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The first installment is a New Year's Eve short that I posted last winter for readers who, like me, were missing Tad and Scott fiercely. Figured it's about time I put it somewhere where all of Tad and Scott's friends could see. Hope you enjoy!  

“Alright everyone!” Marcie crowed above the music. “Squish together for a New Year’s Eve pict!” 
Tad shot Scott a happily-buzzed smirk. They were already pretty crammed in a booth at their gang’s favorite nightclub. Same club, in fact, where shit hit the fan when Tad and Scott had run into each other. But man, the place was busier tonight than Tad had ever seen it, no doubt due to the occasion. “You heard the lady. Scoot your ass over.”
Scott chuckled, visibly tipsy, and pressed even closer while Ned and Breck compacted them from either side. “Yep. Definitely heard her. Think she’s got a built-in megaphone or something.”
Jay cracked up as he crowded Breck against Scott’s shoulder. “I know, right? S’fucking awesome. You should hear her during sex.”
A collective groan rose up above the din. “Dude,” Breck ground out, now squished sideways between Jay and Scott. “You put one more image like that inside my brain and I’m taking your ass out back. And not for a fucking smoke.”
“What,” Jay laughed, already two sheets to the wind. “You saying my woman ain’t hot?”
Breck grunted as Jay’s shoulder ground into his spine. “No, you jackass. But any scene turns toxic if your dick is involved.”
Marcie cackled so hard she nearly dropped her phone. “Jay’s dick is beautiful, I’ll have you know.”
Jay winced. “Woman. What’d we say about you calling it beautiful. Behemoth, remember? We decided on behemoth? Something very big and powerful?” 
The whole group roared in laughter at that. Thank God none of them were driving. 
Jay scowled. “Oh, whatever, you frickin’ a-holes. Marcie knows the truth and that’s all that fucking matters.”
“That’s right.” Marcie grinned, motioning for the group to squeeze tighter. “Now on the count of three, everyone shout orgasm!”
“Yeah!” Ned hooted.
Breck shook his head. “Oh, Lord.” 
Jay beamed super-wide and pointed at Marcie. “That’s multiple orgasms for you.”
Marcie waggled her brows. 
Tad leaned into Scott. 
“Okay, guys. Ready? One… Two…” 
And just like that, Tad and Scott’s first New Year’s Eve was documented. 
The two swapped looks and smiled cheesy-big. 
“That picture’s gonna suck,” Tad laughed. 
Scott nodded. “It really is.” Without warning, he dipped in and kissed the corner of Tad’s mouth. Tad turned and connected their lips more fully. 
“Oh, yeah!” Marcie cheered. “Mama want more!”
All eyes at the table shot to Tad and Scott. 
Tad stiffened, leaning back. “Ugh. Geez o’ flip.”
Scott snickered and murmured against his ear. “Remember that present we agreed to give Marcie? During that interview with Meagen?”
Tad choked on the beer he’d just taken a swig of. “What?” he sputtered. “Are you crazy? Right now?”
Eyes glazed, Scott grinned and lifted a brow. “You chicken?”
Tad balked and gestured around the table. “But… but… but… they’re all fucking here.”
“Exactly!” Ned chimed in. “Which makes it perfect!” He took a gulp of his drink and hiccupped. “Though I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about.”
Marcie gasped in understanding. “Oh, my God! I do! Look at Tad’s face! Scott wants to make out with him! Right here! For me!” 
Tad groaned as his friends lifted their brows in surprise, moving back to their original seats. Marcie fumbled to put her camera away and scooted in next to Jay. “I promise not to take any pictures. Promise.” Excitedly, she gestured. “Now—go!”
Tad growled and shot Scott an irritated glare. Or at least tried to. Despite his fervent efforts, his lips curved upward. “You are so freaking paying for this.” 
Scott grinned wider and cupped Tad’s nape. “That a promise?”
But before Tad could respond, Scott pulled him close and pressed their lips together. Just like that, Tad’s mind when fuzzy, and not just because of the alcohol. Scott’s kiss in itself was a double shot of Yeah! Though that wasn’t anything new… 
Palming the side of Scott’s neck, Tad shifted closer, tunneling his other hand into Scott’s hair. Scott rumbled happily and slid his tongue inside. Oh, Jesus. Beer-flavored bliss. Tad moaned deliriously. Love this guy… Love this guy... So fucking hard… 
Starting to get into it, he sparred with Scott’s tongue, grinning the whole damn time. Scott wound his free hand around Tad’s waist, pulled him closer, then cupped his ass. 
