Chapter Six

Remembrance: written by Kora Knight & Raven Foxx 

"Cat and Mouse"

Jazz stirs awake slowly. Opening his eyes, he groans. Fuck, it wasn't a nightmare. He's still in the same dark room he was moved to two days. Or was it three? He can’t tell as it's always dark. Except for his body's faint glow.
He jerks up into a sitting position. It’s the first time he's able to actually sit up. He rubs his raw wrists that are no longer bound. About frickin’ time. He scrambles off the bed they secure him to every night, only to discover that all he's wearing is a pair of linen cargo shorts. He frowns at that, wishing he was wearing a haz-mat suit instead. This place was nasty.
Soundlessly he pads barefoot to the chamber’s large, wooden door. He has to get the fuck out of here. Like NOW.

Watching from the room’s shadows, Seth lips curve in amusement. So the fun begins. The heavy door opens easily enough, giving way to old, stone, castle-esque hallways. Let the little one run, he thinks smirking. Let him try and escape. The discovery that no door or window will open should prove exceptionally entertaining. Indeed, the sight of hope blooming on the angel's face sets Seth’s blood aflame.

Jazz shudders as he peers out the door, the feeling of being watched making his hackles stand tall. He scans his surroundings and sees nothing, but his keen sense of evil is still off the friggin' charts. He hopes it's only because of where he is. After all, the entire place reeks of malevolence.
Stepping into the hallway, the ice-cold stone floor makes his whole body tense, an icy chill racing up his bones. He looks to the right, then to the left. No one. His heart thuds. He's got a really bad feeling about this. Fuck it, he's kind of low on options.
Abruptly, Jazz breaks into a dash, sprinting down the ominous corridor, his feelers desperately trying to detect the way out. He's got to get the hell out of there.


Seth’s smile darkens. The sight of Jazz racing down the hall thrills him. A shiver vibrates through his body, an entity of murky gloom as he follows after the angel, nipping at his heels, making him run faster. Harder
Without warning, he emerges from the shadows, slamming Jazz into a cold, stone wall. “Where are you going, pet?” he groans, feeling the angel's heart hammering wildly. How sweet he smells. Seth presses against the male, grinding brazenly into his backside. “Don't you know that you should never run from a predator?”


Jazz lets out a grunt, a curse following close behind. “Motherfucker…” Breathing heavy, he tries to shove away from the wall but the under lord has him pinned secure.

Hot breath shoots across the nape of his neck as his captor chuckles. Unbidden goose bumps erupt over Jazz's body. A second rough hip grind into his ass from behind. Of its own volition, his entire frame tenses at such forceful, foreign contact.

Jazz growls over his shoulder. “So you like to play games. That’s great. Really. But the thing is? I don’t. At least not with the likes of you. So why don’t you go find someone else to get off on with your sick past times. I'm personally not feeling it.”

“Oh, you're going to be enjoying it in no time,” Seth purrs. “Mark my words.” Roughly, he spins Jazz around and stares into his eyes. “As a matter of fact, I'm going to have you begging for my games.” His fangs glisten as his dark gaze sinks to Jazz’s jugular. “I've not fed from you since that first time,” he murmurs. “Maybe I should now with all this wonderful adrenaline pulsing through your veins. So ripe... with anger.” His eyes flash heatedly. “And arousal.” He leans in closer until their breaths blend as one. “Don't bother denying it. I can feel your body's response to mine. I can smell it in your blood,” he chuckles. “Along with your fear.”

A low, deep growl rumbles in Jazz's chest. “You’re out of your twisted mind,” he snarls, trying to shove Seth away.

The vampire lord laughs, hardly budging an inch. Jazz hisses, shoving him again, this time using everything he’s got. With barely enough room to slip from Seth’s hold, he tries to run, but the bastard grabs his bicep and yanks him back.

Fury Jazz has never felt before explodes inside him. “Get your fucking hands off me!” he barks, punching Seth square in the jaw.

Seth’s head snaps to the side. Moaning, he wipes a bit of blood from his mouth. “I am the master, boy,” he growls. “I do the commanding here.”

Moving fast, he back hands Jazz hard across the face. Jazz stumbles, briefly stunned. Seth is on top of him before he can recover, grabbing him by the throat and lifting him off the floor. Slamming him into the wall, he's against him in a flash, pinning him hard. “That's it,” he rumbles cruelly. “Feel it. Get angry. Fight me.” His lips curve menacingly. “Fight me hard, little one, and show me what kind of male you really are.”

Jazz chokes and coughs, squirming against Seth’s hold, kicking his feet angrily as he claws at the hand around his throat. Blood drips from his split lip. He glares at the huge monster of a man, even as he inwardly he groans, so dishearteningly overpowered. This guy is insane strong.

Spots start to form in Jazz’s vision. He can’t fucking breathe. Desperate to free himself, he snaps his legs tight around Seth’s waist and uses all his strength to jar him to the side. The vampire’s grip loosens and Jazz sucks in a hard breath. Swinging with all his might, he punches the vampire in the temple, causing the large male to stumble.

Landing on his feet, Jazz wastes no time, slamming Seth with a brutal upper cut, then plowing his fist into the male’s gut. Seth pitches forward at the waist, his hand going to his stomach. Jazz snarls with a darkness that unnerves him to his core, then grabs Seth’s head and crushes his knee into his face.

When Seth grunts, Jazz grins, then spins and beats feet in the other direction. The fucker is gonna kill him if he doesn't get out of there now.

