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During Tad’s journey of self-discovery,

I decided to give my readers a treat while

having some fun with Tad and Scott.

hope you enjoy these little slices of life.


Meagen Howard Fox




To be read after Afterglow

“I can’t believe I’m doing another of these things.” Tad frowns warily over at Scott. “Why would you agree to a second? Wasn’t one interview torture enough?”

Scott laughs and drops down onto Tad’s couch. “What do you mean? I had a blast.”

Tad eyes him incredulously. “You’re telling me you didn’t find it in the least bit awkward?”

“Nope.” Scott pops open his beer bottle and relaxes into the cushions. “Meagen’s a cool chick. Friendly. Laidback.” He grins in pure amusement. “And seems genuinely interested in our situation.”

Tad winces and rubs his nape. “Yeah. I got that impression, too.”

Scott chuckles. “You got a problem with personal questions, Mr. Journalist Major?”

“No,” Tad mumbles. “Well, maybe sorta.”

“Huh.” Scott’s lips twitch. “Could’ve sworn you had both feet out of the closet.”

Tad marches over and plops down beside him. “I do. It’s just…”

“It’s just you’re a shy boy.”

Tad tries not to smile. “Shut up. Her questions can get embarrassing.”

Scott hooks his arm around Tad’s neck. Yanking him close, he gives Tad’s cheek a rough peck. “Don’t worry. I’ll protect you from big, scary Meagen.”

“Fuck off,” Tad laughs, shoving him away.

But Scott just yanks him back. “I told you, I don’t fuck off, I jack off. I’ll let you watch later if you want.”

Tad stills and looks at him, all anxiety vanishing. “For real?”

Scott laughs. “Sure. Why not.”


Tad groans. “I need another beer.”

“Grab one for Meagen, too, while you’re at it.”

Branching off in different directions, Tad bee-lines it to the kitchen while Scott goes to greet their guest.

“Meagen.” He smiles, opening the door. “Nice to see you again.”

“Hi!” She smiles. “Good to see you, too.” 

Scott motions for her to enter. They walk into the living room where Tad is standing waiting, a few beers sitting on the coffee table. He gives her a slight nod, making her laugh. “You already look like you’re going to the executioner. This is going to be fun!” She sits down in a recliner and reaches for a beer. “Come on. Let’s do this! Sit with me. Relax.”

Scott laughs, elbowing Tad to move.

Meagen digs her handheld recorder from her purse as they sit across from her on the couch. “Now, remember. It’s just me. You both trusted me before to do right by you, and tonight I have some great questions for you from your fans. Let me tell you how I imagine this going.”

The guys grab their beers and lean back into the cushions.

“Kora posted on her Facebook page and asked her readers to respond with things they wanted to know. For example…” She looks down at her list. “Jandra B. wants to know if you, Tad, would ever go out dancing with Scott.” She smiles. “See? Questions like that. So, Tad, why don’t you start with that one?”

“Um… Okay.” Tad turns to Scott, absently shaking his head no. “You don’t dance, do you?”

Scott grins. “Of course I do.”

“Oh.” Chuckling uneasily, Tad looks back at Meagen. “Then I guess I would…. Sure, why not. Though I might need a few beers in me first.”

Scott makes a pleased rumble. “Don’t make any plans for Friday.”

Meagen smiles, watching them interact. “Alright, the next one comes from Mary M., and it’s for Scott.” She looks back up, expression more serious. “Scott, the night you walked away from Tad was heartbreaking for all of us, but Mary understands why you did it. How does it make you feel that Tad was so determined to work through all of his insecurities, to come out to himself, to friends and family, so that he could fight to have a relationship with you?”

Scott looks at Tad, a tender smile curving his lips. “Elated. And humbled. And beyond fucking grateful that, even though I threw in the towel, my little scrapper here didn’t. Thank you,” he murmurs, holding Tad’s gaze. “That took some serious balls.”

Tad grins, face flushing as he stares into Scott’s eyes. “Yeah, well, I couldn’t lose my favorite wrestling partner, so…”

Scott chuckles and gives him a hard, chaste kiss. “I want another rematch.”

“Oh!” Meagen chirps. “What a perfect segue! There’s a question here from both Robin P. and Emma B. related to just that topic. They want to know if you’ve had any more wrestling matches and if so, who’s been the victor.”

