Remembrance: written by Kora Knight & Raven Foxx 

Chapter Forty

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"You are mine, Jaziel, 

and I'm not letting you go."

Apple in hand, Seth finds himself leaning against the balcony railing outside of Jazz 's apartment. He looks at the ripe fruit and frowns, wishing it is his angel that he's raising to his lips.

Stilling, he hears the doors of the balcony opening. He raises his gaze to meet those of his shocked angel.

“Hello, Jazz.” He cracks a cocky grin and tilts his head, opening his mouth to take a large bite of his apple. Chewing slowly, he holds it out. “Want a bite?”


Jazz can't believe his eyes.

Seth? On his balcony? Eating a freakin’ apple?

Jazz moves closer, unable to keep his bare feet stationary any longer, but quickly pulls to a stop a second later.  “Vampire,” he murmurs, ignoring Seth’s offer for a bite. “What are you doing here?”

Seth frowns and lowers his hand. “Eating an apple. What the fuck does it look like?” He pushes from the railing, eyes flashing. “If I'm staining the view, I can go.”

Jazz rolls his eyes and shoves him back where he was.

Seth smirks and lets his apple drop over the railing, wincing as it falls. “That's going to hurt like hell if it decides to hit someone.”

“I couldn’t care less about your apple,” Jazz mutters, “or the poor soul it lands on.” He holds Seth’s gaze. “All I care about right now is why you're here.”


Seth draws in a deep breath. Damn, how Jazz’s scent screws with his mind, making him feel as if he’s on some kind of heavenly drug.

“You,” he rumbles softly. “I came here for you.” Jazz eyes him apprehensively. Seth shakes his head in disbelief. “Because I left you that night... You thought I’d never come back?” It felt like a betrayal, like a dagger in his heart.

Jazz shrugs awkwardly. “For all I knew, you never wanted to see me again. Or take the risk of me recapturing you or something. Not after what I tried to do.” He looks away and shrugs again. “I didn’t know, okay. I still don’t.” He glances back up into Seth’s eyes. “As close as we are, I could render you powerless again right fucking now.”

Seth snorts and steps closer, pushing his body against his angel's.  “You wouldn't. And you couldn't.” He smirks. “I’ve protected myself against angelic betrayals. Can't you feel it?” 

He lets his coat slip off his shoulders, revealing his bare upper body—and a small, indiscrete brand on his pectoral.

Jazz’s eyes go wide. “A rune,” he grates, “to block the angel's powers.”

“Yes,” Seth growls. “Until you prove I can trust you again. But clearly you still want to play these games.” Stepping back, he turns to go.


Jazz bristles, Seth’s rune mark like a middle fucking finger.

What a dick.

He grabs Seth’s arm and yanks him back. “You’re such an asshole.” Before he can stop himself, he hauls back and punches Seth square in the jaw.

Seth’s head snaps back. Narrowing his eyes, he wipes the fresh blood from his mouth.

Jazz growls and shoves him into the railing again. “I tried to help you, Seth. I tried to help you, but you fucking bolted before I could finish. Which essentially flushed all my hard work down the drain. And now you come back, marked, rendering me impotent. You’re such a dick.”

Seth snarls low. “I’m the dick?” In a blur, he shoves Jazz back into his room, jaw ticking as he slowly stalks in after him. “You never accepted me. All you did was try to change me.”

Jazz stumbles, toppling awkwardly into his huge bedroom chair. He doesn’t bother to get up, though. Just keeps his eyes locked onto Seth’s. Eyes that are currently blazing with resentment and hurt.

“I did accept you,” Jazz finally mutters. “And more than that, I learned to love you. What I did back in that cave? That wasn’t to change you. It was to make us compatible.

He glances away, the sight of Seth making his dick throb alongside his heart.

Seth grunts and narrows his eyes again. “You take me hostage then call this love? You are confused. If this was love I wouldn't need this damn mark on my chest.”

