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 During Tad’s journey of self-discovery,

I decided to give my readers a treat while

having some fun with Tad and Scott.

hope you enjoy these little slices of life.

Dual POVs.


Meagen Howard Fox




To be read after Sideline Submission

Meagen walks toward the front door of the house. It seems fairly unassuming and there is no indication that anything she’d read about goes on behind these doors, but she has to admit, she’s a bit nervous to interview the man she’s been reading about. He intrigues her in the books and now she is going to meet him. Her hands are a bit clammy as she knocks and waits. She could not have prepared herself for what greets her as he answers the door. He stands there, barefoot and in low slung jeans wearing a white t-shirt that just hugs his body perfectly. When he greets her, it is all she can do not to trip over her own feet as he leads her inside.


Regarding his little visitor, Scott smiles. “Hey, there. I’ve been expecting you.” At her shy smile and slight wave, he chuckles and motions her inside. “Come on in. Thought it’d be fitting that we do this downstairs.” Leading the way, he takes things to the basement, lips twitching as he walks them into the dungeon and gestures for her to have a seat on the sex swing. “Max said it’d be okay if we hung out in here.” He grabs a spot on the spanking bench opposite her and smiles. “Hope that’s okay with you.”


Trying to look professional, like she does this all the time, Meagan feels her cheeks heat as he leads her down into the playroom she’s read about in the books. He walks her to the swing and offers it as a seat. It is all she can do not to squirm. He knows it, too, based on the smirk he is sporting as he sits across from her. She realizes he’s asked her a question and she tries to gather her thoughts as she sits her bag down and pulls out some paper and a pencil. “This is fine. I’m glad you agreed to let me interview you.” She relaxes slightly and lets the swing take her weight as it swings gently back and forth. “So, Scott, did you choose this room for shock value or because it is easier to talk in your element, so to speak?” Her eyes wander all over the room, taking in the items she’s read about in the books. When she looks back at him, he is watching her with a knowing glint in his eyes. She smiles and shakes her head waiting for him to respond.


Scott laughs and gives a shrug. “Thought it’d be more interesting than my gym. But I guess we could’ve done this over a massage.” He thumb-points over his shoulder, lips twitching. “Not too late, actually. You feeling stiff?”


Laughing, she sits back a little in the swing trying to look relaxed when she is anything but. Just being around him makes her nervous for some reason. She clears her throat. “No. I'm good. Thanks, though. So, tell me, what got you into weight training and the extracurricular training you do here? The two in your story are meshed together in my mind.” She watches him and can’t help but stare. He has such an easy way about him, she can’t help but add, “And at the same time, when did you become so comfortable with yourself and this lifestyle?”


“Well,” Scott starts, scratching his stubbly cheek. “After I landed a job at the local gym, I ended up spending a lot of my downtime lifting.” He smiles. “I fell in love with it. Such a rush to possess so much power. But the training I do here encompasses personal training in general. Getting people in shape.” When Meagen lifts a surprised brow, he laughs. “What. You thought I trained in here? You thought I dommed for a living, too?” He shakes his head. “Nooo. I only help Max out if something comes up and he can’t make an appointment. He taught me enough in the past that I know what I’m doing, so it’s not hard or a big deal. But yeah, I only do random stuff once in a blue moon.” He shrugs again. “But I am comfortable with it. Have been ever since I truly grasped the Dom/sub dynamic. Not just the techniques and activities that they engage in, but the needs a Dom and sub fulfill for one another. Which are surprisingly extensive. It really made me appreciate the beauty of a dominant’s job especially, though.” His gaze shifts away. “They can be the most unexpected kind of healer...” Clearing his throat, he seems to snap out of it. “Wow,” he chuckles, ruffling his head of chocolate spikes. “Was that TMI?”


