Remembrance: written by Kora Knight & Raven Foxx 

Chapter Nine


*warning: contains violence some may find disturbing*


Standing in the darkened room lit only by hearth and candles, Seth watches a servant lead Jazz inside. His lips twist into a grin. “Hello again, angel. Are you ready to begin the punishment for your crimes?”

Jazz stiffens and the servants flinch, backing quickly from the room.  Shutting the great doors behind them, they lock the angel in with him.

Seth chuckles at Jazz’s silence. “Or are you planning to run from your new duties?” His teasing voice a dark purr, he emerges from the shadows, motioning to the chains hanging between two massive stone pillars. “Go on, angel boy.”

Jazz looks to the chains, then narrows his eyes at Seth. “You have got to be kidding. You expect me to chain my own ass up so you can beat me?” Seth lifts a smug brow. Jazz crosses his arms and scowls. “You’re outta your friggin mind, vampire.”

“Very well. I shall have the pleasure then of ‘chaining your ass’ before I beat it.” Moving in a flash, he has Jazz shackled by the wrists before the angel knows what’s happened. A deep purr rumbles in Seth’s chest. “There now. You've only to sit back and enjoy the ride.” He laughs. “Unless you plan on admitting that your submission was a lie.” He smirks. “Hmm? Do angels lie?”


Jazz yanks on his new restraints. “No. Angels don’t lie,” he growls, glaring daggers at Seth. “You should try it sometime.” He curses and tugs again, but it’s no use. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Stilling, he draws in a breath. He’s got no choice but to endure the inevitable. His dark eyes scan the ominous ‘tools’ hanging around the room. His heart kicks up a notch. The ‘inevitable’ is looking pretty painful.

Lips pursing, he drops his head and closes his eyes. “Let’s just do this. I ain’t getting any younger and your ancient ass sure as hell can’t afford to waste any more time.”

Seth laughs and steps close. “Don't worry. By the time I'm done,” he whispers, sliding his hand around to rip open Jazz’s shirt, “you'll be begging for more of my attentions.” With a violent jerk, he yanks it off. “You so won’t be needing that.” He flings it away, then moves away to retrieve a simple whip. “I would introduce you to my more enjoyable toys but they may kill you, so…” He turns back to face Jazz.

Jazz steels himself.  Here we go.


Seth smirks. “Just relax…  scream loud… and drink it all in.” Drawing back his hand, he sends the whip flying. A loud crack rings out as the tip bites through Jazz’s perfect flesh. Jazz gasps as blood blooms bright across his back. Seth growls. Deep inside, he somehow feels like he's marking the angel. What’s more, watching him jerk in pain makes Seth instantly hard. He lashes the whip once more.

Jazz's entire body goes stiff, his back arching. “Muther fucker!” He grips his chains, then shoots Seth a glare. “I'm just not seeing me begging for more of that, bro,” he growls, seething angrily.

Seth lifts a brow, then cracks the whip against him again. An agonized hiss rips through Jazz’s teeth. He starts to pant as the open flesh oozes blood down his back. “Fuck you, vampire. FUCK. YOU!”

Seth hits him again with the hardest blow yet. His whole body bucks, then quakes from the fallout.    

Trembling, he grits his teeth. “Son of a bitch.” His eyes clench tight.

Another brutal lash tears his flesh. He howls in response, his knuckles white as he desperately grips his chains. Pressing his cheek against his bicep, he gasps for breath.

Seth steps close from behind, bloodied whip at his side, and pulls Jazz's head back against him. “Shhh… Breathe,” he murmurs. “Relax. Let the pain sink in. Feel it in the deepest parts of your soul. You cannot tell me, mighty angel, that while on the battlefield you never took pleasure from the pain.” He gently wipes Jazz’s sweat-slick hair from his face. “One day, you will moan for me when I do this to you,” he whispers, brushing the whip against azz’s wounds, savoring his squirms. “Your pain,” he growls. “I can smell it… And your fear.”


