Chapter Forty-Two

Remembrance: written by Kora Knight & Raven Foxx 

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"My kingdom is where you are."


Standing on the balcony of his new home, he looks out over the city as he waits for Jazz’s arrival. He’d left his angel still sleeping in the cave this morning, before the sun had arose, having some business to attend to with his son.

Hearing a soft flapping noise, he turns his head to find Jazz arriving, his majestic pale gray wings slowing his descent as he gracefully touches down. Seth’s heart thumps, taking him in. In contrast to Seth’s typical black attire, he’s wearing delicious snug white jeans and even snugger white Henley. The sight of Jazz in that color always makes him smile.

“I'm glad you were able to make it. My apologies for leaving this morning without saying goodbye.”

Jazz steps close, so close their chests touch. “You left a note.” He grins. “I’m good.”

“You look heavenly tonight,” Seth murmurs.

“As do you,” Jazz returns.

“The address I gave you was easy to find?”

“Yup. I’m pretty familiar with all of Manhattan.” Jazz glances at the other high-rise buildings next to Seth’s. “Although these richer parts don’t typically have that many perps.”

Incidentally, it is only a couple blocks away from Jazz’s place, yet in the span of those couple blocks, real estate stature spikes dramatically.

Jazz turns back at him. “So what’s the deal? Why’d you wanna meet here?”

Seth flicks a look toward the balcony doors. “I wanted to show you my newest acquisition.”

Jazz quirks a brow. “Acquisition?”

Seth smiles. “Welcome, angel, to my new home.”

Jazz stills, then quickly eyes the double doors behind Seth. “Home?


First confusion, then pure joy lights Jazz’s face. “Shut the front door. For real?”

Seth smirks, amused. “Yes, for real. I wanted a place with no ties to my kingdom.” He takes Jazz’s hand. “Come. Let me show you around our brand-new haven.”




Jazz likes the sound of that

He walks through the doors and looses a chuckle. “Wow. This place is swank. And friggin’ huge. I mean, damn. Your living room alone is as big as my apartment.”

Seth shrugs. “I considered several penthouses. All were similar in size.”

Jazz laughs and shakes his head, absently rubbing his smiling lips. “Yeah, I’d imagine so. This end of Manhattan’s about as copious as it fucking gets.”

They head over to one of the windows. Jazz pulls back its heavy crimson curtain, softly cursing as he checks out the view. “Unbelievable... If I didn’t know better,” he turns and flashes Seth a grin, “I’d think you made a deal with the devil to land this place.”



Seth rolls his eyes, tamping a chuckle. “Come, little comedian. Let us continue.”

Jazz lets go of the curtain and follows his lead.

“I believe humans call this a den,” he offers, gesturing left to a sunken corner of leather-padded armchairs and a couch. A fire flickers in the fireplace. Seth turns to the right side of the huge enclosure. “The dining room… The kitchen… Every appliance high-tech. Although…” He pauses and looks at Jazz. “Admittedly, I have yet to go shopping.” He frowns, feeling ashamed. “There is nothing to eat.”

Jazz barks out a laugh. “I’ll survive. Besides, we can always order in some Chinese.”

Seth smiles, inclining his head, then motions toward the largest area of all. “The living room.” Huge, plush. suede sofas—crimson, like the color of the drapes—positioned around a massive cherry-wood coffee table. A black chandelier hovers above. An even larger fireplace crackles and pops.

Squeezing Jazz’s hand, he leads him toward a hallway and opens the first door. “My office.” More leather and a huge desk. He gestures to more doorways. “Guest bedrooms with private baths.”

Jazz nods, looking impressed, then eyes Seth expectantly. “And your room?”

There was velvet in his tone. Seth’s crotch stirs. “The master bedroom is at the other end.”



Jazz grins, “Ah,” then returns to drinking in every little detail. No joke, each room looks like a page right out of High End Living magazine.

Whistling low, he wanders around, opening cabinets, pulling out drawers. Finally, he stops. Just stops dead in his tracks.

Seth looks at him, one brow raised.

Jazz smiles, then laughs. “This place is amazing.” A happy growl emerges. He gives Seth a shove. “And when’d you get so good at keeping secrets?”

Seth grins, but then averts his gaze. “I got it,” he confesses, “when you ran away.”

Jazz’s playfulness quickly fades. “Oh.”

