding free came next. Air rushed from Sean’s lungs at its departure. Like the thing had been holding it all in. Sean moaned, but the exhale came out a hoarse whisper. He wasn’t ready to come down just yet. Wanted to stay in the clouds of stormy rapture.

Four warm fingertips glided up Sean’s spine, pulling him slowly closer to Earth. Awareness, the weight of cognizance, easing him down. Then the handsome face of his Dom dipped down, filling Sean’s hazy sight. Intense emerald eyes outlined in black, peering at him like some fantastical fallen angel.

“How you doing, beautiful?” Had the voice of an angel, too.

Sean nodded, still light-headed, and not quite ready to speak.

Max grinned with a chuckle, emerging fully from around the pillory, and stood a mere foot from Sean’s head. Sean gazed at his boots. So chunky and mean. But Max wasn’t mean. Max was… Max. Strong fingers sank into Sean’s hair and fisted, forcing his gaze back to his Dom’s. 

“You were perfect,” Max murmured, his expression sublime. “Made me so fucking proud.”

Sean stared at his face. Ingested his words. Then smiled in satisfaction at his praise. Didn’t get to smile for long, though, because a heartbeat later, Max’s mouth was sealed possessively over his. A moan slid free. Sean’s slowing pulse recharged. Max’s kiss was like a shot of pure oxygen to his brain. Waking him up. Refueling his desire. Reminding him that he hadn’t reached his goal. Because he hadn’t even come yet. And Max still wasn’t inside him.

Max’s lips moved unhurriedly atop of Sean’s, melting him while keeping him rock hard. Thick rivers of warmth coursed through his body, filling him to the brim with pure Maximus. No… scratch that. This kiss wasn’t from his Dom. This kiss was from Max. Unequivocally. How Sean knew that, he couldn’t say. But he did. Could feel it. In his core. In his bones. In the very freaking center of his chest.

All too soon, though, Max paused against Sean’s mouth. “Gonna put you back together now. Then we can go another round.”

His velvety utterance eased into Sean’s brain. Sean smiled, his lips still pressed to Max’s. “We’re doin’ a double feature.”

Max grinned and nuzzled Sean’s cheek. “Mmhmm. Think you got it in you, little cat?”

“I know I got it in me… or will… in a couple minutes.”

Max chuckled quietly. “Lemme help you with that.” 

Next thing Sean knew, Max was nuzzling him harder, like some big wild affectionate jungle cat. Sean’s heart pattered happily, coming back online. Then Max covered his face in warm kisses. Up his jawline and across his temple… atop each of Sean’s closed eyes, then finally his cheeks.

Heaven. This was Heaven. Sean was utterly convinced. Although, with Max, that took all kinds of forms. Hell, up until Sean had started this thing with Max, he’d always thought of Heaven as singular. Now he knew that just wasn’t the case. The variants with Max were unending.

Max eased back, then moved completely out of view, not that his presence wasn’t still felt. Because it was, in the form of two strong hands massaging their way down Sean’s back. Sean moaned, the tenseness in his muscles relaxing, even as Max’s touch made him harder. Right between the legs, where he still ached to come. As hard as he had last week, with Max inside him.

Max’s soothing ministrations came to an end. A moment later, the stage was turning yet again. This time, however, it stopped halfway around, with Sean’s full right side facing the two-way. His pulse raced steadily with fresh anticipation. He felt so wide awake and refueled. Max’s hands. Freaking magic. Sean had said it all along.

Max’s weight shifted the platform the slightest amount as he stepped back on and sauntered over. His biker-tough boots came to a stop a foot away. Sean peered up at him.

Max stared right back. Then he casually spread his stance and lifted a brow. “You want my cock, Sean?” he asked, smirking smugly. Unhurried, he unzipped his fly.

Sean nodded immediately, Max’s dick, his favorite snack. “Yes, Maximus. God, yes.”

Max’s green eyes glittered, his grin slowly widening. “Such a greedy little sub,” he growled super low. Greedy was an understatement, but Sean wasn’t about to argue. He dropped his gaze, locking on Max’s hand, right as Max pulled out his boner.

Instant salivation. Sean instinctively opened his mouth. Max positioned his massive cock just out of range. Grrr. Sean peered back up at his Dom.

Max’s dark eyes hooded. “Offer me your tongue.”


* * * * *


“It’s time.”

Max’s words had Sean instantly bracing for impact. Never had he wanted a paddling more. Which wasn’t to say the aftereffects of Max’s crop weren’t still blazing. Because they were, without question, his cheeks undoubtedly cherry red. Thing was, after Max’s blowjob, some pinwheel play, then another skull-fuck, Sean suddenly found himself in a predicament. An insane one he never could’ve imagined on his own, nor prepared for even if he could; being trapped in a pillory with hands restrained, unable to scratch the most fearsome of itches. But where it was located the worst part of all. Sean clenched his asshole repeated, trying to quell the tickling burn. Didn’t help. Ah, God. Didn’t help at all.

It was torture. Fucking torture. And entirely Max induced.