Jazz groans miserably, and yet, Seth's warm body against his back, his hot breath on Jazz's neck, brings about a strange, soothing comfort—unlike the words the vampire’s murmuring in his ear. Jazz grimaces as they sink in and tries to jerk away, but Seth has a wicked-secure hold on him. The dark lord chuckles, then drags the whip along his raw back. Jazz clenches his teeth. “There’s no pleasure in this, dickhead,” he grits. “So you can shove that fucking whip up your ass.”

Seth chuckles. “Oh, trust me, it can make you feel more alive than ever. Just close your eyes. See the whip as a lover and enjoy her bite.”

He draws back and, twice more, he lashes Jazz’s back, the loud cracks ricocheting in the darkness. Jazz hisses, arching in pain. Then the doors suddenly open, servants reentering with a female following in tow. Seth hands one of the males his whip. The servant takes it away to clean it. The female moves behind Jazz and unclasps his wrists. He stumbles to stay upright. She quickly tries to help him.

“Don’t be so weak, Jazz,” Seth chastises. “My servant needs to take you to bathe. She must tend to your wounds. Stand, as I know you can,” he growls. “Or should I chain you back up?”

Jazz exhales in relief, even as he grabs the woman's arm, steadying her as well as himself.  “I need no one's help to take a bath.” He glares at Seth. “And my wounds will heal just fine on their own.” Stepping away from the servant, he squares his shoulders. “You feel big and bad now? Get your rocks off making me squirm?” he accuses angrily.

Seth smirks. When his dark eyes flash in blatant satisfaction, Jazz scowls, looking him up and down in disgust. But then his gaze stops at Seth’s fly. Holy fuck, the dude was hard. Jazz cuts his eyes incredulously back to Seth's.

Seth’s grin spreads so wide his fangs fall fully into view. “Yes, I do. And yes, I did. I take great pleasure in making you suffer for what you have done to me and mine.” Stepping closer, he murmurs huskily, “What's wrong? Does it repulse you knowing you've given me pleasure?”

Abruptly, he grabs Jazz's hand and shoves it over his cock. It twitches at the contact. “Or maybe it disgusts you that inwardly you like giving me pleasure. The darkest of creatures. Your mortal enemy.” 

Jazz jerks his hand away. The vampire was insane.

 Seth laughs, but sobers quickly. “You will obey me and go with her. I won’t have you marred by scars or infection.”

Jazz lifts his chin defiantly.

Seth visibly bristles. “If you do not, she’ll be the next to be punished. Do I make myself clear?” His black eyes bore into Jazz’s. A dare to defy him.

Jazz slides his gaze to the servant girl. Regarding her, he absently thumbs his palm, the one that’d been shoved against Seth’s crotch. “Fine. Whatever.” He nods, feeling defeated. “No need to take shit out on the innocent.” His eyes slide back to Seth. And linger. The dude’s a tormented entity. It’s so visible on his features that Jazz almost feels sorry for the sick fuck.

Slowly, Jazz blinks, then finally turns away, heading off with the servant toward that bath.



Seth frowns, melting into the darkness. That look in the angel’s eyes had unsettled him. Drifting into the corridor, he watches his servant lead the way, taking Seth’s captive to a room designated for tending of wounds. As Jazz scans the place, distracted, the servant takes out a little vial, then pours its content into a goblet of blood-red wine. With a small smile, she turns and hands it over to the angel.

“Drink,” she urges, “and lay down so I can see to your injuries.”

Seth looks on as Jazz eyes her, then warily regards the glass, before taking the thing and drinking it down. When it’s gone, she visibly relaxes. She’s dodged Seth’s wrath. Seth smirks wryly. The content in that vail was his blood. It’d heal Jazz quickly. It’d also swiftly bind Jazz to him physically.

His servant takes Jazz’s glass, then guides him over to a bed, where methodically she begins her task at hand.

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