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Gah! I got tagged again!

Ha! Exactly one week later and I got nabbed again. So if you read the previous blog post, you know the drill. Another round of the 777 WIP challenge. This one, however, is a glimpse of Max and Scott. I love those two so freaking much. Can't wait for you to see them together in Max's book, but this time from their POV's.

At any rate, without further ado, seven unedited sentences from line seven of a page with a seven in its number (157, I think.... :) )

Max exhaled, sadness filling him. “You deserve to be happy.” Scott stared straight ahead. “And you don’t?” Max blinked, his chest growing heavier by the second, then steeled the shit out of his emotions. “I’m happy.” Scott’s lips curved sardonically, but swiftly turned bleak. “Okay, Max. If you say so.” Max frowned, brain churning on how to get through to him. Clearly, his current approach wasn’t working. He could see Scott tuning him out as they spoke.

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