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On June 7th, I made a post on Facebook, asking for reader input.

"Well, I've long since broke the 100k word mark (300 pgs) and am barely at halfway. Starting to get concerned about length. Thing is, every scene, every exchange, has its necessary role, so I'm finding it very hard to think of places to shorten it. Moreover, I don't want to jip you guys on events that I think you'd appreciate just for the sake of shortening. So I'm beginning to wonder if I should make this a duology. I could probably have the first one out a little sooner, and still release them pretty close together, but not run the risk of overwhelming peeps with such a huge beast. I dunno. What do you all think? I'd love to hear your thoughts!"

Fortunately, their response was nearly unanimous for the duology. Which makes me feel better, truth be told, since I'd been promising all along for one novel. Thing was, I was getting really worried that if I dumped a 700 page book on you all, that it'd just be... well... too much, and ultimately, degrade Max's story that i've been working so hard to do justice.

Anyhow, so there's the new status for Max and Sean's story. A duology coming at the end of summer, with a very small break between each book's release. Hopefully just a couple of weeks. One month, tops.

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