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Coming Dec 30th? Come on Amazon, get your act together already! Geez!

To my great aggravation and utter frustration, it appears that amazon not only has failed thus far to fix their monumental fuck up regarding a proper Dec 30 release of Revived, but now has managed to fuck things up even more. Due to them locking Revived before I could upload the final manuscript (I tried to upload it well before the deadline), people in parts of the world such as Australia received the wrong content, which in turn has caused amazon to now lock the book completely from purchase availability to customers until the problem is fixed. Evidently KDP doesn't communicate at all within their own department. At any rate, now even my 'worst case scenario' options are gone, too, thanks to this newest lock. It appears poor Max and Sean have been officially double-cock blocked. I will continue to harp at them until the problem is fixed, so please hang in there. I'm so very sorry. I can't express how disheartened i am about this after busting my ass so hard to make deadline for my readers. :( Will keep you posted.

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