Jazz lunges off his chair and tackles Seth solidly onto his bed. “What the fuck do you know about love? Are you some fucking expert on the matter now?” Seth tries to shove him off. Jazz laughs darkly and pins him by his shoulders. “You don’t know about love any more than I fucking do.”

Seth snarls and grips Jazz's wrists, squeezing them brutally.

Jazz winces in pain. “You want to go? Want to say goodbye? Fine. I'll let you go. But not yet.”

Diving down, he crushes their mouth together, flooded with every emotion under the sun. Seth tries to shove him off, but Jazz clamps down on his bottom lip, keeping them anchored.

“I'm not fucking done,” he growls. “Not even close.”


The taste of his own blood mixed with his angel blows Seth’s mind. Releasing Jazz’s wrists, he fists Jazz’s hair and holds him close. Their lips turn more feverish.

Taking over the kiss, Seth shoves Jazz onto his back and pins him down. “Damn you,” he rumbles huskily. Jazz’s thickness presses against him. “I may not know love, but I do know want… And need.” Linking their fingers, he growls gently. “What do you need?”


Jazz stills. Being united like this, even on such a slight level, sends him reeling. Groaning, he gazes up at him. Seth holds his stare with hooded eyes, then begins to roam his hot hands over Jazz’s body.

Jazz’s heart hammers faster. God, how he wants this so bad. But the thought of being crushed again is never far away. Physical pain he can endure. It’s the pain inside that's proven unbearable.

Laughing humorlessly, he shakes his head. “What do I need? Are you serious? I need you, you dumb fuck.”  He glances away. “Not that I’m sure I really want to. You're killing me, Seth.” His body goes limp. “When you left me in that cave…”

Seth stiffens. “Now you know how it feels,” he finally murmurs. Jazz opens his mouth, but Seth presses a finger to his lips. “You left me first, after all. Now you know just how it feels.”

Jazz quiets, peering into his eyes.

Slowly, Seth traces his lips. “If you feel this way then you will tell me what I have ached for so long to hear.” Sliding the ring from his finger that Jazz gave him ages ago, he holds it up. “And you will officially put this where it belongs. Where it never shall leave. My one and only,” he rumbles softly, holding Jazz’s gaze.  

Jazz's heart leaps. Apprehensively, he looks between Seth's gaze and the ring. His eyes moisten. He shakes his head.

Fuck if he's going to assume anything anymore.

“I don’t get it. What’s changed?” Taking Seth's hand, he settles it over his heart. “I mean, I saw the female... the one you sent to me... I got what that meant...” He searches Seth’s eyes. “But just as you want this to be my choice made freely, I need it to be the same for you, Seth. What you choose freely. We’ve got nothing if you feel forced to be anything but what you choose.”

Jazz takes the white gold band, then locks his gaze back onto Seth’s face. “If I put this on your finger… what will it mean?”

Leaning forward, Seth brushes Jazz’s lips with his. “Claim me as yours. There will be no others between us. I can’t promise to be what you want me to be, but I can promise to genuinely try. I can’t lose you, Jazz. Never again.” His vow nearly sounds like a groan. “I need my angel… and I need to hear him tell me that he—” His voice cracks, as if he can’t say the words.

He swallows hard, looking almost embarrassed. “I’ve never said such things before.” A small smile tugs at his lips. “You make life so damn hard.”

Jazz's soul explodes into stardust, suddenly feeling lighter than he has in ages. Growling happily, he flips his vampire onto his back and lunges on top of him.

“Fuck,” he laughs, crushing his lips to his lover's. “Are we really gonna do this? You just said the shit I've been dying to hear from you for fucking ever.”

He kisses Seth harder. His vampire purrs under his weight, winding his strong arms around Jazz deliciously tight.

Jazz’s heart pounds wildly. But then he’s severs the kiss, panting. “There’s something else I need to hear from you…  before I put this ring on your finger.

Seth's blinks up at him dazedly, a slight frown of worry on his face.