Evidently, that motherfucker had some kind of crazy lotion that created the wicked sensation instead of easing it. A cream that never should’ve ever fucking ever been allowed into wicked Maximus’ hands. Because Max was just that. Wicked to the extreme. King of the most demented kind of kink. Not that Sean didn’t freaking love that about the guy. Because he did, absolutely. Would never deny it. On the flip side, without boundaries—of which Max had none—scenes at times could get pretty rough. But not for Max. No, never for him. That shit fell solely on Sean.

Which was why Sean’s asshole was now furiously clenching with mind-scrambling need for hardcore friction. But since Max clearly wanted to stoke that fire hotter, Sean would definitely take a paddling in the meantime. Anything, fucking anything, to distract him from the torture. Maybe the jarring hits would scratch his itch. With his ass back to facing their hidden viewers, Sean steeled himself for the lesser of two evils.

Not a moment too soon, the first swat landed.


“Ah!” Sean barked, the pain radiating fast, surging in every direction. Including over his backdoor, briefly curbing the itch.


“Ah! Ah, God, yes!” It was working. Oh, thank fuck.

Max rumbled something huskily and kept on going, dishing out a nice, steady spanking. Sean groaned out a curse of relief for each one. The irony in itself was insane. So twisted and backward, this combination of sensations. Using pain to bring pleasure, the pleasure of distraction. It was upside-down, but strangely, it was incredible.

Sean’s mind spun, heart pounding, as Max paddled his ass. His reprieve, however, turned out pretty short-lived. Max halted altogether. His paddle hit the couch. Then his strong hands were clutching Sean’s hips. A leather-covered boner ground between Sean’s raw cheeks. Sean tried to return the gesture, to rub against Max, too. But it didn’t really work, at least not enough. And motherfucking shit, the burn was back. Back with a vengeance, blazing through Sean’s channel. Because, no, Max didn’t just put that shit on Sean’s hole. He shoved it deep inside of him, too.

Sean all but fucking whimpered, so desperate for relief.

Max’s laugh came out low, and thick, and gravelly. “So ready for my dick.” The snap of a latex glove resounded. “Not sure you could handle me, though… considering I had to swap out your plug for that hook.”

Like hell he couldn’t! “I’m ready, Maximus. I am.”

Max palmed Sean’s cheeks and pulled them apart, then slipped what felt like his pinky deep inside. “Hmm. You sure you’re not too tight?”

Oh, God. Too small. Was just making things worse. “God, yes,” Sean ground out. “I’m very fucking sure.” His hips bucked, his ring squeezed, trying to fuck what he’d been given.

Max laughed. “My God, babe. Your little hole’s all a quiver, clenching around my pinky.” He gave the thing a wiggle. Sean’s channel went nuts. “You boys seeing this?” Max went on, clearly talking to their audience. “Look how his asshole’s trying to suck on my finger. Fucking beautiful.”

A half-hearted knock resounded into the room. Sean winced, beyond embarrassed, but was quickly distracted—his attention, like a rubber band pulled taut, snapping back to the chaos in his ass.

Max swapped out his pinky for a larger finger. Sean grunted on entry, then cursed in frustration. That one wasn’t big enough, either. He needed long. He needed fat. He needed dick, goddamn it. Max’s. He needed Max’s fucking dick.

As if hearing Sean’s thoughts and adding his own spin, Max pressed against Sean’s back and grabbed his cock. Sean moaned. Oh, God. Oh, God. Max pumped. Sean bit back a growl and tried to thrust. Tried to fuck Max’s fist while fucking his finger, too, hoping against hope it might help.

The itch flared stronger. Sean groaned and clenched his fists. Son of a bitch. That didn’t help at all. Was pretty sure it’d only freaking intensified it.

Max chuckled and stood back up, smacked Sean’s ass, then added another finger. Which kind of helped. But only a little. Sean needed more. Sean needed Max. To fuck him like a freight train. Like a freight train on a motherfucking pogo stick.

His heart hammered faster as Max toyed and played. “Please, Maximus. Please,” he pleaded.

Max growled and withdrew, then clutched Sean’s cheeks. Sean groaned as he pulled them apart. Back and forth, back and forth, Max’s big thumbs stroked, right where the firestorm was blazing. Sean’s hips went nuts, bucking and jerking as his asshole frantically twitched.

Oh, God. He was going to lose his fucking mind.

Max rumbled behind him, the sound dark and hungry. “Tell me how bad you want my cock. Tell me, beautiful boy, and I’ll give it to you.”

Sean undulated against him, tugging and shivering. If Max didn’t give in soon, he’d fucking kill the man. “I’ll die, Maximus—fuck!—if I can’t have your cock! Please!” he shouted. “Fuck me ‘til I can’t breathe!”

“You want me to fuck you ‘til you pass out again?”

“Yes! God, yes! So fucking bad…” Sean didn’t want to beg anymore.

The sound of Max’s glove ripping off his hand shot past Sean’s ears like an arrow. “You sure?” Max bit tightly. “You won’t walk right for weeks.”

