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Monthly MS Update

So the kids have been home for summer all day every day........

Needless to say, productivity has slowed way down, just like I'd suspected it would. Fortunately, since I've decided to break Max and Sean's story into a duology, this won't affect the release date of book 1! Yay us! And even with the delays, I still foresee being able to release book 2 no more than a month or two after. Woohoo! I'm currently about 100 pages into book 2, but since I'm gauging this one to be a bit longer than book 1, I'm thinking I have about another 300 pages to go. So still quite a ways from the finish line, but I've got a bit of time, right? Right. Hopefully. If all works out. Ha! Just kidding. All will be fine. Got great peeps in my corner keeping my incentive going, making sure I stay on schedule (You know who you are!). Time goes by fast, but I think I'll squeak by. hehe

Meanwhile.... Book one! Next month! OMG OMG! Really hope to see you all there!

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