Upending Tad Spin-off #2

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“Breck.” Kai grinned and pulled up his fly, exiting the bathroom stall behind Scott. “What a nice surprise.”

Breck stiffened inside the doorway, completely taken off guard. Definitely not a visual he’d been expecting upon entry. And being drunk only made it seem weirder.

Scott maneuvered around him on his way to go. “S’up, Breck.” His expression looked curiously sheepish.

Breck frowned with a nod. “S’up, Scott.”

Scott opened the door. Music instantly boomed, but quieted back down the second the door closed.

Breck looked back at Kai, ignoring the others milling about. Thoroughly buzzed, he’d intended to chew the guy out. Those blowjob shooters were a total dick move. But after walking in on Kai and Scott in that stall, Breck was suddenly at a loss for words. Which was totally lame. Who gave a shit what they were doing in that fucking stall? Yet for some reason, it completely derailed him.

Kai watched him for a moment. Breck swayed but didn’t speak. Kai’s lips curved. “Well? You gonna piss or not?”

Breck pursed his lips. “Not.”

Kai’s brows lifted. “No? So, what, you came to spectate?”

Breck stiffened. “No, you asshat. I came to tell you to—”

“Me?” Kai grinned wide, cutting him off. His black eyes glittered. “You came here looking for me?”

Breck bristled. Could that dickhead sound any smugger?

“Don’t flatter yourself.” Breck paused to frown. Shit. Was he slurring?

Kai chuckled. “Don’t need to, Breck. You do it enough for both of us.”

Breck narrowed his eyes. “The fuck I do.”

Kai lifted a brow and re-popped his fly.

Breck immediately dropped his gaze to Kai’s hand.

Kai grinned with a nod. “The fuck you do.”

Breck’s eyes shot back up. Fuck. Stupid fucking buzz.

Glaring, he scrambled to get back on equal footing. “Keep dreaming, dude. Keep seeing what you want to see.”

Kai laughed. Crossed his arms. Leaned against the open stall. “How ‘bout you, Breck. What do you want to see?”

“Nothing you have to offer.”

“You sure about that? Scott was pretty impressed with what I just showed him. Wanna take a look at it, too?”

Breck’s crotch stirred at the prospect of getting a peek down Kai’s pants. Which totally pissed him off. Seriously. What the fuck was his deal with this guy? And the tequila wasn’t helping.

Grunting indignantly, Breck took a step back. “Jesus, dude. Really? You must be piss-ass drunk.”

Kai grinned. “No? You sure? It’s exceptionally large. Scott even called it exotic.”

Breck’s dick stirred again. He scowled and shook his head. “Man, shut up. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“With me?” Kai chuckled. “You’re the one blushing.”

Breck’s drunk brain sloshed angrily. He needed to step the fuck up before Kai turned the tables even more. For shit’s sake, Breck was supposed to be chewing him out.

 Glowering, he shoved his face in Kai’s grill. “Look. I don’t know what your fucking game is, but you’d best stop messing with me or so help me God, I’ll—”

“You’ll what, jeja?” Kai murmured, their noses all but touching. An occurrence that rarely happened, considering Breck’s height, but Kai was a tall fucker, too.

“Don’t call me that. I’m not your student. I quit your stupid class.”

“Right.” Kai smirked. “To focus more on your studies.”

A whiff of his aftershave wafted past Breck’s nose, triggering a shit ton of memories. When they used to spar during classes at Kai’s dojo. 

“Right,” Breck lied. Because he’d quit for other reasons. But Division made a really great excuse.

Kai cocked his head. “You sure it wasn’t just too much for you?”

“Please,” Breck scoffed. He puffed his chest out—then promptly listed sideways.

Kai chuckled and steadied him. “Does that mean you’ll be back for summer classes, now that b-ball’s on a break?”

Breck’s heart skipped a beat. Aw, shit. That dick. Kai just straight-up check-mated his ass. Breck’s brain scrambled sluggishly for a valid reason to decline. He opened his mouth. Closed it.

Goddamn it. He had nothing.

Kai lifted a cocky brow.

Breck narrowed his eyes.

But before either one of them could say another word, a stream of rowdy dudes shoved through the door. Breck back-stepped fast and cleared his throat. Talk about perfect timing.

Kai grinned. Inclined his head. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He walked to the sinks. “I’ll pencil you in.”

Breck blinked? Whoa, what? But Kai had already turned his back. Looked like their little conversation was over. With Kai coming out on top yet again.