Remembrance: written by Kora Knight & Raven Foxx 

Chapter Forty-One

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— Becoming One —


Pulling back, he gazes into Jazz’s eyes. “Are you sure?”

His beautiful angel nods. Seth’s heart hammers in his chest. He closes his eyes to focus. In an instant, they’re naked, nothing separating their hot, hard bodies. Jazz inhales sharply, surprised.

Seth grins and presses closer. “Never thought this moment would come.”

Jazz smiles. “So worth the wait.”

Seth rumbles in agreement, sliding his hand over the muscular ridges of Jazz’s pec. Jazz exhales, lashes fluttering. Seth thumbs his pebbled pierced nipple, then moves to tease the thing with a frisky tug. Jazz gasps, his hard shaft bucking against Seth’s stomach. Seth looks down. A glistening droplet has formed on his angel’s broad tip.

“You’re happy to see me,” he chuckles huskily, trailing his mouth up Jazz’s throat. When he reaches his ear, he growls, “I'm going to love you now, Jazz. Love you like no one else has ever loved you.”


Jazz feels like he’s vibrating, every muscle from head to toes rippling with anticipation. He's nervous, anxious, excited, hungry. And turned on bigger than shit. No way he couldn’t be with Seth's silken rod sliding up against his own.

His eyes roll back but then pop back open again. He can't seem to take them off his lover. Every time Seth murmurs in his ear, his stupid jackhammers.

Gripping Seth’s sides like his body depends on it, Jazz breathes in response, “I can't wait. Can’t wait to feel you loving me, vampire. Want this so bad, I can't fucking think.”

Turning his head, he bites Seth's shoulder. His vampire's whole body jerks, the breath from his snarled curse tickling Jazz’s sensitive ear.

“Oh, hell yeah...” Jazz shivers.

But then he stills at a subtle sound. A distant clamor coming from the kitchen. He tenses, fingers digging into Seth's hips. Despite his soundproofing wards, he knows he'll never be able to enjoy this pivotal exchange, not with his siblings under the same roof of his apartment.

Mind spinning from Seth’s teasing touch, he blurts out on a broken pant, “Shit, baby—Stop... I need you to take us away from here—Anywhere—Just need to be alone with you so fucking bad.”


Seth glowers at the door and bares his fangs, then wraps Jazz tightly in his arms. “Hold on and don't let go.”

The room is suddenly washed in darkness, shadows spilling in from all corners, until blackness takes over and a rush of chilly air instantly surrounds them. Jazz clings closer. In seconds, they land atop a large plush bed. Silken sheets kiss their flesh. Candelabras burst to life, sensuously revealing the contours of their secluded cave’s bedroom.

“We’ve made many memories here,” Seth murmurs. “I think it's time we made some new one.” He peers into Jazz’s eyes. “I hope this will do for you, my angel.”

Jazz glances around and smiles. “Our haven. Our secret hiding place.”

Seth’s lips curve. “And now I have you all to myself.”

Reaching between their bodies, he grips their shafts and slowly squeezes.

Jazz moans, lips parting.

Seth growls in his chest. “Fuck yes, Jaziel. You feel perfect against me.”

Pressing his mouth over Jazz's throat, he suckles firmly, but doesn’t break the skin. Tonight, he’s going to mark his male in more ways than one.


Jazz breathes a curse, eyes sliding shut. The feel of Seth relishing his flesh... Good God.

And their cave. His vampire couldn’t have picked a more perfect place. It’s grown to symbolize so much, to mean so much. Their sanctuary of hope and perseverance against the world, signifying their unwillingness to give up on what they believe in. Or the people they need and love. This cave is where their beginning truly started.

Subtly aglow from pure happiness, he peers up at Seth and grins. “Have I told you lately how much you rock? ‘Cause you do. You’re so the shit. I’m talkin’ the butter on my rolls. The freaking icing on my cake. The daddy mack. The mack of daddy. The—”


Seth growls and cuts him off with another ravenous kiss. When he finally draws back, he rumbles in warning, “Shut the fuck up.”  

Jazz blinks, dazed, then laughs.

Seth smirks. “I don’t know what a daddy mack is,” he murmurs huskily, “but if you need something to occupy your mouth, I offer my body.”

Jazz laughs harder, then reclaims Seth’s lips, eagerly shoving his tongue inside.

Seth suckles it, loving Jazz’s flavor. “Fuck, how I need you.”

More fiercely than ever.

And damn it, he’s used to just taking whatever he wants.