Tad puffs out his chest and beams. “We have indeed, but not at the gym. Normally when he’s there, I’m either at work or at school.” He shoots Scott a smug look. “But in regards to our record, it’s four to one, with yours truly wearing the belt.”

Scott rolls his eyes, a smirk tugging at his lips. “Enjoy your winning streak while it lasts, wrestle mania. Because when the stakes are high and you least expect it…” He leaves it at that, flashing Tad a wicked grin.

Tad blinks, smile fading, then looks at Meagen. “Pfft. He’s full of shit. Just saving face ‘cause you’re here.”

“Right.” Meagan grins before glancing at her list. “Okay. A question from both Sherri F. and Kristy D. They want to know what both of you taste like. You know…” She wags her brows. “From each other’s perspective.”

“Oh, geez,” Tad chuckles, glancing at Scott. “What we taste like… Wow.”

Scott grins wide. “Well, let’s see. Tad was just sweating bullets a minute ago, so…”  He tugs Tad close and drags a tongue up his neck.  “Mmm… Salty… Spicy… And a tiny bit sweet… Kinda like a hot dog off the grill.”

“Holy shit,” Tad laughs, shoving him away. “I can’t believe you just…”  Wiping off the wet, he mouths to Scott, “Dude! You just gave me wood!”

Blushing and laughing, Meagen shakes her head. “Maybe we’ll get back to how Scott tastes later. Tad’s looking a little flustered.” Consulting her notes again, she clears her throat. “Alright. Let’s see. Tad, Mary M. has another good question. And I’m quoting her here. “Tad, I know that your friends are really important to you and were all very accepting of you coming out. How is it now, hanging out with them, having Scott with you as your boyfriend?””

Tad’s shoulders relax. Dragging a hand through his hair, he settles back into the cushions. “It’s been pretty good, probably since they don’t razz me too hard when Scott’s around.” Tad shoots his man a wry smirk. “They’re totally intimidated by you.” He looks back at Meagen and chuckles. “Luckily they like him a lot. I think Ned especially. Maybe it’s that punk factor they both share.” Beside him, Scott grins and takes a swig of his beer. Tad shakes his head and goes on. “We’ve really only hung out a couple of times, but each time’s turned out cool. They give us some shit. We give some back. Good times.”

Meagen smiles wide. “That’s great. And along the same lines, Tracy J. wants to know if you are going to take Scott to meet your parents.”

Tad’s expression softens. “Yeah. I am. It’s been crazy with graduation around the corner, and trying to get all of our schedules to align, but yeah…” His hand settles absently onto Scott’s knee. “I definitely want them to meet him.”

Scott slides him a covert, nervous look.

Tad leans over and presses their brows together. “They’re gonna love you. I promise. Just like I do.”

Meagen tears up a little and smiles softly. “Okay. So meeting the parents is happening soon and, since you mentioned graduating, are you guys planning on a vacation? Elizabeth R. wants to know where you would go if you had two weeks to travel. She also wants to know, as does Nichole B., what toys Tad would want Scott to pack. According to Nichole, you can get lots of things through airport security, you just need to pack creatively.”

Tad’s mouth opens… then shuts… then opens… then shuts.

Scott barks out a laugh. “Don’t worry, shy boy. I got this.” Draping an arm around Tad’s shoulders, Scott yanks him into his side and smiles at Meagen. “Tad’s been talking about us going to Hawaii, actually. Jay’s parents are covering all the costs as a graduation present to their son. I personally couldn’t think of anything more fun. Tad’s friends are a riot, everything’s paid for… Of course, we’ll have to make sure we get our own room.” He gives Tad a brief squeeze against him. “You know, so we have ample time to play with those toys Tad’ll want me to pack.”

Tad flushes like mad. “I don’t believe we ever discussed a toy list.”

“True,” Scott counters. “But since I know you so well, there really isn’t a need.” He grins confidently at Meagen. “Tad would want me to pack dildos. Lots of dildos. Fat ones. Long ones. Maybe some inflatables…”

Tad stiffens beside him. “Wait, what?! I never—”

Scott clamps a hand over Tad’s mouth and continues. “He’s also been showing an interest in butt plugs, wanting to wear one as he tops me.”

Tad makes a pained noise from beneath Scott’s palm and readjusts his fly.

Scott chuckles. “Of course, he’s kinda a pain slut too, so I’ll definitely be bringing my mini flogger. Because paddles are loud. And we wouldn’t want people to hear.”

