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Teaser Time!

Fighting the urge to scowl, Sean turned and looked at Max. “Did you reallyhave to do that?” “Yes.” “Why? I don’t understand.” “Because you’re clearly still learning. Still need to be taught.” Sean pursed his lips. Stared at Max harder. Max, however, just stared out the windshield. “Was what I did really that bad? To warrant humiliating me in front of my friend?” Now THAT got Max’s eyes lashing quickly his way. Blazing like emerald fire, they pinned Sean with contempt. “Do I embarrass you, Sean? Are you ashamed of our relationship?” Sean all but cringed. Should have worded that differently. “No. No, of course not. That’s not what I meant.” Max glared back out the windshield. “That’s not what you meant, what.” Sean rubbed his brow. Fuck. “That’s not what I meant, Sir.” “Then say what you mean, Sean. I’m not a fucking mind reader.” Sean exhaled and tried to organize his thoughts. “I guess I just feel like you came down on me hard. And I don’t really understand why.” Max didn’t answer. At least not right away. Like he, too, was thinking carefully before he spoke. “I did come down hard on you,” he finally muttered. “But I needed to remind you, Sean. Hammer it home that you and I aren’t fucking friends.” “Well we aren’t fucking yet, but hopefully soon…” Max cut Sean a look. Sean grinned with a shrug.

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