Seth turns sober. He meets Jazz’s eyes. “I needed a way to watch over you.”

Jazz’s heart thumps, momentarily shocked by this unexpected revelation. He doesn’t know how to feel, what to say. His first thought? Holy shit, Seth’s a creepy stalker. But then, he kind of already knew that, and in truth, Jazz isn’t exactly innocent in that department, either. God knows, he spent time watching over his vampire, too.

“Come with me,” Seth murmurs, leading him in an entirely new direction. To the right this time, toward a smaller, private hallway.

Jazz’s pulse spikes.

The master bedroom.

They breach the large double doors, then walk past a huge bed draped in black. Jazz glances around, but Seth keeps going, headed toward a set of French doors. Pushing them open, he reveals a second, more intimate balcony. They step outside.

“Nice.” Jazz smiles.

Seth points to the far end, bringing Jazz’s attention to a huge, free-standing telescope. “Have a look,” he mutters quietly.

Jazz eyes him.

What’s he want him to see?

Heading over, he peers through its eye piece.

Whoa. No way. He stills in surprise.

His distant apartment building, in clear view. The perfect line of sight straight to his balcony. Blinking, he lifts his head and stares at Seth. He should be angry. Or if nothing else, at least a little freaked out. Instead, he only feels flattered, and ironically, a little jealous. He would’ve loved this kind of direct connection to his vampire, too.

Lifting his eyes, he looks at Seth.

Seth steadily holds his gaze. “Did you really think I was ever that far away?”

A hint of protectiveness glints in his gaze. It warms Jazz instantly, deep in his belly, reminding him of that fateful night not so long ago when Seth had come to his rescue in that dark, dirty alley. When that asshole had taken a cheap shot at the back of his skull. If Seth hadn’t been keeping an eye on him...

Jazz shakes his head. “No. I guess I didn’t. Or at least… I was hoping not anyway.” A boyish grin tugs at his lips. Swiveling the telescope around, he points it at Seth’s torso, then peers back through the eye piece. “Take your clothes off.” He wags his brows. “Wanna see your full moon.”

Seth’s lips twitch. “My full moon.” Reaching up, he tugs his tie loose. It drops to the ground. Then so do his cuff links as he unbuttons his cuffs.

Jazz watches raptly through the lens.

Seth goes for his coat, peeling it off his shoulders. It, too, unapologetically hits the floor.

Jazz exhales an oath. Even still clothed like he is, Seth just has this way of igniting his every cell.

Jazz licks his lips. “Unbutton that shirt, babe. Nice and slow. Fuck, you’re making me hard.”

Seth chuckles. The black-velvet vibration hits Jazz’s right in the crotch. Shifting his weight, he pulls his head back, needing to watch through his own eyes, each button freed exposing more mouth-watering muscles.

Jazz flicks his gaze up. Seth’s watching him intently. Jazz’s dick stiffens harder in his jeans. Next thing he knows, Seth’s starched shirt slips down off his shoulders.

“Shit, yeah,” Jazz murmurs. “Don’t you dare fucking stop.”

Seth’s eyes glitter. Pulling his shirt free, he lets it drop down with the rest and reaches for his belt. His fingers still. He smirks a little and subtly cants his head. “Actually… I think this is far enough. It’s your turn now, don’t you think?”

Jazz chuckles. “No, not really. I’m good with things just the way they are.” Shoving the telescope aside, he eases onto balcony’s concrete ledge, then happily motions for his vampire to continue. “Go on, baby. You got this. Keep on doing what you’re doing.” Blood heating, he palms his fly and, holding Seth’s gaze, begins to rub.

Seth’s eyes hood.

Jazz growls. “Off with those fucking trousers, vampire. You wanna please your angel, don’t you? Make me happy?”

Seth laughs darkly. “No. I wanna watch you stroke your flesh. Open your fly.”

Losing his belt, he pops his button, then goes for his zipper and pulls it down. Next, he toes off his shoes and nudges them out of the way. That’s it, though. He doesn’t go further. Just stops and eyes Jazz expectantly.

Jazz fights a grin and relents. “Fine, vampire. Fine. Fair is fair.” Sliding down his fly, his boxer briefs come into view, black hearts and skull bones across gray cotton.

Seth chuckles.