Groaning, he leans down and runs his tongue over Jazz’s nipple. His taste buds ignite. Honey and heaven. Sunshine and sin. The best of both worlds, waiting to be taken.

Still gripping their shafts, he thumbs Jazz’s length, tracing its vein from its base to its crown.


Jazz inhales raggedly. The way his vampire is teasing his cock is making him mental. His hips buck against Seth's fingers. And then Seth’s got him by the balls. Literally. Sensuously rolling and kneading them.

Jazz moans hard. “Seth—Fuck, babe. You’re driving me crazier than shit.”

Seth raises his head and chuckles, his hot breath skittering across Jazz’s flesh. Goosebumps erupt over every inch of his taught, thrumming body.

Grinning, he palms Seth’s shoulder and shoves him onto his back, then climbs aboard and straddles his lover. “I wanna try that shit now,” he growls, clutching Seth’s cock.

Seth jerks, eyes flashing, and snarls low in his throat. Jazz chuckles and methodically repeats what Seth did to him. Slow, steady fingers up the male's rigid shaft, circling his glans’ smooth ridge, then sliding back down.

Fuck, so incredibly hard…  yet so impossibly smooth…

And then it’s happy sac time.

Jazz cups his man.

Seth shudders and bites his lip, his hooded eyes watching Jazz's every move. Jazz plays awhile then gets back to stroking Seth’s gorgeous cock. Peering between their bodies, he purrs. His vampire’s taut dancing abs are fucking intoxicating.

Lips quirking, Jazz murmurs smugly, “Am I doing this right?”


Seth’s spine bows against his will.  Jazz’s touch is unraveling him.

“Yes, angel,” he concedes with a laugh. “You’re doing that right.” He grips Jazz’s thighs. “But keep this up and I’m going to flip you over and take you right now.”

Jazz’s dark-brown eyes glitter. Clearly, he likes that idea.  

Seth growls, “Move lower. I need to feel your innocent lips. I’ve ached for this for so long. I won’t be cheated.”  

Burying his fingers in Jazz's hair, he guides him down his hungry body, until his angel's mouth just barely skims his crown

“Yesss,” Seth hisses. “That's it, love.” Head falling back, he looses a groan. “Show your vampire lord how much you need him.”


Oh, fuck...

Drunk on desire, Jazz peers up his body. Seth’s eyes are closed, his jaw canted toward the ceiling. His gorgeous lover lost in passion is a beautiful sight.

Jazz looks back down at Seth’s navel, then traces his happy trail with parted lips. Farther south he moves, darting his tongue out to tease Seth's flesh. Seth’s fingers dig into his scalp. Jazz moans at the sensation, but also the knowledge. The knowledge that he's driving him as crazy as he’s driving himself.

Gripping Seth's hip bones, Jazz presses him into the mattress as he positions his mouth over Seth's cock. Staring ravenously, he licks his lips at the decadent view. And Seth’s scent. God, his scent. So heady and rich, it’s making Jazz salivate.

“Shit,” he mumbles, entranced. “So fucking beautiful.”

Not waiting for a reply, he tentatively laps at Seth’s crown. Seth growls, digging his nails deeper. Jazz moans. His vampire’s taste is like a drug, so impossibly savory. Seth cants his hips, clearly trying to breach Jazz’s mouth. Jazz grins and pins his hips, then drags his lips around Seth’s glans.

Seth stills, watching him raptly. Jazz holds his heated gaze. Then, slowly, he sucks just the crown into his mouth. Seth exhales in a rush. Jazz purrs and tongues the silky surface.

“Like this, vampire?” he murmurs. “I wanna do you perfect tonight. So perfect, you’ll never see anyone else but me.”


Seth’s heart is pounding. Not wanting to rip out his angel’s hair, he grasps the headboard instead. “Too late,” he rasps out. “I already only see you.”

Jazz grins and resumes his exquisite torture.

Seth groans, struggling not to buck beneath Jazz's hold. He’s never felt more sensitized, more in need, more alive, then he does right now in the clutches of his decadent angel.

Jazz looks pleased and takes him deeper, then falls into working him with long, powerful sucks. Pleasure lashes up Seth’s length. Raw bliss delves deep into his groin. A heartbeat later, a maelstrom descends, sending him to the brink.

Seth goes rigid. “Stop—” he gasps. “Too close. You’re going to make me come.”

Melting away from beneath his angel, he swiftly reappears behind him. Jazz stills in surprise. Seth pushes him face-first down onto the bed, then pins him in place and roughly nips his shoulder.

