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SURPRISE! Bet you didn't see THIS one coming!

Yup, totally got a wild hair. I know, it's not contemporary but hear me out. It IS still gloriously hot m/m erotica, and to be fair, if it wasn't for paranormal fantasy, I never would have created characters like Tad and Scott. They're manly men because of the strong influences of alpha males in all of the PNR I read. Did you know that Tad's series is the ONLY 'contemporary' stuff I've ever written? In truth, his series was MUCH more of a wild hair for me than this surprise story I've put out! And now I'm gonna be honest with you. Tad's story burned me out. I needed to get my fire back to its healthy verocity. To the fever that makes me write like the crazy woman I was when writing Tad's stuff. So I went back to my roots, to my heart and soul, to what gets my blood pumping, to the fiction I truly adore. And do you know what happened? I slammed out a book in two weeks! That is unprecidented for me! But my 'everything' needed it. It gushed like a freaking tidal wave slamming through a weary levy. And now i'm hearing that it's the best work I've done yet. So the moral of this convoluted speil? That this is what I needed to get my engines raging again. Max's book deserves nothing less. But i PROMISE you, Kríe Captivity still has all the decadent and fun elements that Tad's stuff did. All the bottom-line criteria that snagged you and drew you into my mind. Into my world. All I ask is that you give this book a chance. It's not crazy alien-in-space stuff. In fact, its setting could very well be on Earth in many ways. And the Kríe that live within the pages of this book? No more different than a vampire, shifter, paranormal demon, etc. But definitely just as erotic. ;) Besides, it's available on Kindle Unlimited, so whatcha got to lose?

Read on for a taste of what you can expect:

Naydo lifted his chin to Miros and Roni. “Does Gesh want to take all that meat to the homeland?”

Roni nodded. “Yes, but preparing it for transport will take some time and Gesh does not want to wait. Some will stay behind and meet up with us later.”

“What’s the hurry?” Chet muttered.

Roni slid him a smirk. “Gesh is anxious to sell his other wares.” Slowly, his gaze roamed down Chet’s body. “Wares I will certainly miss.”

The whole team immediately stilled at his words.

“He’s going to fucking sell us?” Alec bit out in disbelief.

Roni shrugged. “Or give you as gifts.”

The science trio paled.

“Give us as gifts?” Chet balled his fists. “Over my dead body.”

“To be given as gifts is the highest compliment, especially when gifted to our king.”

Holy what the fuck?

Alec’s eyes shot to Zaden, who looked equally floored.

Roni smiled and rubbed Chet’s skull-cut head. “Do not worry. You and I, we will still have our fun.”

Chet seethed and shoved his hand away, then flat-out lunged at the male. “Don’t you fucking touch me,” he barked, his bound hands gunning for Roni’s throat. “Or, swear to God, I’ll—”

Roni dodged and slammed Chet’s back into a tree. Alec and the team stumbled with them. Hello, still attached to the same lead! But neither Chet nor Roni seemed to notice as Roni pinned Chet’s body with his own.

“Or you swear you will do what?” Roni purred super smug.

“Untie me, bitch, and I’ll show you.”

Roni chuffed in amusement and licked Chet’s cheek. “For some reason I like when you call me bitch. Soon I will call you the same.” Stepping back abruptly, he removed Chet’s collar, then glanced at Alec as he untied Chet’s hands. “I am going to help your friend release some tension. Do not worry. I promise not to kill him.”

Alec stiffened. “Uh, yeah, thanks, but I don’t think so. The size difference is—”

“Boss,” Chet grit out, eyes flashing fire. “For the love of God, let me fucking do this.”

Alec shouldn’t have been surprised. Chet was practically part Pitbull. One of the reasons Alec hired him on. But he couldn’t afford to risk the guy getting injured. Chet was vital to the team’s survival.

“Chet,” he chuckled tensely. “Come on, man. You’re angry. And clearly not thinking straight.” He gestured to Roni. “He’s freaking huge. No way you could—”

“Please,” Chet persisted. “He’s been nothing but a punk. Gimme a chance to put him on his ass.”

Roni crossed his arms and smiled at Alec. “You are smart. Understand that your kind is inferior. At least one in your unit shows intelligence.”

Alec’s blood boiled at the insult. But even though he knew Roni was blatantly goading him, he couldn’t tamp back human pride. Eyes narrowing, he gave Chet a single nod. “Have fun,” he muttered. “Don’t make me regret this.”

“Yes,” Chet hissed, his excitement palpable.

A wily grin spread across Roni’s face. “Bellah. Nenya.” Good. Come. He led them to an open space.

As Alec’s team looked on, Gesh and some others came to watch, too. Honest to God, if Chet wound up dead, Alec was going to fucking kill him.

Slowly, the two males began to circle, eyeing each other intently.

Roni raked another hot gaze down Chet’s body. “Will you give me a prize, warrior, if I win this exchange?”

“Sure. But if I win, I want the same deal.”

Roni’s fangs flashed wickedly. “Agreed. Name your prize.”

“Alright… If I win, no more tying me up.”

Roni’s lips curved. “I accept. If you win, no more ropes. But if I win, you must fully submit.”

Chet’s brows furrowed warily. “Fully submit how?”

“By becoming my plaything. My bitch.”

Chet paled and glanced at Alec.

Alec groaned and shook his head. Roni just played them like a goddamn fiddle. No way would Chet’s pride let him fold.

Roni came to a stop and pompously smiled, giving a big beefy shrug. “If you are scared, it is not too late to change your mind.”

Chet bristled. “Fuck you, Roni. I don’t back down.” Without warning, he rushed him, plowing his shoulder into Roni’s gut, his arms snapping tight around Roni’s waist. At six foot three and two hundred and twenty pounds, that was definitely no lightweight hit.

Roni grunted, stumbling back, and damn near falling, as he tried to grab hold of Chet, too. But Chet just kept charging, boots chewing up the ground, until he slammed Roni into a tree.

Alec grinned. Gesh laughed.

Roni coughed up a chuckle, too. “Bellah kai, kensa. Reeka moonsah may.” Very nice, warrior. Give me more of that.

Chet glared as he pinned him, but before he could reply, Roni hefted him up and head-butted him in the face.

Alec cringed as the rest of his team winced in sympathy. Chet had to be seeing stars.

Cursing through a groan, Chet palmed his eye as Roni marched them from the tree and slammed him. Right on his back atop the unforgiving ground. Air punched from Chet’s lungs, but he was far from defeated. Roni loomed above him all arrogant and superior. Chet glowered and lurched to his feet.

“More?” Roni grinned.

“More,” Chet growled.

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