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Yet another glimpse--

No, I didn't get tagged in another 777, lol, but I did promise a wonderful friend of mine, Mary, that I'd throw out another peek, so here's what I gave my girl. ;)

Sean froze, then fidgeted, his nervous excitement palpable. It was also arousing as hell. Max slid his fingers from Sean’s hair to his cheek, then lightly curled them under his chin. “Eyes up, sub. Wanna see your midnight blues.” Sean lifted his head and met Max’s gaze. “Shit, yeah,” Max murmured. “There they are.” Sean smiled. “Nowhere else they’d rather be.” Max’s lips curved. “On your face?” Sean laughed. “On yours.” “Mmm. I see. You think your Dom’s hot.” “I think my Dom’s drop-dead gorgeous.” Max lifted a brow. Grinned. “What a nice thing to say.” Then he gave Sean’s cheek a brisk little smack. “But no more talk. It’s time for your lessons.” Sean blinked. “My lessons? Lessons for what?” “All kinds of wicked depravities.”

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