“Such an over-achiever,” he growls. “But see, little angel, here’s the thing—I want to leave my mark inside you, not on your face.”

Jazz emits a muffled moan.

Seth slides a hand down his angel’s back. Squeezing his ass cheek, he rumbles, “I want you. Will you give yourself to me, my Jaziel?” Rolling him over, he meets Jazz’s gaze. His angel’s eyes smolder with need. “I’ll be gentle,” Seth whispers. “I vow it. As gentle as I can.”


Eyes locked on his vampire’s face, Jazz nods, breath trapped inside his lungs. Seth’s gaze is beyond intense, beyond anything that Jazz has ever witnessed before. He can actually feel his hunger. Feel his need.  

He shivers. The sensation is amazing.

Seth grips his bent knees and eases them apart. Jazz anxiously clutches his own shaft, his urgent gaze never leaving that of his lover’s. He’s mesmerized, enraptured, and way too horny to care.

Splaying his free hand against Seth's chest, he nods. “I know you won’t hurt me. Not in a bad way, at least. I'm ready. I’ve been ready for a really long time.” His eyes drop to Seth's mouth. He swallows. “I want you,” he breathes. “So bad it hurts. I’m not afraid. Take me. I’m yours.”


Jazz's words are so surreal. Seth kisses his lips. “My brave angel. If I hurt you at all, please forgive me.” He smirks a little. “And know that I’ll promptly make it better.”

Jazz smiles, eyes glittering. “Gonna hold you to that, vamp.”

Purring, Seth draws on his magic and manifests a bowl. Small and made of crystal, it appears by their side, exuding the scent of honey and other spices. It’s not honey, though. Rather, something else entirely. Seth shows his angel. “I’ve conjured this for us. It will make things more enjoyable.” His lips quirk up on one side. “It’s also edible.”

And oh, how he’d love to eat it off of Jazz’s body. Warm and creamy, the idea makes his taste buds straight-up water.

“Coat me,” he murmurs roughly, lids hooding lower. “The more the better.”


Heart pounding, Jazz regards the mysterious bowl in his lover's hand. Clearly, its content is lubricant, but it’s emanating such an incredible fragrance that, in truth, it does smell good enough to eat. And the appearance of the stuff, like whipped corn syrup or something. Translucent, yet glossy and thick. Like some erotic mousse.

He raises his gaze back to Seth's. His vampire gives him a nod, prompting him to do as he'd suggested. Tentatively, Jazz releases his cock. Dipping three fingers into the dish, he scoops up some of the curious edible lubricant. With his other hand, he grips Seth dick right at the base to hold it steady, then gets busy generously slicking that huge beast up.

He can’t resist pumping, working its thick girth with his fist. All those veins and rigid edges are just too enthralling.

Seth sucks in a breath. Jazz stills and glances at his face.


Didn’t realize the guy was still ‘so close.’

Grinning sheepishly, he chuckles, “Sorry. Was sorta entranced. Kinda your fault though, for having such a stellar cock.”


Seth laughs through a shudder. “My apologies.”

Pulling a pillow case from one of the pillows, he hands it to Jazz.  Jazz takes it and dries off his hands.

Body still thrumming, Seth trails two of his own fingers through the mix. “Now, Jazz, no matter what, you must remember to relax… and breathe.”

Holding Jazz's gaze, he slides his fingers down under his angel’s warm, smooth sack and slowly circles and strokes his tight rosette. Jazz shivers, his pupils dilating, and starts to absently clench and squirm.

Seth grins, cock bucking at the sight. “Yes, little angel…. No running away.”

Jazz bites his lip boyishly.

Seth chuckles and sets the bowl aside, then props himself between Jazz’s strong, hot thighs. “I'm going in, love. Just breathe and try to relax,” he murmurs roughly. So badly, he wants to plunge inside and thrust.

Leaning down, he drags his lips slowly along the side of Jazz’s neck, while below he focuses on readying his virgin lover. A couple more circles around Jazz’s sphincter, then a push. With exquisite resistance, he sinks past its snug ring.


Jazz freezes, inhaling sharply, his body breached for the very first time. The burn strikes fast, sharp but small. Pulse spiking, he shifts against the intrusion.

“Relax,” Seth reminds him.

Jazz exhales and forces himself to ease.

Seth slides deeper, rumbling softly, and recommences kissing Jazz’s neck. He can feel the salve coating his channel, warming and slicking his tight clenching walls. Seth sinks further, then a heartbeat later, hits something sensitive.