Meagen snickers in amusement and shakes her head. “You two are perfect together. Alright. Onto a few other questions similarly related. “Megan F. wants to know if you ever want to blindfold Scott and give him a little payback, Tad.”

A wicked smirk curves Tad’s lips. “Hell, yeah. And I will.”

Scott lifts a brow, his dark eyes glittering. “Is that so?”

“Yeah.” Tad nods, laughing. “That is totally so. As a matter of fact, don’t you make any plans for Saturday.”

Meagen grins. “And on that note, quite a few people, including Kelly Kelly, Jessica K, Angela D., and Michelle S., want to know if you’ve returned to the basement together, and if you’re going to use that swing Tad keeps eyeing.”

Tad winces sheepishly, but when Scott opens his mouth, he quickly holds up his hand. “Nope. My fantasy. I’m answering this one.”

Scott grins with a shrug, gesturing to proceed.

Tad sits up straighter. Cracks his neck. “Okay, so, yeah, Scott has given me the official tour of the basement. Which was very... educational.” Scott tamps back a laugh. Tad elbows him in the ribs. “As far as the swing goes, we haven’t tried that out yet. But we will. Although, who would take what position, I’m not exactly sure.” He turns and casts Scott a boyish smirk. “Aren’t people supposed to take turns with swings? That’s how it always went on the playground.”

Scott eyes flicker heatedly. “Oh, absolutely. It’d only be fair.”

Tad grins and bites his lip. “Then we’ve got ourselves a plan.” Turning back to Meagen, he clears his throat. “So, yeah. No swing as of yet. But Scott did strap me down in a bondage chair, and that was definitely... stimulating.” He cuts Scott a look. “Next time, I get to use that freaky pizza cutter on you.”

Meagen’s brows lift. “Interesting. I guess that answers Michelle S.’s question about the pinwheel. So, let’s see… Michele B. asked a great question that I’m curious about as well. Scott, do you know the art of Shibari ropes, and if not, would you learn so you could tie Tad up in a pretty package?”

Scott smiles, tilting his head. “Funny she should ask that. As it turns out, Kai is the Shibari expert around here. I think he even teaches it as a side class at his dojo. But yeah, I’d absolutely take some lessons.” He rustles Tad’s hair. “Hogtying is fun, but you deserve something classier.”

Meagen giggles. “Michele also wants to know if you, Tad, would want Scott to practice Shibari on you.”

“What the frick is Shibari?” Tad frowns, patting his hair down. “Should I be worried? I don’t trust him.”

Meagen laughs. “It’s an ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage.”

Tad’s brows go up. “Artistic rope bondage.” He levels Scott with a contemplative look. Then, finally, “Whatever. Fuck it. God knows I’ve let him do worse.”

Scott’s killer smile emerges. “That’s my man. Always stepping up to the plate.”

“Yay!” Meagen cheers. “Okay, so now let’s go back a bit here for a minute. Cori M. wanted to know two things, the first question being for Scott. What went through your mind when Tad first walked up to your door, having been told he was still in the closet?”

Scott turns his gaze to Tad. “What went through my mind…” A warm smile softens his features. “That he was beautiful… but mostly adorable.” He chuckles. “He had this little disgruntled scowl going on… God, he was nervous. And considering his situation, I definitely felt for him.” He shrugged, smile ebbing. “But he wasn’t a kid, and needed to man up. Not about that stupid bet, but about who he really was. Because he wasn’t just in the closet, he was in complete denial. So, I pretty much decided right off the bat to get the ball rolling on peeling off his blinders. I mean, he was a total stranger. What did I have to lose by giving him a helpful shove in the right direction?”

Meagen nods. “Exactly.” She looks at Tad. “Cori also wants to know what you were thinking when Scott first asked to take you?”

Tad shifts awkwardly in his seat. “Um… Wow… My first thought…” Looking down, he shakes his head. “Honestly? Probably something along the lines of this can’t be happening. I mean, he’d essentially just unearthed my deepest, darkest fantasy and dropped it into my lap. As a free pass or something, where I could give in without any real accountability. Which was terrifying… and exhilarating… and utterly surreal. I think a part of my brain thought I was dreaming.” He looks up at Scott. “I think a part still thinks I am.”