Smiling, Meagan shakes her head while taking notes. “Not at all. I guess I envy the ease with which you handle yourself with Tad and field his questions as he gets to know you. He’s so hesitant and you are patient with him. It’s impressive. What drew you to him? He’s not sure about who he is or what he wants and you seem to be past that point in your life. You’re confident and know what you want out of life. I’d imagine that is a little intimidating for Tad, even though he is intrigued.” She is rambling and shakes her head. “Sorry. I’ve been intrigued myself and can’t wait to learn more.”


A smile tugs at Scott's lips. “No worries. Tad has been hesitant, which I get, but yeah, it definitely leaves one curious about a lot of stuff.” Absently he eyes the demonstration room door. “As far as what drew me to him?” His head tilts, his smile widening just slightly. “I think it was his eyes at first. All that green and blue and gold looking back at me from my doorstep. But then he opened his mouth and…” He chuckles, shaking his head. “He put up such a tough front, but was so adorably nervous beneath it all.” His smile ebbs. “But it was the way he looked at me, too. With this unexpected kind of trust. And curiosity. And realness. It made me want to know him. Experience him. Inside and out. But especially to help him to see.” His smile turns sheepish as he gives another shrug. “Not really sure how to explain it better than that.”


Meagen tilts her head, watching his face as he speaks about Tad. “Have you been in a lot of serious relationships before and is that something you would want to explore with Tad?” Scott leans forward, settling his elbows on his knees. She watches him drop his head. “If that is too personal, I’ll take it off the table. I just really find the dynamics between the two of you interesting.” She clears her throat. “Gah. I’m so nervous interviewing you. I love your story and I know what I want to see happen between you and Tad, but I don’t want to assume.” She knows her cheeks are pink because she’s now overly warm and hopes she hasn’t offended him.


Scott lifts his head and chuckles, straightening back up. “Kinda frustrating not knowing, isn’t it?” He grins as Meagen nods with a laugh. “Right there with you, girl.” He crosses his arms and sighs. “Alright. Let’s see. Have I been in a lot of serious relationships.” Shrugging, he scratches his neck. “I guess that depends on your definition of serious. Because I’ve been in a few that lasted a while. A long time ago. But in hindsight, I wouldn’t say they were happy. Or healthy, for that matter. I was young and stupid and thought my heart was in it, but now I can say with certainty that it wasn’t. So were they serious?” His expression tightens. “I’m gonna have to say no.” Shifting on the bench, he clears his throat and looks down. “With Tad it wouldn’t be like that, though. I know it wouldn’t. I’ve grown a lot since those past relationships and am looking for different things in a partner now.” A warm smile emerges. “Yeah, he’d be the exception to my present no-dating motto.” He chuckles, looking back up. “Shit, he’s kinda like a free start over pass. Like a clean slate or something. And with his situation, he’s like a fresh canvas, too.” He smiles at Meagen. “And I like the idea of that a lot.” His lips curve higher. “So I guess you and me are on the same page... with what we want to see happen between him and me.” He grunts humorlessly. “Which is more than I can say for Max at the moment.”


Meagen looks at him, starts to ask a question, then stops. He tilts his head and raises his brows, waiting for her to say something. “Well, alright. Since you brought Max up, I have to ask. Did you and Max have a relationship beyond being roommates and friends? I mean... I'm not asking this well, but does Max have feelings for you?”


“Mm. That’s a uh... interesting question.” Absently, Scott rubs the back of his neck. “My relationship with Max is... Well... It’s hard to categorize, really. But we’re close.” His lips purse in thought. “Friends. And yet different. More… but not.” Nodding to himself, he rubs the tops of his thighs. “Max and me, we’re good.” He smirks. “Don’t get me wrong; he can be a dick at times, but he’s got his reasons. Not that that excuses his behavior. It’s just… Well, it’s complicated.” When Meagen frowns, he stills. “But he won’t come between me and Tad, if that’s what you’re wondering.” He shakes his head. “No way. Not now. Not ever.”


Meagen laughs. “Well, that’s good, Mr. Evasive.” Pushing off with her foot, the swing starts to move. All of the sudden, she realizes what she is truly sitting on. She feels her body flush and clears her throat, but hears Scott chuckle like he knows what just flashed through her mind. Rushing to change the subject, she blurts out the first thing that comes to mind. “Do a lot of women come down here? I mean, we read about men who come to you all, but what about women?”