Jazz sucks in another sharp breath. Seth rumbles and roams his mouth down to Jazz’s chest. Latching onto his nipple, he suckles firmly, making Jazz moan, then slips in a second finger without warning.

“Shit—” Jazz gasps, going rigid.

Another sharp burn lances his entrance. And just like that, he feels stretched to utter capacity.

His eyes dart to Seth's face. Peering up at him through thick lashes, Seth pauses, both fingers and lips, and whispers, “Relax.”

Jazz nods tightly, then lets out his breath and drops his head back on the pillow, loosening his fingers’ death grip on Seth's shoulders.

Breathe. You're a warrior, he reminds himself as he stares at the ceiling.

Seth chuckles softly and resumes, his warm lips trailing even lower, headed for Jazz's navel as he sinks in deeper. Jazz groans and closes his eyes. Those fingers stretching him feel so foreign. Concentrating, he fights like hell not to tense and urgently clench. Seth’s steady, unyielding invasion is just so distracting.

His passage fills fuller.

Ungh—Fuck—” he grunts, back to gripping Seth’s shoulders.

But then Seth grazes those nerves again inside his channel.

Pleasure rifles from the spot, sending a hard quake through his body.

“Holy shit!” he barks, eyes wide. Seth stills. Jazz gapes down at him. “What’d you just do?”   


Seth grins, relishing his shock. “That, angel, is just a hint of what is to come.”

Jazz blinks, then coughs. “Are you serious?”

“Innocent boy, you have no idea.” Seth chuckles. “Now come down from the rafters and hold my gaze.”

Jazz swallows but does as he’s commanded.

Slowly, Seth eases downward, fingers still buried, Jazz’s thighs hugging his sides, until he’s got his mouth positioned exactly where he wants it. Right above Jazz’s cock. Gripping his shaft snug at the base, Seth breathes in deep, inhaling Jazz’s scent. Heavenly musk. His mouth waters instantly. Then a hungry growl curls in his throat.

Jazz watches him, jaw slack, pupils blown.

Seth heart pounds. He will show his angel rapture.

Still holding Jazz’s stare through hooded lashes, Seth wraps his lips around his glans… then suckles it ever so gently to make Jazz squirm.

Jazz groans and clutches the sheets. “Shit, vampire. Shit,” he whispers raggedly.

Seth takes him deeper, increasing his suction’s strength.

Jazz’s lashes flutter, eyes trying to roll back, but he fights to keep them open. Seth grins around his girth and gets more serious. Up and down, up and down, working his angel’s impressive length, reveling at just how quickly Jazz starts to pants.

And yet, he’s only just begun.

Returning his focus to his fingers, he gets back to moving the slippery pair in and out—withdrawing to tease Jazz’s sphincter, then plunging to the hilt.

Jazz grunts, cursing breathlessly, and clenches hard around Seth’s digits. Such a feverish little hug. It makes Seth’s erection fucking throb. Snarling around his mouthful, he feasts more intently on Jazz’s cock, instantly more determined than ever to drive him crazy. Two seconds later, his fingers find Jazz’s G-spot and starts to stroke.

Jazz’s body responds immediately, tremors wracking him atop the sheets. Moans escape him, then more oaths. Restlessly, he fumbles to fist Seth’s hair.  “Oh fuck, Seth—” he strains out, chest heaving. “That feels so fucking good.”

Seth’s lips curve around his cock. Pulling his mouth free, he presses his hot tongue to the base of Jazz’s dick, then slowly, he drags it up its underbelly till he reaches Jazz’s crown. Once, twice, he flicks its sensitive ridge’s little V, while below continuing to tantalize Jazz’s feverishly-clenching ass.

Jazz’s grip tightens in his hair. “Seth—” he hitches. A shudder racks him. He grates through clenched teeth, “Y-You’re gonna make me f-fucking come.”


Seth grins wolfishly and recommences sucking him off, shoving his glans into his throat with each swift bob.


Jazz gasps, breath catching in his lungs. Seth’s mouth is going to be his end. Never has he felt such ecstasy in all his life. Fiery pleasure races down his shaft and plunges like fireworks into his crotch. He can feel his nuts climbing, feel them readying—

He’s gonna fucking come.

“No!—Wait!—” he pants out, ripping his vampire away by his hair.

Seth laughs, his timbre husky. “My angel must work on his endurance.”

“How ‘bout you work on it,” Jazz groans with a smile, “in increments I can handle.”