Sean sucked in a lungful. “Do it!” He bellowed. “I don’t fucking care!” Just do it!

The noise Max made next sounded animalistic. He gripped Sean’s hips and thrust his crotch against Sean’s ass. “’Til all you know is my fucking name.”

“Yes. Just your name.” Oh, shit. Please, please hurry.

Max stepped back. A condom packet’s rip followed suit. “This is gonna feel really good.”

At this stage in the game, feeling good was just a perk. What Sean needed now was straight-up rough.

Max’s slick, broad crown rubbed against his door. Up and down, nice and firm, promising everything Sean needed. Sean shifted anxiously. Max had better fuck him good. Better than he ever had before. Sean had earned it, goddamn it. Earned it and then some.

“Push, a stór,” Max rumbled.

Sean did, more than ready.

Max slammed without warning to the hilt.

“Uh!” Sean’s eyes snapped wide. Sharp pain speared his ring. He sucked in a breath. “Holy shit.”

“You like that, little slut? Want more?”

“Yes, please, Sir!” Sean knew the sting would recede. It always did.

Max withdrew and thrust back in.

Ungh! Fuck, yes!”

Damn! Sean couldn’t believe it. Aside from his sphincter’s initial burn, the sensations otherwise igniting were exquisite. Like nothing he’d ever experienced before. Not that he’d bottomed a whole lot, but still. Those two potent punches were indescribable. 

Max snarled and kept going, gradually picking up speed. Sean’s prostate went bat-shit crazy. Igniting in an ecstasy so fucking intense, he knew he’d be howling in seconds. But God, it felt so… it felt so… so impossible! Like taking the euphoria of scratching a killer itch and magnifying it by a trillion—in the ass!

Sean’s whole body shook as pleasure barraged him. Mother fuck, his dick was harder than ever, his pulse along its shaft like a gong.

“Yes!—Shit!—Yes!” he belted in bliss. “Oh, fuck! Feels so fucking good!”

Max pounded him rougher. Sean relished each slam. Because each slam was like a blast of pure nirvana. Violent and raw and utterly unfathomable. Did Max know it’d be like this? Good God, did he know?!

Sean fought to stay focused on the act of breathing, only sucking in breath when his vision started to tunnel. He couldn’t help it, though. Max was absolutely pulverizing his brain. Leveling all thought processes out of existence. Reducing Sean to a bundle of reeling nerves.  

“More?” Max growled. “Want more of my dick?”

“Yes, Maximus!—” Sean gasped. “Please!—Don’t stop!”

—Smack, smack, smack, smack!—

A deluge of flesh hitting flesh.

“You like me scratching that fucking itch?”

Sean’s toes curled. “Oh, God—I’ve never—felt anything—so good!”

—Smack, smack, smack, smack!—

“Tell me, dirty boy. How you want it now?”

“Harder! And faster!” Sean cried out, fists tight.

“Such a greedy little slut. Don’t you ever fucking change.”

—Smack, smack, smack, smack!—

Sean shuddered, struggling to stand, panting hard, croaking curses. Too much raw rapture concentrated in one region. His heart pounded furiously. Adrenaline flooded his veins. Then so did a torrent of endorphins. His head spun faster. His body felt lighter. Then, suddenly, Max was out of him. No longer in his body. Sean sucked in a lungful, felt the platform turning, then abruptly Max was shoving back in.


Sean’s grunt sounded so far away. Max’s jack-hammering cock, though, felt everywhere. In Sean’s ass for sure, but psychologically in everything. His junk, his torso, his limbs, his mind, its presence permeating Sean’s every cell.

What felt like not long after, the pleasure mushroomed, its reach transcending the boundaries of Sean’s body. Pulsating outward with each thrust of Max’s hips; through Sean’s balls, out his dick, through his fingertips and nipples, making even his eyes and eardrums tickle. Gravity vanished. Only Max’s hands held him down, restlessly squeezing Sean’s hips as he fucked.

A few heartbeats later—Sean’s only measure of time—the pressure in his crotch tried to detonate. Tried being the operative word. It surged so fast to monumental proportions but slammed into some excruciating barrier. He heard himself cry out, begging to come. Max rasped out a curse and paused to free Sean’s nuts. As soon as he had, he reached around front and tugged both metal clamps off Sean’s nipples. Sean shouted in alarm, white-hot shards exploding. Max grasped Sean’s cock with one hand and resumed fucking.

Blood rushed into Sean’s sac. Pleasure tore up his shaft. Wicked pain and brutal pleasure collided. Sean groaned, lungs sawing, as he tore toward the stratosphere. Then that pressure from his prostate roared right back.

His muscles locked up tight. “Ah! Please! Please, may I come?!”

Max growled, rough and breathless, and smacked his ass. “Yes, a stór. Come. Wanna feel you milk my dick.”

Sean’s orgasm detonated as the last word left Max’s lips, hurtling him toward the sun at Mach speed. His vision lit to white. His body splintered in rapture. And then, in the din of his shattered awareness, he heard his Dom shout out his name…