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WIP Update: Making good headway, but still have a ways to go...

Progress report: As of now, I'm well over 200 pages and 77k words into Max's story. And yet, I'm still not even halfway done. Not even close, really. Which means this puppy is gonna be a big motherf*cker. Hope you all don't mind fat books. Seems I either go short or way long, and bypass all things in between! LOL That being said, if things go as they've been, I'm hoping for a release date of some time late summer. Unfortunately, productivity always tends to slow down considerably once all the kids are home from school, but I'll do everything I can to keep momentum at a reasonable pace. Cross my heart!

So far, Max and Sean have been pretty darn cooperative, which I am utterly grateful for. It's made the journey extremely enjoyable. Of course, there are definitely rough waters ahead, that in many ways I'm not looking forward to, but I know the end will be a happy one, have seen it replayed countless times in my head, so I'll be holding fast to those visuals, those feels, whenever necessary. Of course, I also expect Scott and Tad to help break up the harder stuff, too. Because they are so dang good to me (and you guys ultimately!) like that. Can't wait for you to see them in action. Such fun, those two!

So anyway, there you go. My official update. Keep sending me positive vibes (in the form of sunshine if possible!) and I'll keep on plugging away!

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