Seth flashes a gorgeous grin, then turns his focus to Jazz’s bent legs. Pulling his fingers free, he palms Jazz’s hamstrings and pushes them forward till his thighs meet his chest. “Keep these here,” he commands.

Jazz’s heart pounds as he obeys. Gripping the back of his knees, he holds them in place, his body essentially folded in half.

What kind of craziness is his vampire up to now?

Seth rumbles in approval, inching farther down and onto his side. Settling his forearm atop Jazz’s thigh, he gathers Jazz’s junk in his hand while with his other hand, he returns his attention to Jazz’s ass.

Slowly, he thumbs Jazz’s hole, studying it, then sinks his two fingers back inside.

Jazz tenses, that sharp burn returning, small but nevertheless making him wince.

“Not quite ready,” his vampire concludes, removing his digits. “You need more time.” Leaning down, he licks Jazz’s sphincter with gentle and unhurried laps. “Mmm... Edible indeed… My succulent angel.”

Titillating pleasure engulfs the site. Jazz moans in need and unabashed awe.

So many unexpected acts involved in sex…

Seth lifts his head and reaches for more lubricant, then slathers Jazz’s hole again with two fingers. Without warning, he sinks them deep again, right to the hilt.

Air rushes from Jazz’s lungs, but no real pain comes this time.

A truth that must show on his face, because Seth promptly purrs, “Better.”

He gives Jazz’s channel a couple more delves, then adds a third.

Jazz grunts in alarm—real pain now!—and restlessly shifts his upturned hips.

Seth pauses and looks his way. A smug smile tugs at his lips. “I’m much bigger than three fingers,” he murmurs.

Message received loud and clear.

Jazz needs to concentrate on letting his body acclimate.

Forcing himself to relax, he loosens his iron-grip on his vampire’s three buried fingers. Hadn’t even realized till then that he’d been clenching.

Seth growls softly and removes his digits, then leans down and laps at Jazz again. Instantly, wet soothing heat appeases his entrance.

Shit, so good…

 Jazz’s eyes roll back.

Then he feels it, Seth’s other hand firmly curling around his cock. Slathering more lube onto Jazz’s opening, Seth reinserts his three fingers, then slowly works both hands in perfect unison. Pushing in… and out… while his fist pumps up… and down, stealing Jazz’s attention with its snug grip as Seth continues to stretch him.

Jazz’s already-primed dick reignites. He groans, only partially aware now of those fingers pushing deep. Pleasure assails him as Seth works his magic, ribbons of bliss licking up his shaft. He undulates, even as that trio opens him wider.

Inconspicuously, Seth speeds up his jacking. Jazz’s dick starts to reel. Then—

A grunt punches out of him.

Son of a bitch. Did Seth just add another finger?

His focus is quickly distracted though, pulled back to business going on at his crotch. Seth’s got him on the verge again, ready to blow.

Jazz’s mind starts to spin, overwhelmed. “Seth—” he pants, squirming anxiously as his channel is forced to submit.

Seth rumbles, pushing to the hilt, his warm knuckles pressing against Jazz’s ass.

His sphincter protests, straining, stinging. Jazz fists the covers. “Fuck.”

“Breathe,” Seth reminds him, keeping his digits firmly buried. His other hand slows but continues to stroke Jazz’s cock.

Jazz shudders, endeavoring to relax. Not easy when he’s fighting like hell not to come. “You shoulda warned me—” he rasps, “—that sex with you requires losing my mind.”

Seth chuckles but holds his ground. Jazz’s hips start to rock, needing to thrust—gotta come… gotta come. All focus is officially locked back on his dick. A distraction, incidentally, that must’ve allowed his ass to adjust, because the next thing Jazz knows, his vampire’s crawling back up his body.

Jazz drops his feet and welcomes Seth’s weight, encasing his slender hips between his thighs.

Seth thrums and nibbles his neck.

Jazz pulls him closer as goosebumps flare.

“You’re ready,” Seth murmurs. “I’m going to claim you now. Make us one.”

Jazz pulse spikes through the roof.

This is it. It’s really happening.

Dick throbbing, he rasps, “Vampire, take me. I fucking need you.”

Softly, Seth chuffs against his skin. “Stay with me, Jazz. And remember to fucking breathe.”

Lifting his upper body, he grips Jazz’s legs behind the knees and pushes them once again against his torso. Jazz holds them in place as Seth reaches between their hips and grabs his cock, positioning its smooth broad crown against Jazz’s door.

Jazz’s heart hammers wildly. He’s waited for this moment for fucking ever. To take Seth into his body and merge their souls. Seth meets his gaze and holds it, as if asking one last time for consent.