Sighing with a smile, Meagen glances back at her questions. “Okay, the next is a pretty important one I think, and Alexiana R. agrees. What do you see in your future together? Do you plan on moving in together and living with Max?”

Tad makes a face at Scott. “You wanna take this one?”

Scott’s lips twitch. “Sure.” Looking at Meagen, he shrugs. “What I see in my future is Tad. Period. Never letting him go again. But what I see in our future?” His eyes turn thoughtful. “If it was up to me, we’d absolutely end up living together. I guess at my place with Max would be ideal, considering we have that setup downstairs, but even that could be worked around if Tad would rather live somewhere else.” He looks at Tad. “You got an aversion to roommates, shy boy?”

Tad chuckles and shakes his head. “Nope. Just crab-asses. Get Max some happy pills and we should be good.”

Meagen tilts her head. “Well, given that response, Christina J. is curious to know what else you see in your future. Marriage? Children?”

Scott and Tad swap looks. “Hmm.” Scott scratches his neck. “We haven’t really discussed either of those topics...”

Tad gives a tentative shrug. “I don’t have anything against marriage… or kids.” He turns to Meagen. “White picket fences, however, are a total deal breaker.”

Scott laughs. “Got something against suburbia?”

“No. I got something against high-maintenance outdoor enclosures.” Tad grins and gives Scott a blatant once-over. “Although, I guess if it was you doing the upkeep, with like your shirt off and shit, I might be willing to amend my initial statement.”

Meagen’s lips curve. “So, Scott. Nichole B. wants to know if you would relocate if Tad gets a job at a different paper after graduation. Would you go with him?”

Tad winces sympathetically. “Ooh. That’s a doozy.”

Scott shoots him a half-hearted smirk, then looks back at Meagen. All playfulness aside, he exhales. “Um. I mean, I won’t lie. I’d definitely encourage Tad to exhaust all his options here before taking a job somewhere else. But I guess if that didn’t pan out, and the job he landed was important to him…” His big brown eyes slide back to Tad’s. “Then yeah, I’d go with him. I’d follow him anywhere.” His expression turns impish. “Come to think of it, I bet Max would love the change of scenery.”

Tad chokes on his beer.

Scott laughs out loud. “Next question?”

Laughing too, Meagen shakes her head. “Speaking of Max... Nichole B. asks, “Tad, now that you are out and you guys have been together for a while, how has your relationship with Max changed?””

Tad rubs his thighs. “Um… We’re cool now, thank fuck. Being on the receiving end of his arctic blasts wasn’t fun. Don’t get me wrong, though. I know I talk a lot of shit about him being a grump all the time, but he does have his good moments, too. He’s just… really intense.” Tad looks at Scott. “Mr. Hot Cold Enigma. That’s your roommate. But hey...” He shrugs, grinning back at Meagen. “He lets me play on his Xbox, so we must be making strides.”

Meagen laughs. “Well, then, given that things are improving with him, Pauline S. and Michelle S. have another related question. Have you ever considered a threesome with Max?”

Tad stiffens. Scott’s dark brows lift in surprise. Both men look at each other.

“Nope,” they say in unison, shaking their heads.

Meagen grins and tilts her head. “Really?”

“Really.” Playfully, Scott yanks Tad into his side. “Mine. Not sharing. With Max or anyone else.”

Tad laughs, trying half-heartedly to pry them apart. “Yeah. Watching Scott at that nightclub was frickin’ torture. Not that Max was touching him much. Kai, on the other hand, is another story.”

Scott chuckles, keeping Tad snug against him. “I’m telling you, he’s not normally like that. I seriously think he was trying to provoke Breck somehow. From the minute Kai first spotted him, he kept stealing glances Breck’s way. I think he’s got a crush on your boy.”

Tad stills, then cuts a nod. “Good. I hope he does. ‘Cause I ain’t sharing you either.”

Meagen taps her chin as she looks at her list. “Hmm. Since you mentioned Kai… JJ Harper wants to know if you’ll find out what happened between Breck and Kai.”

Both guys grin and nod in unison. “If it’s the last thing we do,” Tad vows. “Because the more I think about how Breck gets around Kai, the more convinced I am that something’s up.”

Scott laughs. “He definitely pushes Kai’s buttons in a very intriguing way.”

“Breck pushes Kai’s buttons?” Tad asks incredulously. “I think it’s the other way around.”