Tad groaned, his boner filling fast. Where were they again? Was that… music in the background? Melting, the whole world was melting away to the sound of Scott’s soft, thrumming purr.
All too soon, though, he pulled away and leveled Tad with a drugged-up grin. “Mmm. Damn, beautiful. That was nice. You’re better at PDAs than me.” 
Tad blinked from his daze, brows drawing together. “Huh? PDA’s?”
Scott tilted his head toward the others. Oh, shit. Tad had nearly forgotten about them. Wincing, he turned to find his friends gawking, their jaws hanging open and everything. 
“Wow,” Marcie finally swooned. “That was… That was… Wow.”
Beside her, Jay nodded, looking surprisingly impressed. 
Breck just shook his head and grinned. 
Ned, however, exhaled hard, beaming across the table. “Damn, dudes. If you’d been two chicks just now, you totally would’ve given me wood.”
“Please.” Breck smirked, rolling his eyes. “You get wood from a stiff fucking breeze.”
Ned laughed with a shrug and downed another swallow. “What can I say? I’m a sensitive man.”
Unfortunately, two seconds later, all their eyes were back on Tad and Scott. Like they still needed a couple more minutes to process what the hell they’d just witnessed. Cheeks heating fast, Tad squirmed under the scrutiny. 
Thankfully, Scott came to his rescue. “Oh, look. My beer’s empty. Come with me to get another?” 
Tad nodded eagerly. “Yes. Hell, yes. More beer. To the bar.”
Scott chuckled and scooted out of the booth with Tad quickly following after. Of course, the others just eyed them as they went. Dumbasses. Seriously? They’d never seen two dudes kiss before? Well, actually, no, they probably hadn’t. At least not with front row seats. 
Tad fought back a smile as Scott pulled him through the crowd, his big hand clutched possessively around Tad’s wrist. That PDA hadn’t actually been all that bad, even with his friends looking on. In fact, finally crossing that bridge with them felt really fucking great. A weight off Tad’s shoulders to proceed on course, in the way that fit him best. 
Halfway across the dance floor, still en route to the bar, Scott pulled Tad to a stop and faced him. The room spun slightly as Tad peered into his eyes. A slow, sexy grin spread across Scott’s face. “You remember what else from that interview we were supposed to do?”
Tad’s drunk smile turned playful. “Test out Max’s swing?”
Scott chuckled. “Well, yeah. But that’s not what I’m talking about.”
A random, gyrating body sent Tad stumbling into Scott’s chest. “Um…” He laughed, suddenly feeling giddy. “Lemme think… Oh! Try out his itch cream!” 
Scott laughed even harder, the sound intoxicating. “No, you blockhead. We’re supposed to go dancing.” His alcohol-hooded gaze pointedly scanned their surroundings.
Tad stilled, then looked around them, too. “Ohhhhh…. Oh, geez.” His face turned sour. “Oh, God, dude. I really can’t dance.”
Scott grinned and yanked him into his chest. “Yeah? Then it’s a good thing I can.”
Right on cue, the current song ended, ushering in the start of another. “Hotline Bling.” 
Tad’s tensed. No wait. Not nice. Way too sexy. Dancing to this with Mr. Hot Stuff would definitely give him a blatantly-obvious hard-on. Glancing around warily, he tried to step back, but Scott just smirked and tightened his hold. 
Awesome. Here we go. 
As if helping things out, that sexed-up song started to sink in deep. Into the air… and walls… and furniture. Into flesh, and bones, and blood. Tad could feel it loosening his every muscle as Scott moved all sensually against him. Big warm hands spanned the small of his back, fingertips absently kneading. 
Tad bit back a moan, way too buzzed for this shit. And then Scott rolled his dick against Tad’s crotch. His belly flared instantly with need. 
Oh yeah… Way, way, waaaay too buzzed. 
Determined not to do anything obscenely stupid—like, oh, maybe rut against Scott’s leg—Tad drew in a breath and peered up at his dance partner. The most handsome face ever beamed happily back at him, Scott’s dark eyes flashing bright. 
