Planet Nira



Mealtime wrapped up just a few minutes later—when food in one of the bowls started moving. Of course, it’d been Chet who had made the discovery and, truth be told, it’d been pretty fucking funny. He’d been bitching about something, not really paying attention, when he grabbed up a handful of orange dates. Or at least, that’s what they’d looked like from across the table, as Alec watched him pop one into his mouth.

He’d chewed once, then twice, then gone ramrod stiff, looking fast to the stuff still in his fist. The second he uncurled his big, long fingers, the rest of those ‘dates’ started twitching. Needless to say, the big guy’s mouth unloaded fast, spraying half-chewed chunks in Bailey’s face.

Jamis howled out laughing. Noah did as well, nearly choking on whatever he’d been eating. Alec couldn’t hold back and cracked up with Zaden. Bailey sputtered. Chet cursed through gags and coughs—which, naturally, prompted Mannix to give him the Heimlich. Or at least something similar, with a lot more Kríe oomph. A gesture that, yeah, Chet had not appreciated. The rest of them had nearly fallen off their stools, though.

Never a dull moment.

And honestly, Alec had needed the laugh.

Chuffing under their breaths, the six guards escorted them from the dining room.


Skin still humming, Alec rubbed at his arm, his gaze absently straying to Zercy’s mouth. His lips were slightly parted. Alec could see the tips of his fangs. “Does it hurt? The bite?” 

Something glittered in Zercy’s eyes. His lids hooded. “Always. But in a good way.”

Alec swallowed. His heart sped up again. “What about bites on their own?”

“Without the fucking, you mean?”

Alec nodded a little. “Yeah.”

Zercy’s voice dipped lower. “Tah. Those are very nice, too.”

Fuuuck. Alec’s pulse raced.

Should he ask? He wanted to ask. Fisting the furs, he licked his lips. “Would you, um, show me?”

Zercy tilted his head. “Show you?”

“Yeah. You know, for educational purposes.” Jamis and Bailey had used that card, why couldn’t he?

Zercy studied him, lips quirked. “You want me to bite you for education.”

Even to Alec, that sounded ridiculous. Cheeks heating, he gave a shrug. “Yeah. I guess I’m curious. Just wanna know.”

“Tah,” Zercy rumbled. “Alick always wants to know.” Shifting forward, he crawled back over, his erection all sensually swaying. 

Alec’s pulse shot through the roof. Was he seriously going to do this? Rubbing his thighs, he drew it a breath. Yup, he was crazy.

Zercy paused just inches away, then drew his nose up Alec’s neck. Slowly, he inhaled. A soft growl emerged. “I have dreamt of biting your flesh. Savoring your blood on my tongue. There is no doubt in my mind that it tastes sweet.”

Alec shivered. Why was he doing this? Why would he want a Kríe to bite him?

Zercy’s warm tongue licked his flesh, right where his shoulder met his throat.

Alec’s eyes slid closed. He clenched his jaw. No way he’d fucking let himself moan.

A second lazy lap. Alec absently turned his head.

Zercy rumbled and latched on loosely, then languidly sucked.

Alec stifled another moan. Even his stupid dick twitched.

“Come on,” he chuckled tensely. He needed that bite to stay grounded. Otherwise, he might lose it. “Bring the teeth.”

Zercy growled and let go. Parted lips teased Alec’s skin. “Are you certain?” he murmured. “These can be quite intense.”


Alec needed to come so bad. Maybe if he got the king riled too, it’d get him what he desperately needed. Didn’t matter anymore that Zercy’s dick was too big. Didn’t matter that scoring could cause that crazy bond. All Alec knew, as wicked pleasure rocked his groin, was that he needed to come or he’d explode.

Alec found Zercy’s boner. He gripped on tight. Zercy paused with a snarl and started withdrawing.

“No!” Alec cried. “Don’t fucking stop! I—I just need—”

The words caught in his throat, though.

But Zercy seemed to understand.

Rumbling like thunder, he peeled Alec off his cock, then flipped him onto his stomach and bit back into him.

“Fuck!” Alec howled, spine arching, fists clutching the fur.