Jazz clutches his sides and growls low, “Make. Us. One.”


Seth stares down at his angel, insides alight like they’ve never felt before. Already, Jazz has given him the world and they haven’t even gotten to the sex.

He eases his hips forward. Jazz’s grip on his sides tighten. He can feel his angel’s entrance slowly parting. Allowing the tip of his cock into its heat. His crown sinks through, disappearing. Seth groans at the feel of his angel’s exquisite embrace.  So snug, he has to stop to regather his bearings.

“Fuck, Jazz,” he rasps. “So damn tight.”

Jazz tightly nods but doesn’t speak.

Seth searches his face. “Ready for more?”

Jazz swallows and nods again.

Seth’s lips curve with pride. “That’s my angel.” He resumes. “Open your body to me, Jazz... Take your lover.”

Jazz groans, head canting back, eyes squeezing shut. “So fucking big.”

Seth purrs at the gracious compliment and keeps on delving. Jazz grunts and shifts beneath him, his warm thighs squeezing Seth’s hips.

Seth’s cock roars, needing to thrust.

Halfway in…

His angel’s brows furrow.

Finally, he fills Jazz as far as he dares.

“Fucking amazing,” he growls, planting his hands beside Jazz’s head.

Dipping down, he claims Jazz's mouth and kisses him hungrily while buried deep. Jazz’s wicked-tight grip on his dick is fucking paradise.


In a whirlwind, Jazz moans against Seth’s lips, his male in the process of full-bore leveling him, seizing dominion over his body while claiming his soul. Seth pulls back, then slowly thrusts, his cock moving sinuously inside Jazz’s body. Delving deep, yet filling him carefully, each glide in and out stroking his G.

Jazz shudders, rocking his hips to the pace of Seth’s plunges. His heart pounds faster. Seth settles atop him and deepens their kiss. His hips keep moving. Jazz holds him tight, breathlessly grunting with each thrust. Pleasure floods his stretched channel, teasing his cock from within. Already, that initial burn is a distant memory.

Distracted, his legs drop, only to be caught in the crooks of Seth’s elbows. Seth growls, sounding pleased, and starts to accelerate. Pleasure intensifies, but so does the friction of Seth’s ungodly girth. Pain threatens to return. Jazz hooks his ankles at the base of Seth's spine, digging his fingers into the muscle of his vampire’s back.

Another rumble leaves Seth’s chest, the male sounding lost in heated passion.

Licks of fire lance through his pleasure.

Gasping against his lover’s mouth, he fights back a wince. “Seth—Shit—Slow down.”

Seth breaks their kiss and pauses. Jazz peers up at him, then starts to laugh. “I know! I’m sorry… It’s just… You're just so fucking big!

Seth's lips twitch. Jazz smiles sheepishly, fully aware of his flushing cheeks. Clutching Seth’s ass, he rocks his hips. “Don’t stop… just go slower. You’re intense. So fucking intense. I’m overwhelmed.”

Seth rumbles and resumes at a less hurried pace. The burn returns but is weaker. Jazz groans, grabbing Seth’s nape, and reclaims his lips—kind of urgently. As if the intensity of their kiss would relieve the pressure of Seth’s massive cock. Not that it’s girth isn’t bringing him pleasure, because good god, it most definitely is. The combo is just so fucking heady, it fucks with his brain. All while his vampire’s considerate love-making fucks with his heart.

Pulling Seth closer, he breathes against his lips, “I love you, Seth. Oh fuck, vampire, do I love you.”


A lump forms instantly in Seth’s throat. Keeping his movements slow and tender, he lifts up just slightly and gazes into Jazz’s eyes. “I love you too, my angel,” he murmurs, the tightness of Jazz’s grip on his cock unraveling him.

Jazz smiles, shifting beneath him.

The sensation lights Seth up. Clenching his teeth, his eyes roll back. “Oh fuck, you feel good,” he growls tightly.

So badly, he wants to just let loose and fuck like a beast. But he won’t. Not till all hints of pain have left his angel’s face. Until then, he will continue with this torturous pace.

Slowly, he pulls his hips back, then fluidly sinks right back to the hilt.

Jazz shivers.

Seth groans. “You have no idea,” he rasps raggedly, “how desperately I want to mark mine.”

Jazz's cock twitches against his stomach.

Seth grins. “You seem all right with this.”

Jazz hoods his gaze. “All right and then some.”