“Look at you, shy boy,” he laughed above the din. “And you said you couldn’t dance.”
Tad frowned in confusion, then glanced down at their bodies. What the?—Holy shit. Scott had somehow managed to get Tad’s body grooving perfectly with his. Granted, Scott was still doing all of the leading, but still, Tad was fucking dancing!
Or grinding. 
Or whatever. 
Although, hell, take away the element of clothing and Tad was pretty sure it’d be considered foreplay. Definitely how his dick was taking it. 
Tension easing, he clutched Scott’s hips and gave the guy a saucy grind. 
Scott’s brows shot high, his killer smile widening. “Goddamn, babe. You’re making me hard.”
Tad grinned. “I do try my best.”
Scott chuckled, moving against him like a hot, seductive wave. “Trust me. You got this. No need to try.”
Tad’s insides went gooey. The music pulsed deeper. God, this song was surround-sound sex, flat-out fornication from the speakers. Tad gripped Scott’s ass and pressed in close. “Just as long as me “having this” means me having you.”
Scott mmm’ed and gently bit Tad’s ear. “Fuck, yeah. Me, and my ten-inch totem.”
Tad barked out a laugh. “My poor tonsils.” Sliding his hands up inside Scott’s shirt, he palmed the guy’s big, warm back. “So… Got any New Year’s resolutions?”
Scott growled, clearly liking the skin-on-skin, and gave Tad another sultry grind. “Shit, yeah. Got a whole damn list.”
Tad grinned in surprise. “Do you now…” Slowly, he slid his fingertips up Scott’s spine. “How very cool. Care to share?”
Scott shivered, his glazed eyes hooding lower. “Seems only fair, since they all involve you.” Clutching Tad’s ass, his full lips quirked. “The first being a whole lot more sleepovers.” 
Tad laughed, lifting his brows. “Our current quota isn’t cutting it?” Feeling suddenly mischievous, he found that spot between Scott’s shoulder blades. 
Scott hissed with a jerk, crushing Tad against him. “Not even close, you sexy little shit. Which reminds me. More trips to Max’s playroom’s number two on my list. Gotta feeling my shy boy’s gonna get into trouble a lot in the coming year.”
Tad laughed again, giving Scott’s neck a kiss. “So damn astute. Fucking love that about you… That and some other notable qualities.”
Scott chuckled darkly, pressing his dick against Tad’s crotch. “I got ten notable qualities right here.”
Tad cracked up just seconds before Scott dipped him down, latching his mouth on Tad’s neck. “Mmm… Nom nom,” he playfully growled. 
“Oh, my God,” Tad laughed harder. “Your drunk ass is officially cut off.” 
Scott pulled him back up, grinning like an idiot. “But, babe, I like being drunk around you. Makes it easier to tell you I love you.”
Tad’s heart spun circles around his tipsy head. He could actually feel his smile turning goofy. “Well, geez, in that case…” He turned and gave a shout. “Someone get this man another drink!”
Scott laughed and tugged Tad flush against him, recommencing with all his mind-blowing moves. “Love you, Tad,” he murmured against Tad’s lips.
Tad held him tight. “Love you, too.”
That sinful-ass song started to taper, replaced by the club going wild. Tad glanced up. A giant flashing disco ball was descending from the rafters. 
“Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven!” the crowd chanted loudly as one. 
Tad grinned at Scott, Scott smiled and held his gaze, the moment feeling utterly surreal. 
“Three! Two! One! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!”
The roar of the patrons reached a deafening pitch as hundreds of netted balloons above fell onto the dance floor. Confetti cannons boomed. Celebratory music pounded. But amidst it all, all that Tad could see was his impossibly amazing future. Aka the guy standing in front of him, looking at Tad like he was the whole fucking world. 
“Happy New Year, Tad.” 
“Happy New Year, Scott.” 
Smiling wide, Tad pulled Scott close, needing the feel of his mouth. Kissing him deeply without worry or want, Tad once again melted away. Into Scott’s arms. Into Scott’s warmth. As their beer-tinged tongues stroked and played… 
Long moments later, Scott finally eased off, pulling Tad back to awareness. Holy shit, they were covered in confetti. Scott grinned at him wickedly as a fresh song got pumping, his big brown eyes flashing teasingly. “Hear that, shy boy? Ludacris. Time for you to learn how to twerk.”