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The cover for Afterglow is complete and its first draft manuscript isn't far behind!

Summer has proven to be as difficult for writing as I suspected, but somehow amidst the chaos I've still managed to continue with forward movement. Slowly, mind you, but ever making progress! I'm currently about 3/4 of the way done, hoping to have the first draft completed by the end of the month. Then on to edits for all of August. Bleck. Hopefully, that hell will end sometime early September so I can have my baby out by the end of the month - latest. I know. So damn long for a freaking measly epilogue! Well, on the bright side, I'll not only be working with my beloved beta readers this time, but also a freelance editor. Can't wait to finally test out those waters! All in all, I've been have a blast with our boys, enjoying like crazy their chemisty sans all Tad's internal drama. And, oh yeah, that surprise for all you Team Scott'ers... Heh heh. Hopefully you enjoy that as much as I've been. ;)

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