“No way.” Scott shakes his head. “Breck brings out a side to Kai I’ve never seen before. Not that the guy hasn’t always been frisky, but Breck makes him flat out feisty. It’s actually kinda amusing.” His grin turns mischievous. “What do you say we invite them over sometime, unbeknownst to each other?”

Tad laughs, then cringes. “Aw, God. Breck would kill me. But fuck it. Break out the boxing gloves.”

Meagen giggles. “Those two will definitely have us all clamoring to read more, but in the meantime, here’s another question. Stephanie B. wants to know if you’ve been back to the nightclub as a couple yet.”

Tad shakes his head, glancing at Scott. “Nope. Not yet. But apparently we have plans to head up there this Friday.”

“That’s right.” Scott grins wolfishly. “To do some dancin’.”

Tad chuckles and looks at the ceiling. “Oh, God. Give me strength. Maybe I should start drinking before we get there.”

“Yes,” Meagen laughs. “That might help.” Her eyes shift to Scott. “This next question’s for you, Scott, and it’s quite the humdinger.” A smile tugs at her lips. “Jennifer M. wants to know if you’ve let Tad fuck you on “The Wall.”

Scott barks out a laugh. “No, not yet. I’ve been waiting for him to ask, though.” He looks at Tad. “You wanna fuck me against my wall, babe?”

Tad coughs, turning bright red. “Um, hell yeah. Is that an invitation?”

Scott grins. “More like a dare. To use the Wall of Confliction, one must bring about an outcome worthy of its name.”

Tad’s smile spreads wide. “You are so fucking on, dude. Gonna conflict your ass against that wall ‘til you’re howling my frickin’ name.”

Scott gives another hearty laugh. “Bring it on, shy boy. I’m more than ready to do some howling.”

Meagen clears her throat, grinning. “For the record, I think you should document that.” She glances at her list. “Okay, Christina J. wants to know if you two will grace Marcie with a spectacular make-out session for her birthday, and if you have any plans for making more home “movies” together. If you do, Michelle S. definitely wants you to share them with us.”

Tad laughs and scrubs his face. “Aw, God. Jay is still bugging me about that.”

Scott shrugs. “I say we do it.”

Tad shoots him a surprised look. “You’re joking, right?”

“No,” Scott laughs. “I think Marcie’d love it.”

Tad’s face pales. “No way I can make out with you in front of her and Jay. ‘Cause you know he’d be there, too. Most likely trying to video us on his iPhone.”

Again, Scott laughs. “So what if he does? He can make us a copy.”

“And the readers one, too!” Meagen happily chimes.

Tad squirms in his seat, grimacing as he contemplates it. “Fine. One kiss.”

Scott casts him a droll look.

“Okay, one French kiss.”

Scott sighs dramatically and looks away.

Tad growls. “One French kiss, some hand contact, and a couple of… moans.”

“Perfect.” Scott beams. “Marcie’s gonna love me for this.”

Tad rolls his eyes, grinning, and shakes his head.

“And the home movies?” Meagen asks brightly. “Any plans for more of them?”

The guys look back at each other and grin. “Yup.”

“Really?” Meagen’s face lights up. “And you’ll share?”

“Nope.” Tad shakes his head.

Scott gives a wink. “We’ll see.”

Meagen grins and continues. “So, this next one has a question for both of you. Scott, Jessica K. wants to know what it feels like to finally be able to show your affections for Tad in public. And Tad, how are you coping with that in general, or does Scott make you forget where you are and not care?”

Tad smiles and gestures for Scott to go first.

Scott exhales a content breath. “It feels good. Real good. Even better than I expected. I think because it feels so right. What we’ve worked so hard for, what I’ve waited so long for, it deserves to be out there. Among all the other love affairs.” He chuckles. “Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the guy I’m loving on is, more often than not, the hottest man in the room.”

Tad laughs. “Oh my God. You are so trying to get laid.”

Scott wags devilish brows.

Meagen stifles a laugh. “And your answer, Tad?”

Still grinning, Tad scratches his stubble. “Um, how am I coping with his PDA’s or does he make me oblivious to the world...” He glances at Scott, eyes dropping to his mouth. Absently, Tad licks his lips. “Oblivious,” he murmurs a few seconds later. “He mostly makes me oblivious.” Scott grins slowly and Tad blinks back to awareness. Clearing his throat, he smiles boyishly and looks back at Meagen. “But the times I’m able to retain awareness, I don’t really stress too much. I mean, I’m not stupid. I know there’s always a chance someone’s gonna go all asshole on us, but honestly? Standing my ground against those kind of dicks is like its own kind of high. It’s also cool to see on such a regular basis how the majority of our generation is so accepting and supportive of couples like Scott and me. That in itself is an incredible thing to experience.”

