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A glimpse at Max and Sean

So every now and again I get tagged by fellow authors over on my Facebook account to take part in what's called the 777 WIP (where one posts seven sentences, starting on line seven, from page seven of our current work in progress). Which I did. But is it really fair to penalize all the peeps out there that don't use Facebook by not posting these little glimpses elsewhere, too? Of course not. And I do try to be fair. Hehe. So I've decided to put them here as well, for those who might have missed out on the fun. Unfortunately, the seventh page of Max's book holds quite a large spoiler, so instead of not participating all together, I picked page seven from another chapter. Hope everyone's cool with that, cuz here they are. Seven unedited sentences from the yet-to-be-titled story of MAX & SEAN: (My sentences tend to be super short, so I compensated by adding a few extra ;) )

Max turned and looked at him. His eyes made another lap. That was two times now. Sean was counting. Max absently thumbed the corner of his mouth. Sean loved when he did that. “Get on the table.” Sean’s whole body tightened at the sound of Max’s tone. It’d gone deeper. Almost gruff. And commanding. Which all translated to sexy as shit. So much so, that if it stayed that way, Sean was going to pop a boner. He climbed aboard, appreciating the soft blanket spread over it, then turned around to face Max on all fours. It was a tantalizing pose, sure. Sean was well aware. But his situation gave him ample justification. Time to test out his feelers again. He smiled as Max stared at him, and subtly arched his spine. His ass tilted up. Max’s green eyes flashed. Ah. There it was. That tell-tale look. Max was definitely bisexual if nothing else. But all too soon, Max’s lips pursed tight, his brows furrowing down atop his eyes. “Sit on your heels, Sean. Just like before.”

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