Back to My Roots 

What is the path writers have taken that has brought them to this point?

For many, it's college. A degree in English. Creative Writing.

Then right into the wonderful world of publishing.

My path was not so cleanly calculated. My degree was in Electronic Graphic Design. I hadn't known I'd been born to write. I'd thought I was an artist. But after putting my career on hold to raise four beautiful, amazing children, I finally made that priceless realization. Thanks to years of online role playing with countless, incredible fellow writers, I'd unwittingly honed my craft and discovered my calling.

The stories we created still hold a huge place in my heart.

This story is one of them.

A gem in my dusty treasure trove.

While it's still in role-player format, I think you'll enjoy. 

Release date: Wednesday, April 17th

M/M Paranormal Romance 


Stationed in NY City, mission angel Jazz Jagger has one sole objective: to eradicate demons from the human realm. Problem is, their underlord Seth Masters isn't exactly okay with that. Furious at the loss he’s accruing, he has Jazz captured, anxious to punish him personally, but Jazz turns out to be an angel like none he has ever met. 
Despite raw, torn emotion, their dynamic shifts, their story’s dark start changing to something entirely different. Something that neither male in his right mind could ever have expected. 
Anger and resentment, now desire and need. 
A vampire’s hunger. An angel’s light.
Opposites attract like never before. 
Still, despite Jazz’s efforts to make them compatible, Seth remains stubborn. Will dark pride prevail, denying them the happy ending they've struggled so hard for? 

Published 2013

Copyright 2013 by Kora Knight & Raven Foxx

The characters & their stories are trademark TM & copyright protected © by the authors.
Neither the characters nor their stories may be used without written permission from the authors.

Raw, unedited sagas steeped in

dark, seductive passion.