Jazz chuckles, nodding. “Yeah, you know what the fuck I wanna hear. So just say it already.” He leans down and presses his lips to the corner of Seth’s mouth. Then along his jaw to his ear. “Tell me you love me, as I’ve loved you for so fucking long.”


Seth’s heart stumbles in his chest, his valiant angel’s words wholly leveling him. “Jaziel…” This will not be easy. “I…” he rasps, his brow furrowing uneasily.

Growling, he lays his head back and looks at the ceiling. If ever there was a source of good out there, may it give him fucking strength.

Jazz leans back to eye him.

Seth meets his wary gaze. *Jaziel,” he tries again. “I… I love you too—"

Jazz dive bombs another kiss before he can finish. Not that Seth minds. Chuffing softly, he meets Jazz’s feverish lips with his own. “Yes, love. Don't stop,” he rumbles.

And Jazz doesn't. Not at all. Just huskily laughs against Seth’s mouth. “You’re so fucking endearing.” His body starts to roll like a sensual wave. “You’re mine,” he moans, grinning. “Forever and ever. Your big fat vampire heart belongs to me.”

Despite himself, Seth’s lips curve higher. “Always,” he rumbles. “Forever and ever.”

Forgetting about the ring, he buries his hands into Jazz’s hair. “But you’re mine, too. All mine. Tell me there will never be another. Tell me,” he breathes. “I need to hear it… because I do love you, Jazz.” The words come out so much easier the second time. “You are mine, Jaziel, and I’m not letting you go. Not fucking ever.”


Another elated laugh escapes, like Jazz’s soul is rejoicing or some shit. Wrapping his arms around Seth's neck, Jazz grins. “You better not,” he threatens, “or your badass warrior angel will smite your ass.”

Seth chuckles low, “Indeed.”

Jazz melts at his smile. His vampire underlord is so fucking amazing.

Sitting up, he straddles Seth's waist, and brings that ring to his vampire’s hand. Holding Seth’s gaze, he kisses his fingertip, then slips the gold band into place.

Jazz smiles.

So does Seth, his big dark brown eyes practically glowing.

Jazz kisses Seth's palm slowly, affectionately, with each softly-stated vow. “I love you— I need you— I claim you— for all time."


Insides alight, Seth grins. It’s official. He exhales at the feeling of Jazz's sweet nuzzles against his palm. Incidentally, it’s more than enough make him hard.

“Forever,” he growls huskily.  

Wrapping his fingers around Jazz’s biceps, he pulls him close for another demanding kiss. His tongue thrusts deep. How he loves his angel’s hot forbidden taste.

Jazz laughs against his lips. “I can’t believe we’re gonna do this. After everything that’s happened, we still have a chance.”

“Yes,” Seth purrs.

Jazz tunnels his fingers into Seth’s hair. Next thing Seth knows, his angel is rolling them back over again. Seth rumbles and nestles himself between Jazz’s thighs. Jazz’s strong legs tug him even closer. Chests flush, Seth can feel Jazz’s heart pounding to the rhythm of his own. He needs this male like he’s never needed anything before.

Jazz curses, then starts to grind. “Seal the deal, vampire,” he groans. “I need to you seal the fucking deal.”

Seth grins wolfishly. “Foolish angel. Keep doing that with your hips and you’ll make your vampire forget how to be gentle.”

Jazz laughs and keeps going.

Seth hisses in delight. His angel’s boner rubbing against him is like a drug.

Sliding his hand into Jazz's hair, he jerks his head back and bares his throat. “I will have what I’ve denied myself. All of you, Jazz. Every bit.”

Hungrily, he reclaims Jazz’s mouth. Jazz kisses him back, delving into his mouth, his hot wet tongue caressing Seth’s throbbing, descended fangs.

Seth shivers, exhaling roughly.

How in the hell can he be gentle?

Snarling, he breaks the kiss to trail his mouth down Jazz's neck.  Somehow, some way, he’ll consummate their relationship as gently as he can.

He will not be rough with his angel.

If only this once.


To be continued…


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