Nodding amicably, Scott shrugs. “Sure. Yeah, we definitely have women down here.” His grin turns wolfish. “Max and I are equal opportunity torturers.” When Meagen lifts a brow, he laughs unapologetically, holding his hands out to his sides. “I'm a personal trainer, it’s what I do. Hell, some—including Tad—would probably go so far as to call me a personal tormentor.” He grins. “And they’d be right. I do, in fact, enjoy making all genders suffer.” He snickers, then shakes his head. “Nah. I’m not that bad. But I do train men and women. And Max caters to both, as well. Though, the ladies don’t get the full service from him like some of the guys do.... if you know what I mean.” He gives Meagen a knowing smirk. “Unlike that seat you’re perched on, he only swings one way.”


Meagen glances down at the swing and laughs. “Alright. Interesting.” Eyeing her notes, she licks her lips, then looks back up at him. “So, will you give any hints about what you did to the guys who set Tad up? I know they were pretty beat up when Tad saw them again, but it is never revealed what happened.”


Scott's mouth quirks into a faint, dark grin. “I did exactly what I told Tad I was gonna do. Had them over for some practice sparring. They’ve been wanting to come to my kickboxing class, so I treated them to a private session.” He shrugs and glances away. “They weren’t very good. Even for beginners.” Lips pursing, his eyes flash. “They deserved what they got, though. So I won’t be making any apologies.” He looks back at Meagen, his tight expression softening into a smile. “So, Tad saw the aftermath, eh? He never mentioned it.” Meagen nods, grinning. He chuckles, scratching his cheek. “Good. So he knows they won’t be bothering him again anytime soon.”


“Good. They did deserve it. And speaking of Tad...” Meagan hesitates, but Scott urges her to continue with a playful expression. “Well, the last book ended with you two promising to get together on “his turf” and I was shocked that it ended there.” He laughed and nodded. “So, when you go to see him there, you might meet some of his friends. How do you think that will go? Do you think he’ll be able to handle that? Will you be able to handle that?”


Scott straightens his back and sighs. “Oh, I’ll be able to handle it just fine. But Tad... I dunno. Honestly, I highly doubt he’d allow his friends to be there if I ever came over.” He shakes his head. “He didn’t take Max’s little discovery very well.” Wincing, he tilts his head. “Granted, Max was being a tool about it all but...” He shakes his head again. “I just hope it didn’t set Tad back in his head. I’m getting the impression he’s taking shit one step at a time, realizing stuff about himself, by himself. But I don’t think he’s had a chance to really think about how his friends and family would factor into things. Max seemed like a kind of rude awakening.” He gives a slight shrug. “But Tad has to do this on his own. Hopefully he’ll figure out a way to include me in his life. Because keeping things separate… it just doesn’t work.”


Nodding in understanding, Meagan makes her last couple notes then looks back up at him. “I really appreciate you taking the time to meet with me and answer my questions. You have satisfied some of my curiosity, though I’m sure I’ll have more questions after the next book.” She goes to stand up but can’t quite get her feet on the floor from the swing. Scott grins and stands to help her up. Once on her feet again, she smiles up at him and puts her hand out. “You’ve been really open and honest with me. You didn’t have to do that, but you are exactly how I imagined you. Thanks so much for your time. I can’t wait to see what happens next.”


"That makes two of us,” Scott murmurs, leading the way back out. When they reach the foyer, he turns to Meagan and smirks wryly. “Maybe you should have a Q & A with Tad next. You could ask him some really probing stuff. You know, about him and me.” His smile flat-out reaches his eyes. “And then you could shoot me over his answers.” Meagen giggles, heading out the door. “I'm serious,” he laughs, lifting a hand in farewell as she goes. “Shy boy can be pretty tight-lipped. You might be my only hope in finding out what’s going on in that head of his.”

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