Jazz’s grin widens. “Yup. Wore these puppies just for you.” Holding his vampire’s stare, he liberates his erection and resumes. “All right, babe,” he prompts, slowly stroking his dick. “Time to put that glorious birthday suit on display.”



Amused, Seth lets pants fall, then watches Jazz take in his low-riding briefs. His angel looks ravenous. Seth’s lips slowly curve. Gripping the waistband of his underwear, he slides them down, then kicks them aside. Cool breeze licks at his cock.

Jazz’s eyes hood. He visibly swallows.

Seth settles down onto a lounge chair. Gripping his shaft, he looks back at Jazz. “Turn… so I can see you better.” His heart thumps. He can feel his own eyes smoldering with hunger.

Jazz hesitates.

Seth smirks. “Don’t you want me to see you?”

Jazz blinks, as if spelled, but then snaps out of it and quickly turns, nailing his head on the ledge’s tiki pole.

Seth bites back a laugh.

Jazz sheepishly rubs the knot.

“Silly angel.” Seth smiles. “Come here. I’ll kiss it better.”

And what do you know, he doesn’t need to tell him twice.

Shoving his hard-on back in his pants, Jazz slides off the ledge and saunters over, his quick strides betraying his expression’s casual air. Seth’s body firms. Jazz grins, then straddles his chaise with both feet. Bracing his hands, he leans down until mere inches separate their mouths.

“I’d rather you kiss my lips,” he murmurs. “They’re aching worse.”

Seth’s cock bucks in his hand. Rumbling, he eases up and claims Jazz’s mouth, his demanding tongue pushing past his angel’s lips. Jazz moans. Seth rumbles, loving his Jaziel’s masculine taste. Having him here like this is simply amazing.

Jazz moves closer, straddling Seth’s thighs with his knees, then braces himself on his forearms beside Seth’s head. Their mouths grow bolder. More demanding.

“Almost better,” Jazz mumbles. “Don’t stop.”

Seth chuckles and gives his ass a robust squeeze.

Jazz smiles against his lips, splaying a hand against Seth’s chest.

Seth’s heart thumps.

Jazz moves things higher, wrapping his fingers around Seth’s throat. All the while, their tongues duel faster, harder. Seth growls, swallowing Jazz’s groans, then fists his hair. Jazz curses excitedly, tightening his grip as his free hand migrates lower.

His blunt nails score Seth’s flesh.

Seth snarls, relishing it all. Those hard scrapes down his abs, that hold on his throat.

Jazz grins and does it some more, then curls his fingers around Seth’s fist. The one down below that Seth has working his hungry cock. Absently, Seth accelerates, pumping faster.

Pleasure spikes.

His hips buck.

Jazz tightens their grip on his shaft.

Seth shudders. Soon he’ll be struggling not to spill.

Breaking their kiss, he slows their hands. Jazz meets his gaze, then dips down lower, brushing his tender lips against Seth’s nipple. It beads tight. He draws it in and starts to suck. Jolts lance Seth’s body. His spine bows. Jazz thrums and grips his throat even tighter. Seth groans, pumping faster. Pressure mushrooms without warning.

“Jazz—” He gasps out sharply. “I’m going to—come—”



Fuck, yeah...

How Jazz loves the sound of his vampire in the throes.

That raw, hot, heady satisfaction from rendering him mindless.

Pulling Seth’s hand away, Jazz squeezes his cock, instantly staving off release. Seth writhes beneath him breathlessly, growling and panting.


The sight makes Jazz drunk. Letting go of Seth’s throat, he rises back up and moves farther down Seth’s body. His lover watches him heatedly, his cheeks flushed, his lips parted. Jazz lifts Seth’s knees so he can straddle the chaise instead of his legs.

Settling down again, he drapes Seth’s thighs back over his own and eyes him sternly. “Now this time, you’re gonna hold that shit in and let me play.”

Something flickers in Seth’s gaze. Smirking, he grips his lounge chair’s armrests. A wordless, loud-and-clear for Jazz to resume.

Jazz grins. Dipping back down, he braces his one hand at Seth’s side, then secures his other around the base of Seth’s cock. Seth rumbles low in his throat. Jazz lowers his mouth to Seth’s crown. Sucking gently, he purrs in his throat. So savory.

Seth groans. Jazz peers up through his lashes to watch him. His grip on the armrests has tightened. Jazz sucks faster. Seth’s breaths swiftly quicken. Jazz draws him in deeper into mouth. Seth’s glazed eyes roll back.