Lips curving higher, Seth shifts his hips, then sinks into Jazz at a brand-new angle. An angle he knows will hit him in just the right spot.

Right on cue, Jazz jerks with a gasp. Seth purrs and repeats it a little faster. Jazz arches as an earthquake jostles his body.

“What the shit was that?” he croaks out.

Seth chuckles. “You like that, too, I see.”

Jazz tamps a smile, which spurs Seth on. Setting his hips to steady rolling, he lights Jazz up even harder till he actually glows.


“Sh-Sh-Shit—” Jazz stammers, as another tremor rocks his body. His prostate’s pulsating in a way he didn’t know was possible. Seth's crown drags against it again. Jazz barks out, “Ah! Fuck, vampire! What’re you—ungh!

The sensation’s strength just skyrocketed. Jazz instinctively tries to scoot away, the effect of Seth’s stroke an intensity he isn’t prepared for. But Seth holds him steady and keeps going, clearly knowing that what Jazz is experiencing is far from pain. Jazz cries out, his nerve bundle blazing, Seth’s dick rocking his ass’ world, but also his sanity.

Seth’s smooth chuckle descends to Jazz’s ears. He squirms and arches, hands grasping frantically. To Seth’s shoulders, and then his ass, and then the sheets.

Seth hits him at the best angle yet.

Jazz howls, his mind a whirling mess.  “Seth!” He laughs through whimpering pants. “You're killing me—Ungh, fuck! Oh, God—Yeah, yeah! Right there! Holy shit—” His balls start tingling hard. “Oh, fuck. I’m gonna—"  

Lightning fast, he grabs his cock.

Don’t come yet—

He squeezes wicked hard. With his other hand, he yanks Seth close. With a panting curse, he brutally crushes their mouths together. Seth laughs against his lips. Jazz growls low, then starts to laugh too, even as he fights not to hyperventilate.


Jazz’s wild, uncontrolled pleasure is more intoxicating than the strongest wine. Seth rumbles, drinking in his cries, in the inebriating feel of his every shudder. Enough to strip Seth of control, sending his will power spinning.

His smile fades, his body all but roaring to go primal.

Baring his fangs, he snarls against Jazz’s mouth, “Need to go faster, angel. Please.” Because amidst the chaos, he won’t budge till his angel consents.

“Oh, God,” Jazz pants. “You need faster? Not sure that I can last.”

“I’ll change my angel,” Seth growls.

Jazz nods, chest heaving. “Okay.”

Thank you all that’s good and holy.

Dropping his weight back down on Jazz’s chest, Seth grabs his angel’s ass from both sides, then hikes him higher and steadily begins accelerating his hips.

Jazz’s moans grow louder—and choppier—his whole body jostled by Seth’s thrusts. All the while, white-hot pleasure assails Seth’s cock.

He plunges faster. Pleasure mounts. Jazz’s grip on his shoulders squeezes tighter. Come to think of it, he’s clenching Seth’s member pretty fucking hard, too.

“You okay,” Seth rasps in his ear.

“Fuck, yes,” Jazz grates out. His glow’s now full-fledged pulsing. He snags Seth’s lobe in his teeth. “Don’t fucking stop.”

Definitely a green light. And good thing for that, since Jazz’s teeth just triggered the fuck out of Seth’s vampire instinct.

His fangs punch lower. His tongue starts to salivate. Restlessly, he drags his lips along Jazz’s neck. If he doesn’t mark his mate, he’ll fucking lose it.

Jazz undulates beneath him feverishly.

Seth’s lungs start to saw. Snarling, he thrusts super deep, making Jazz shout.

“Need to claim you,” he grates urgently.

“Yes,” Jazz cries out. “Please, yes!”

Salvation to Seth’s ears.

Baring his fangs, he strikes fast, sinking them in deep.

Jazz goes rigid with a gasp.

Seth feverishly pulls on his vein, the taste of Jazz’s blood sending his hips into a frenzy. Thrusting faster, he swallows Jazz down.

And just like that, his angel goes wild, fisting Seth’s hair as he bucks in ecstasy, a vampire’s bite during sex like rifle-powered sex blast to the brain. Or more specifically, to the loins. Jazz arches, mindlessly howling as he meets Seth’s thrusts. Seth pounds harder, his focus locked entirely on Jazz’s vein. Or rather, the rich heady blood flowing down his throat. Blood and essence. In mating, he needs to take it all. Combining all of Jazz into all of him.

