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So... after taking a poll to see who'd be interested, I've decided to go ahead and post on my website another story I wrote ages ago with a writer friend of mine. Maybe an episode a week. It's a dark, angsty story about an angel warrior and an underlord. It's not edit-polished, more like casual fan-fic, but using our own characters. You can find what I have up so far right here on this site under "Back to My Roots" or simply by clicking on this image :)

Here's the synopsis: "Remembrance" - Jazz and Seth; Stationed in NY City, Jazz's sole objective: to extricate demons. But underlord Seth Masters isn't having it. Shrewdly, he has Jazz captured, anxious to punish him personally. But Jazz turns out to be an angel like none Seth has ever met. Despite viscous torture, and raw, torn emotion, their dynamic ... shifts. Anger, desire, conflict, need. Opposites attract like none before. Will dark pride prevail in the end, ever denying them peace?

Dark m/m paranormal romance

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