But not just mine. Tad and Scott's, too!

Evermore Books interview Tad & Scott 
* To be enjoyed after finishing Afterglow
by Meagen 
Part One
Part Two
Evermore Books interview Scott 
* To be enjoyed after reading book 3, Sideline Submission
by Meagen 
Evermore Books interview Tad 
* To be enjoyed after reading book 4, Prized Possession
by Meagen
Bike Book Reviews interviews me!
October 30, 2014
by Becky 
Inked Rainbow Reads interviews me, too! 
October 19, 2014
by Adrian 
Yay! QUEERcentric gets me on the queue!
Did you know I'm one of their founding authors?
June 3, 2015
by Leigh Jarrett