His cock throbs as his stomach burns. He’s still not entirely immune. But the effects of Jazz’s essence are far less brutal than they used to be. Seth growls, drawing harder, as his angel fists his hair. His mate is potent. So potent, he’s dizzying. Seth closes his eyes and blessedly succumbs.

Until two licks of pain between his shoulder blades pull him back.

Seth hisses against Jazz’s neck, his spine subtly bowing in response. Then just like that, two huge black wings rip through his flesh. Seth grimaces, but keeps drinking, still lost in the throes as he fucks his angel. The pain subsides, then with a fury, the pressure in his groin mushrooms with a vengeance.

He gasps, disengaging his fangs and he grasps Jazz’s cock.  “Jazz—” he pants, thrusting urgently. “Fuck—Oh, Fuck—Come with me—Come with me now—”

Jazz nods frantically. “Yeah—Fuck, yeah—”

Raw euphoria explodes up Seth’s cock. Roaring, he throws back his head, his wings snapping wide as his climax brutally detonates. Hot seed punches from his shaft, swiftly filling his angel’s channel. Beneath him, Jazz goes rigid, his backdoor gripping Seth like a fist. Then, with a fiery shout, he bucks, and blasts Seth’s stomach and chest. Steaming cum pools thick between them. And still, the shudders keep on coming, rolling like aftershocks over their bodies till every drop is spent.

After a long while, Seth catches his breath. Slowly, he kisses Jazz’s lips. “My love. “Mine.” 

He’s home. At long last, he’s finally home. Jazz still clinging to him only pleases him more. He wants—hell, he needs—to be his beautiful angel’s everything, and in this moment, that's exactly how he feels.

Jazz laughs breathlessly against his mouth. “You’ve got wings again.”

Seth pulls back and gazes at him. His heart thrums contentedly. Nothing like seeing your mate with one hell of a smile.

“Yes. I’ve got wings. Looks like they’re part of the package.”

Jazz’s eyes glitter. “You’ll grow to love them.”

“I better.” Seth smirks, getting up. He heads for the bath. “I'll be right back.”

Rinsing off, he grabs a second wash cloth and returns to his Jazz. Like a good and decent mate, he cleans him up. “Come,” he murmurs when done. “We should soak in the spring.” Warily, he meets Jazz’s gaze. “Did I… Did I hurt you?”


Body is still thrumming, Jazz regards his man. Seth's tender care just now was unexpected. And yet, it filled his chest with the best kind of warmth. Like paradise, setting up camp inside his heart.

Seth offers his hand. Jazz takes it. Then, tamping a small mischievous grin, tugs his man on top of him with a happy growl. Seth grunts, landing gracelessly. Jazz ensnares him with arms and legs, trapping his prey as he nips across Seth’s collarbone.

“Oh, we're gonna soak, alright,” Jazz taunts. “In our love juices—All. Night. Long.”

Seth rumbles and lifts a brow. “Our love juices? Tell me more.”

Jazz chuckles and licks up Seth's throat. “Now that you've shown me true bliss... I wanna feel that shit again. Above you this time... Then in that pool... Then hanging from that stalactite over there.”

Seth’s brows shoot high. “Surely you jest.”

Jazz busts out laughing. “If there’s a way…”

Seth grunts in feigned impatience and claims his mouth. “Shut up, Jazz," he chuckles.

And then he's swiping Jazz up and carting him to the bath, where he promptly drops him in. Jazz yelps with a splash, vanishing below, then pops back up with a laugh, splashing Seth, wings and all, as he slips in to join him. Jazz narrows his eyes, feigning a scowl, but Seth’s mesmerizing stare sends Jazz scrambling into his lap. Seth grins, settled on a ledge, and cups Jazz’s cheek.

Jazz’s insides light. All but purring, he holds Seth’s gaze and nuzzles his hand. “You've captured my heart. You know this, right?”


Seth can’t stop his widening smile. Wrapping his arms around his male, he pulls Jazz closer. “As you have mine, my warrior angel.”

Jazz settles against his chest. Seth brushes a wet lock from his face. “Thank you… for sharing yourself with me. What we did in that bed was incredible.”

Jazz grins. “My pleasure... Literally.” 

Beaming, he grasps Seth’s head and kisses him fiercely.

Seth laughs against his lips. “My mighty angel. Always taking what he wants.”

Taking control of their kiss, he slows things down to hot and sultry, unhurriedly easing them down below the water. Warmth surrounds them, embracing them as their mouths languidly play. Soon the aches of their lovemaking would fade, but not Seth’s love. That will stay forever more. For here is where he truly belongs.


Here in Jazz’s arms.


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