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A teaser from one of my fave scenes in book 1 of Max and Sean's duology

Sean slumped with a groan as Max got back to rubbing. Slowly down Sean’s back. Gently along his ass. “Hope your plans tonight don’t require lots of sitting.” Max was grinning. Sean could hear it. Hear it in his tone. All laden with smug satisfaction. Sean’s lips curved, too, distracted from the pain. Because even despite the cost at his expense, he loved that he’d just made Max smile. “My plans,” Sean murmured, “have yet to be determined. Would you like to be part of them?” he tacked on. Max’s hands paused briefly, but quickly resumed. “No, Sean. I wouldn’t. I’m your Dom, not your friend.” Sean grinned. “But friends are fun, Sir. You should give it a—oh fuuuck.” Max’s thumb just slid down Sean’s crack past his hole. And now the guy was clutching his nuts. “Would your friends do this, Sean? Because if they wouldn’t, I’m not interested in being one.” Sean moaned, eyes closing as Max gently rolled his balls. “Shit, Sir… Well then maybe… you could be my… special friend.” Max chuckled again and gave a frisky squeeze. “You’ve got enough friends. Don’t be greedy. Now get up.” Sean groaned. “Do I have to? This position’s surprisingly comfortable.” “Yes.” Max was grinning again. So palpable in his voice. “Unless you’d like another spanking.” “As tempting as that sounds, I think I’d rather pass.” But as Sean rose to his knees, a wild hair hit him, emboldening him to do something reckless. Not thinking, just acting, he straddled Max’s lap and sank his fingers deep in Max’s hair. Max froze completely. Sean met his stare. Then rolled his hardening cock into Max’s belly. Which was totally stupid. Sean was playing with fire. He knew he was, but just couldn’t help it. He wanted Max so bad. Had for a while. And this was all just so different from the dungeon. Spontaneous. Unscripted. Egging him on to go for it. It was who Sean was. It was what he did. He always went after what he wanted. Max’s green eyes blazed. His hands clutched Sean’s ass. “Sean,” he ground out. “What are you doing.” Shit. He was pissed. Was about to throw Sean off. Sean scrambled for a response, but to his utter shock, Max growled and crushed Sean’s hips even closer. “Fuck yeah,” Sean moaned, latching his mouth to Max’s neck. Which apparently was a bad idea. Abruptly, Max fisted his hair and yanked him back, ripping Sean’s lips from his skin. “Do. Not. Do. That.” “Why not? I earned it. My ass is on fire.” “Because you’re making me need to fuck.” Sean rocked his hips faster. “Yeah? Then let’s fuck. I’m horny.” “No,” Max bit out. But instead of stopping, he ground Sean against him even harder. White-hot tingles roared through Sean’s body. “But you want it. I know you do. And I want it, too.” “I’d hurt you.” “No, you wouldn’t.” “It’s inappropriate. I’m your Dom.” “So bend the rules.” Max stilled Sean’s hips. “No.” “But—” “No.” “But—” “NO.” Sean groaned against Max’s chest. Max wrapped him in his arms. “Save it for a scene, kid.” “But that’s so far away.” “Four days. You’ll manage.” Sean sighed and nuzzled closer. “Oh… and Sean?” Sean stilled. Frowned. “Yeah?” “You ever pull that shit again and I WILL kick your ass to the curb.”

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