Zercy grunted against Alec’s neck as if attempting to do something, his fangs still buried deep as he shifted. Seconds later, a lubed finger pressed against Alec’s door.

Instinctively, Alec bared down, more than happy to assist.

Zercy slid the thing deep.

“Ungh!” Alec belted.

Zercy pulled it out—then two claws were pushing through.

Big. Those fingers were big.

“Shiiit,” Alec strained out. His ass hiked as Zercy sucked.

As soon as the king swallowed though, Alec feverishly started thrusting, driving his rigid boner into the furs. His pulse raced wildly. And what do you know, all that furious thrusting had him inadvertently fucking those fingers.

Pleasure lashed at his sanity, Zercy’s fangs like a drug, his digits in Alec’s ass just what he needed. The bedding, however, just wasn’t fucking cutting it. He needed something way tighter.

Panting, he unclenched the fur in his fist and shoved his hand south to do the deed. Zercy didn’t seem to like that. Growling in warning, he grasped Alec’s wrist.

Alec cursed, brows pinched. “Shit—Zercy—Please—I need to.”

Zercy’s hand shoved under his hip. Then big warm fingers curled around his dick.

Alec didn’t waste time. He started fucking Zercy’s grip. Instant two-fold bliss, because the faster he thrust, the faster it made his ass fuck those fingers. 

“Yes!—Ungh!—Shit!—” Alec croaked, his world spinning, Zercy’s heavy body atop his the only thing grounding him. His dick all but roared. His G pulsed like mad, those digits hitting his sweet spot right on target.

Zercy snarled against his neck, then shifted his weight. With just his knees, he pushed Alec’s legs together and held them shut.

What was he doing? Alec wondered in the din of his mind. A surge of white-hot rapture quickly distracted him. Next thing he knew, what felt like Zercy’s cock was driving slick and scorching between his thighs. Again and again, like a rock-hard piston, plunging through a super-snug crack.

No way. Alec’s drunken mind halted in surprise.

Zercy was using his legs to get off.

As weird as it sounded, it shot him through the roof, his orgasm slamming home without warning.

A ragged shout left him. His hips went berserk, his dick unloading like a rapid-fire cannon. Thick cum shot in violent bursts. Alec’s lungs hitched and gasped. But no matter which direction his pelvis jerked, it couldn’t escape the cage of Zercy’s hands. Thrusting forward to dismount the fingers impaling his ass only shoved his boner deeper into Zercy’s grasp. Likewise, rocking backward to free his dick from its confines merely rammed those digits back into his G. Mercilessly, wrenching him higher and higher with each buck.

Thankfully, the king was right on his heels. 

Zercy’s body went rigid, his arm constricting around Alec’s ribs. His hips kicked as Alec’s skin muffled his growl. A split second later, between Alec’s thighs, his massive cock started to fire.

Alec moaned. He could feel the thing pulsing against his skin. Could hear each choppy snarl, each ragged intake.

Zercy twitched. Twitched again. With a rumble, he finally relaxed. Easing his fangs free, he lapped at the wounds, then groaned and rolled off.

Alec groaned just as deeply. He felt like he was floating.

On cloud nine.

Up in heaven.

With Zercy beside him.

He peeled open his eyes, suddenly wanting to see the king. The male who’d just obliterated his reality.

Zercy met his gaze, all sprawled out on his back, still catching his breath, his spent cock laying sated on his abs. “I was right,” he murmured.

“Yeah?” Alec panted. “About what?”

Zercy grinned and licked his lips. “Your blood is sweet.”

Alec blinked.

Then chuckled.

Then winced.

Ow. Sore. Like everywhere. At least his skin had finally chilled.

Thanks in part, no doubt, to Zercy’s bite.

Alec touched his neck. Felt the two tiny punctures.

Zercy’s hooded eyes glinted. “Did you like?”

Hell, yes.

Alec nodded before he could stop himself. He cleared his throat. “Yeah.” He smiled sheepishly. “A lot.”

Zercy rumbled low in his chest. “You would do this again.”

Alec caught his nod this time. “Um. I don’t know.”

Lies. He would totally do that shit again. He’d never felt such a rush in all his life.