“Fuck,” his vampire grits out, “That hot, wet mouth…” Prying one hand off the armrest, he fumbles to bury it in Jazz’s thick hair. Fisting tightly, he holds him in place. “Wicked angel.”

Jazz laughs and sucks harder.

Seth moans, his muscular frame tensing. Turning his face into his shoulder, he bares his teeth. His fangs descend. Growling, his hungry eyes slide back to Jazz.

Jazz stills, locked in his gaze.

His vampire wants to fuck. And feed.

Groaning, Seth thrusts, driving his cock into Jazz’s throat.

Jazz moans around his mouthful. The intensity of Seth’s passion is intoxicating. Just the thought of his fangs in Jazz’s flesh again shoots him to the edge.

Never breaking his blowjob’s rhythm, he reaches up and presses his wrist to Seth’s lips. Seth snarls and grasps his forearm. His fangs shove deep in Jazz’s vein. Jazz stiffens and tightens his grip around the base of Seth’s cock. Seth’s mouth is frantic, pulling feverishly, making Jazz instantly reel. Exquisite current wreaking havoc, powering straight into his groin.

“Fuck, yeah—” he gasps. “Shit—Harder.”

Seth obliges, increasing the strength of his gulps.

Jazz’s dick bucks, his nuts balling. He shifts atop the chaise. Each frenzied draw from Seth’s mouth just keeps wrenching him tighter.

His vampire’s next growl sounds animalistic. Low and threatening, like a lion defending its meal. Next thing Jazz knows, Seth palms his knee and, just like that, his jeans are gone. His jeans as well as his super-cool boxer briefs. Cool air envelopes him. His freed cock purrs. Even his ass cheeks clench excitedly. His vampire just opened things up to brighter prospects. Aka just removed all obstructions to Jazz’s backdoor.

Not that Jazz minds. In this moment, there is nothing he’d love more.

Giving a blowjob verses a good hard fucking?

Yeah, nope. No fucking contest.

But he’s going to need some lube.

All but vibrating, he pulls back and drenches Seth’s glans with saliva, then lifts Seth’s legs off his knees and shoves to his feet. Seth snarls, still latched on his wrist. Jazz holds his gaze and readies to mount him. Bringing Seth’s cock to his entrance, he eases down and breaches his hole. A groan shoves up his throat, that massive cock stretching him wide. Bearing down, he clutches Seth’s shoulder and impales himself deeper.

“Shit—” he gasps. “So big.”

Granite bliss fills his channel, like a steaming-hot baton forging higher.

Finally, he reaches capacity. He stops just inches from Seth’s lap.

Seth slows his draws. Jazz meets his stare.

God, his fucking eyes, like blazing infernos.



The taste of his angel on his tongue, the feel of his heat hugging his cock… He nearly loses all sense of time and awareness. Not that he’s gone too far. Because he hasn’t. He didn’t take Jazz’s essence. Just his blood… But oh, his blood… How it utterly derails him.

Mind spinning, he releases Jazz’s wrist and clutches his sides to take control, then drops his feet to the ground for better leverage. With them planted beside his lounge chair, he pulls Jazz up his straining cock, then shoves him right back down while thrusting up.

Jazz grunts hard. “Oh, fuck—”

Seth sets his hips to repeat.

Jazz curses and gasps.

Seth rumbles, delving deeper. Forging higher. Till his mate’s passage protests.

“Shit!—” Jazz squeezes his shoulders.

Seth thrusts again. “Yes. That’s it,” he growls. “Open your body, your darkest depths. Gonna bore out your sweet little channel ‘til it takes my cock.”

Jazz emits a strangled curse but doesn’t answer. Perhaps he can’t.

Seth slams him down harder, mindless for more. Jazz cries out. Seth hisses, white-hot rapture frying his brain. He’d gone easy on Jazz their first time. Never again, though. It wouldn’t be genuine. His lover needs to know just how he’s wired.

Jazz grabs his dick. Furiously, he strokes, his dark curls bouncing to Seth’s thrusts. “So fucking big—” His brows pinch tight. He tries to shift in Seth’s hold. “And your cock keeps nailing that motherfucking spot.”

Seth grins. His angel’s losing it. Losing control of his body.

Jazz starts to tremble.