Seths’ deep, dark laughter follows close behind, filling the halls, echoing with a life of its own. Holding his stomach, he straightens with a grin. The little angel had spunk. Could dish out some serious fight. Delicious.
Back at his full height, he begins the chase down corridors. Corridors that go on and on. Not above cheating, he melts back into shadows, traversing through walls before emerging right in Jazz’s path. The angel slams into him with surprising force.

Seth grabs onto him with a hiss. “Don’t turn me on so and then run away.” He smirks cruelly, throwing Jazz to the ground on his back. “You want to escape so dearly?” he snarls as he drops on top of the angel. “Tell me what you'll do, what you’ll give me, for your freedom!”


Jazz grunts as Seth’s body lands hard atop his. Arms caught by his sides, he grips the vampire’s hips and tries to shove him off. But it only seems to please the male, encourage him. Jazz bucks and squirms, but the efforts seem futile. Seth is much stronger than him, packed with unyielding muscle. With Jazz’s angelic powers completely void in this domain, he’s no match against his aggressor.

The vampire's hard body presses into his, and it’s clear that Seth is enjoying dominating him. Jazz groans as something inside him stirs. His blood pumps hotter. He freezes. No. No, no, no. His fingers dig deeper into Seth’s hips—and the fucker actually sighs.

Jazz glares up at him. “For my freedom,” he drawls angrily, “I will spare your life this once. But I’m not giving you shit.” He shifts beneath Seth’s weight with a grunt. “It’s not like I have anything you could possibly want, anyway.”


Seth chuckles deeply, leaning in close to Jazz's ear. “There is you,” he whispers, enjoying the fight. He could feel the angel’s body responding beneath him. “I feel your need,” he moans, sliding his hand between them. With a smile, he cups Jazz’s crotch. “How about this,” he purrs. “You and I fight.” A growl from the mere thought slips free before he can finish. “You defeat me, conquer me, and you can do what you please. Beat me. Depart. Whatever you wish. But if I defeat you—and I most certainly will—you will submit to me.” He snarls, abruptly biting Jazz’s ear, his fang drawing a fat droplet of blood. “You will do anything I ask.” He suckles Jazz’s lobe. “Give me everything that I desire.”


Jazz shudders, still frozen from when Seth grabbed hold of his crotch. It was all he could do to keep his cock from jerking at the contact. But now, as the vampire sucks on one of his most sensitive erogenous zones, making wicked twisted proposals against his ear, Jazz lets go of a broken groan. Fuck. There's no way to defeat the vampire down here. And the smug bastard knows it. It's a no-win situation. And the price for losing makes him want to gag and moan—all at the same time.

He narrows his eyes. “You don’t fight fair. I'm not an idiot. No matter what, you’d never let me win.” Seth gives him an irritated squeeze, growling as he bites down harder on his lobe. Jazz gasps on a jerk, eyes rolling back as a ragged exhale leaves his lips. “Fine. Fuck it. I'll fight you.”

Seth grins, pressing closer into Jazz’s chest. As he laps away the last trace of blood, he moans. “I want you to bathe and eat and gather your strength. And don't worry, I won't cheat with poisons.”

His weight is suddenly gone. Before Jazz can even open his eyes, Seth has him transported to a bathing chamber, laid out on a couch with a table heavy-laden with food nearby. In the corner, a large bath awaits him. The same small female who’d been tending to him since he arrived stands silently to his left.

Jazz lurches up on the sofa as the slight woman steps forward. “Will you eat first, sir?” she whispers, eyes ever downcast. “Or bathe?”

Jazz slowly scrubs his face. Without replying, he gets to his feet and pads over to the pool, steam rising from its surface. Sighing heavily, he sinks into its warmth as his heart sinks inside his chest. What is happening to him? He feels so out of whack. It must be this place. Would he ever escape? Will things ever be the same? He slips under the water as visions of his next encounter with his dark captor tease his troubled mind, his imagination running wild and unfettered.

The female waits patiently. Then, as if a whispered command has suddenly entered her mind, she lets her dress spills to the floor. As she approaches the pool, Jazz eyes her warily, his gaze sliding down her as she steps into the waters.

Moving toward him slowly, she picks up a thick sponge. “Turn,” she faintly whispers, urging him to present his back.

Jazz frowns. He doesn’t want her to touch him. He feels pity for her. Clearly her body and soul are no longer hers. When she reaches him, he takes her wrists and slowly shakes his head. Removing the sponge from her hand, he murmurs, his voice barely audible over the soft lapping of the bath water, “You’re done here, woman. Go.”

Before she can try to convince him otherwise, he lifts her up and sets her on the bath’s spacious ledge. She pauses, as if not sure what to do. But that was not matter to Jazz. He’d already sunk back under the waters and retreated to the far corner of the pool. There, he pulls himself into a tight ball. Maybe through intense meditation he could reach his brother through their mental link. But after ample attempts with no reply, he reluctantly concedes.

Pulling himself from the bath, he grabs a towel and heads to the table. Though his stomach is anything but hungry—more nauseous due to his proximity to such potent evil—Jazz knows he needs to keep up his strength. If he is to have any chance at defeating that vampire power house, he’s going to have to nourish his human form.

He picks up a piece of food and begins to force it down but nearly gags by the fifth bite. Retreating back to the sofa, he curls up on its cushions to wait out the long night ahead.

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