Meagen smiles. “This is awesome. You guys are doing great.” She looks back at her list. “Alright, Michelle S. wants to know a couple more things. First, Tad, would you ever let Scott use Max’s itching cream?”

Tad stiffens, blushing fiercely, then picks up his beer and chugs.

Scott cracks up laughing.

Tad grins, wiping his mouth. “Quiet, dude. Seriously. That shit was just...” He shakes his head at Meagen. “Nope. No way. Couldn’t fucking pay me.”

“Aw, really?” Scott asks silkily. “What if I let you use it on me, too?”

Tad turns to stare at him, his expression swiftly heating. “You’d...” His eyes hood and slowly roam down Scott’s torso. “Well… maybe then... I guess… If you’d let me use it on you, too.”

Scott smirks smugly and turns back to Meagen. “Tad’s way pervier than he lets on. Just needs a gentle nudge sometimes.”

Meagen laughs. “Michelle’s next question is, “Scott, would you two ever let Max and a sub watch you work Tad over?””

Scott shrugs. “I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but only for staged scenes, or educational purposes. And even then, only if Tad was 1000% cool with it.” He glances at Tad. “What I wouldn’t let them or anyone else watch is the meaningful stuff. When we fuck with our dicks and our hearts. That I reserve for Tad and me alone.”

Meagen nods and taps her lips. “Sounds reasonable. Okay, Kristy D. and Vangi M. want to know what you consider each other’s best physical feature, or what are your absolute favorite parts of each other’s body are? Inquiring minds want to know.”

“Hmm.” Scott gives Tad a slow, thoughtful once-over. “Honestly, my favorite parts of Tad are his erogenous zones. Especially that spot between his shoulder blades. So fun to play with.” He grins when Tad levels him with a half-hearted scowl. “I love his mouth too, though. Look at that pout. So tempting, even when he’s frowning.”

Lips twitching, Tad looks at Meagen. “I’m blushing again, aren’t I.”

She laughs. “Uh huh.”

He sighs, then glances up and down Scott’s body. “How am I supposed to pick only a couple?”

Scott rocks his hips. “Oh, come on, shy boy. Everyone knows what your favorite part of me is.”

Tad fights back a smirk. “Yeah, but that one’s a given.” He chews his bottom lip and rakes his eyes over Scott some more. “I love every inch of his torso. And I do mean front and back. Those pecs? That eight pack? But damn, the way those thick muscles flank the length of his spine… And his ass? In a jockstrap?” He licks his chops and looks back at Scott ‘s face. “I really, really love his brown eyes, too, though… And that killer smile… And definitely that tongue…”

Scott laughs and yanks Tad back into his side. “I think you went over your limit, babe.”

“See?” Tad grins. “I knew I couldn’t narrow it down.”

Meagen nods sympathetically. “That was a tough one. Okay, this is from Megan F. “What kinda response did you get to the Instagram shot you took of you both? Have you done anymore?”

Scott gestures to Tad. “Your account, babe. You go ahead.”

Tad sits up straighter. “Um... Well, to say the responses were abundant would definitely be an understatement. Mostly congratulations, a lot of sentiments of surprise, and of course, a handful of douche bags stepping up to show their true colors.” He smirks. “We made sure to tag them specifically in the French kiss tongue fest we documented shortly after. I don’t think they follow us anymore. Funny thing, though. After that first initial announcement, Scott and I both got one hell of a spike in followers.

Meagen coughs back a laugh. “I may or may not have been one of those.” She quickly looks down at her paper. “Alright, almost done. And Vangi M. is back up to bat. “If you each could pick one song that encompasses what the other one means to you, what would it be?”

Tad perks up. “Oh, hey. I like this one.” Again, he looks at Scott. “Although, geez… So many songs encompass what you are to me. How to choose just one…”

Scott’s eyes dip to half-mast as he watches Tad think. “I already know which one I’d pick for you. I’ve considered it your song for a while now.”

Tad smiles in surprise. “Really?”

“Mm-hmm. “In My Veins.” By Andrew Belle. You heard it?”