Seth moves faster.

His angel flat-out fucking quakes.

Fuuuuuck—” Jazz strains. “Gonna—Oh, God—Gonna come!

His pumping turns erratic, his dick looking ready to burst. With his other hand, he urgently fumbles to hold Seth’s shoulder.

Seth snarls roughly. He’s on the verge, too.

Ecstasy lashes his shaft, then slams his balls.

His hips accelerate. “Yes,” he bites out. “Fucking cover me, Jaziel.”

Jazz nods wildly, glistening with sweat.

Next thing Seth knows, he’s arching with a shout, as a million tiny stars litter his vision.



Seth’s hoarse shout sets him off, his frenzied junk igniting instantly. Hot cum blasts up his shaft and pelts his vampire in the chest. Seth, in turn, flash-floods his channel with powerful spurts.

Jazz shudders, crumbling in bliss, taken apart by pure ecstasy. Beneath him, his decadent vampire writhes. Arching and twitching as his buried cocks continues to spend. Jazz can barely sit up straight. The dual sensations are brutally leveling him. Falling forward, he plants his hands on either side of Seth’s head. The torrents ebb, the crashing waves of rapture ceasing.

Jazz groans, eyes closed, chest heaving. A weak smile slowly curves his lips. How he loves this male. Seth makes him feel so fucking alive. In truth, he can’t imagine treasuring him more.

A moment later, his vampire calms. Jazz opens his eyes and meets his gaze. Seth grins, looking sated, cheeks flushed, jaw slack.

“Damn,” Jazz murmurs.

“My thoughts exactly,” Seth purrs.

Heart thumping, Jazz dips down and claims his lips. Their kiss is slow, their bodies replete. Jazz languidly smiles against Seth’s mouth. “It’s officially. I fucking love your new abode.”

Seth laughs softly. Sinking his fingers into Jazz’s hair, he nuzzles his face. “Good thing. I plan to give it lots of use.”

Jazz eases back and regards him. “Are you really going to live here? Like full time and shit?”

Seth nods.

“But your kingdom. Don’t you have to keep close tabs?”

“Typically, yes.” Seth eyes him warmly. “But not anymore.”

Jazz cants his head. “How come? Find a crystal ball or some shit?”

Seth chuckles, then quiets. “No, not a crystal ball. My son. It’s what our meeting was about. I’ve named him custodian to the throne.”

Jazz stills. “Are you shitting me? Anton’s running the show?”

“He is.”

Jazz’s chest ignites. Even his skin starts to glow. “Holy shit,” he laughs. “I can’t believe this.”

Seth seems to feed off his joy. His eyes glint. He smiles. “My kingdom is where you are, Jazz. I could rule the world and still have nothing if I don’t have you.”

Jazz blinks. His insides melt. Thrumming happily, he holds Seth’s gaze. “I feel the same about you,” he murmurs. “Who knew… An underlord and an angel.”

Seth chuckles again. “Who knew.”

Jazz palms his cheeks and kisses him fiercely.

Best present ever.

Seth growls. “You trying to get me started again?”

“And if I was?” Jazz mumbles, smiling.

Seth grins. “Then I have an idea.”

He sits up, still buried in Jazz’s ass.

Jazz stiffens, then moans, “Whatever. As long as your dick stays where it is.”

Seth chuckles a third time. “For you, I’ll work it into the plan.”

Winding a forearm under Jazz’s ass, he holds him close and slowly stands, making sure to keep his cock imbedded. The movement still jostles Jazz though. but the ache is delicious. And Seth rubbing against his G feels fucking divine.

Jazz shudders, shifting against him, pressing his dick against Seth’s abs. “So, your plan?” he prompts breathlessly.”

“Me. You. Shower.” Seth heads for the master bath. “Oh, by the way… I made you a key. You should have your own.”

“Oh, yeah?” Jazz’s lashes flutter. Seth’s dick still feels so insanely big.

“I’ve shared you with your siblings for long enough.”

Jazz grins. “They’ll fight you for me.” 

“Yes, I remember,” Seth drawls. “I’m hoping I can bribe them.”

“Good luck with that.”

Seth shrugs. “I could always kidnap you again.”

Jazz growls and bites his neck.

Seth laughs and steps into the bathroom, kicking the door shut behind them, closing them in with nothing but the promise of much more fun to come.

* * * * * 


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