Teaser for 2nd book in my Nira Chronicles! Enjoy!

A soft, husky rumble resounded in the quiet. Alec froze, then glanced at Zercy’s face. He was watching him, eyes hooded, still drowsy from sleep. But his lips, yeah, those lips were definitely curved. Fuck. He’d caught Alec staring at his body. Cheeks heating, Alec looked away, wanting to roll onto his back and put as much distance between them as possible. Problem was, his stupid fucking cock was still hard. So, instead, he just scowled. “It’s not what it looks like.” “Hmm. That is a shame.” Shit, his voice. So sleepy and gruff. Like a little velvet stroke to Alec’s dick. Zercy shifted atop the bedding. “Is it at least what it feels like?” Alec frowned and glanced back at him. “Feels like?” “Tah.” He smiled. “Your hard cock pressed against my knuckles.” Alec stilled, then eyed that mound of fur covering his crotch… realizing in horror that Zercy’s arm was still part of the jumble. Earlier, when the king had shoved the covers over in his sleep, he hadn’t ever moved the thing back. It’d stayed put. Good God. That’s probably what woke him up; Alec rubbing his boner all up against his hand. Tamping a groan, he felt his ears heating, too. Zercy chuffed in amusement and rolled onto his side. “I do not know why it is so important that your hard cock stays hidden, but it is a waste of time. A waste of energy.” Alec met his eyes. They were less than a foot apart now. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not hiding my dick, and it’s not fucking hard.” Zercy lifted a smug brow. “No? So I can pull back this fur?” Alec stiffened. Ground his molars. “I’d rather you didn’t.” The groggy king grinned wider. “What a surprise.” Without warning, he pushed Alec onto his back, then moved even closer and laid on top of him. Alec sucked in a breath, their faces just inches apart, Zercy’s morning wood pressing brazenly against his stomach. “What the—fuck are you doing?” he grunted anxiously. “Get off. Jesus, Kríe. You weigh a ton.” Another sleepy rumble worked its way up Zercy’s throat. Casually kneeing Alec’s thighs apart—despite his efforts to keep them closed—he rocked his strong hips against Alec’s groin. “Hmm. You say you are not hard. Perhaps our definitions are different.” Lids at half mast, he nuzzled Alec’s neck. Alec’s jaw went slack, his skin flushing from head to toe. But not just from embarrassment. He was pissed off, too. And aggravated that he was getting so freaking horny. Couldn’t help it, though, goddamn it. Those warm lips against his skin? Not to mention his fucking scent again, assailing Alec’s nose. Roasted marshmallows, all hickory sweet… His mouth watered. His eyes rolled back— Gah. No. What was he doing? Fighting to snap out of it, he squirmed beneath Zercy’s heft—which, to his distress, just spurred the Kríe to rock his hips again. Heat coiled in Alec’s nuts. “Don’t,” he rasped. “You’re crushing me.” Not really, but it was a valid enough excuse. Zercy lifted his head and regarded him, his dreads brushing Alec’s chest. A few seconds passed. But then he smiled and rose onto his elbows. “There,” he murmured, his weight gone from Alec’s torso. Lazily, he ground their cocks together. “Taahhh… Much better…”

** muse image only. no claims made to photograph used.

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