Tad’s features soften. “Yeah,” he murmurs. “I have. I love that song.”

Scott smiles. “Me, too.”

Tad glances at Meagen, then turns back to Scott. “I think I know which one I’d pick for you.” He hesitates for a second, then finally, “I Found,” by Amber Run.” He clears his throat. “Because you used to be my warning sign… but now you’re my focal point.”

Scott holds his gaze, his smile turning tender. “Hmm. That’s a good one, too.”

“Yes…” Meagen agrees. “It is.” Sighing softly, she checks her list. “Okay… Um….  So, we’ve reached your last question, and it’s a really good one. Kayl S. wants to know when the precise moment was that you realized the person standing in front of you was the love of your life, and that you didn’t want to go another day without them?”

Both guys ease into the cushions, their expressions turning thoughtful.

Scott speaks up first. “For me it was, ironically, the night I ended things with Tad. Don’t get me wrong, I knew for a while that I really liked him, that I wanted to date him exclusively. But I don’t think I realized just how much he’d come to mean to me until I had to force myself to walk away.” He winces, glancing down. “God, it was hard. And nothing, besides my mom dying, ever hurt so bad. Like I was being gutted or something.” He smiles bleakly and looks at Tad. “Figures I’d get it all figured out just after I cut you loose.”

“And you, Tad?” Meagen gently prompts. “When did you realize Scott was your one and only?”

Still holding Scott’s gaze, Tad blinks from his thoughts. “Um… Hmm… Crazy thing…” He clutches Scott’s hand and rests it on his thigh. “Believe it or not, it dawned on me at pretty much the same time. When Scott threw in the towel. Because, I mean, like Scott said, I knew I liked him. A lot. But it wasn’t until he looked in my eyes and told me he was done that I realized the true depths of my feelings for him. He wasn’t going to be part of my world anymore. No more talking with him. No more touching him. No more hearing him laugh. No more kissing his incredible lips. The reality of that was fucking excruciating.” He smiles—sort of—and shakes his head. “Guess you could say that age-old adage totally rang true for me. Didn’t know what I had until it was gone.” Chuckling humorlessly, he squeezes Scott’s hand. “Thank fuck for persistent surfer friends.”

Scott grins. “Remind me to buy him a beer.”

Meagen smiles and sits forward. “Guys, that’s it. You were both amazing and so kind to do this for us. It was great that you were so open and honest.” She finishes her beer and sets it on the coffee table, then packs up her recorder and stands. “I’ll get out of your hair so you can enjoy the rest of your day. You’ll see the final draft before it goes up and can change anything you want. I hope this isn’t the last time we see you two. You have a lot of fans that would miss you terribly.”

Tad and Scott stand, too, and walk her out.

“Oh, we’ll be around,” Scott assures. “Tad and I, shit, we’ve only just begun.”

“Yup.” Tad nods. “And we’ll be sure to keep you updated.”

“Thanks.” Meagen smiles and waves good bye, disappearing down the corridor.

Tad shuts the door and turns to Scott. “I don’t know whether I should kiss you senseless or kick your freaking ass.”

“What,” Scott laughs. “What’d I do?”

Tad smirks and backs him into the wall. “Oh, I dunno. Let’s see. Goading me into going dancing. I suck at dancing.”’

Scott palms Tad’s pecs. “Big deal. I’ll teach you.”

“You licked my neck and gave me a boner.”

“Don’t see what’s wrong with either of those things.”

Tad chuckles and pushes closer. “You told her I’d want dildos. Long ones and fat ones.”

“And?” Scott laughs. “You would.”

Tad clutches Scott’s hips. “You seared the image of me topping you into my head. With a butt plug in my ass.”

Scott’s killer smile emerges. “Mmm… Liked that, did you?” He palms Tad’s ass and grinds their crotches. “Bet you wanna do that right now.”

Tad fists the bottom of Scott’s shirt. “As a matter of fact, I do.” Yanking it forcefully over Scott’s head, Tad chucks it and goes for his fly.

Scott laughs and shoves his hands away. “Say please and I might let you.”

Tad grins, stepping back to yank off his own tee, too. “Sure, no problem. Got nothing against manners.” Reclosing the distance, he fuses their mouths. “God knows, when I’m done with you,” he growls against Scott’s lips, “you’ll be saying your fair share of thank you’s.” 

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