Remembrance: written by Kora Knight & Raven Foxx 

Chapter Thirty-Eight

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"What have we done?"

Seth comes awake to the scent of fresh fruit and food cooking, then jerks as memories of the previous night flood his mind. Body stiff, he frees himself from the tangle of sheets and pads over to the pool to quickly wash off. The feeling of sweat covering his body isn't pleasing. Once cleaned, he tugs on a pair of black satin pajama pants he finds laying over a chair.

“Damn angel,” he growls faintly, following the enticing aromas. He’s never been one to eat much but finds himself starving for whatever is cooking now.

What the hell is his angel doing to him?

Heading toward the cave’s opening, toward what can only be describes as a dining area, he stills, seeing not only a dozen beautiful candles alight everywhere, but beyond them, dawn on the horizon filling the sky.

“You like,” Jazz purrs, approaching from behind.

“Yeah,” Seth whispers, staring raptly. “I do.”

The vampire in him is restless to dart into the safety of the shadows, but the other part, the part that wants to share this moment with his angel keeps his feet firmly rooted where they are.

Reaching behind him, he clutches Jazz’s hand. “I hope one day you will let down this wall so we can enjoy such captivating visuals without obstruction.”

No, he cannot ever stop trying to escape.

This cave’s damnable walls are trying to crush him.


Jazz presses his cheek against Seth's shoulder blade and sighs. “Soon, vampire. Soon.”

Lifting their entwined fingers up to Seth's sternum, he circles his other hand around front to join them, resting his chin on Seth’s shoulder as he hugs him from behind. Calmly, he takes in the same scene, but wonders if they’re perceiving the same view. Jazz sees the sunrise as hope, as possibility. As the beauty of faith even in the face of desperation. He fears, though, that Seth sees it only as a threat, as a reminder of what he has no desire to be. A future of only more pain and deprivation.

Turning Seth around, he meets his eyes and murmurs, “Let’s not look at the horizon, but what we have here right in front of us.” To hammer it home, he takes their hands and presses them firmly to his own chest, wanting Seth to feel how his heart now beats for him.


Pulse quickening, Seth waits for that all too familiar burning, when the sunlight kisses his flesh and does its thing. No, sunrises like these were never meant for him to take part in. They were created for those pure like Jazz.

He is defiling the moment.

Frowning, he steps forward, still holding Jazz’s gaze, and seals their lips. His eyes slide close. A soft groan escapes. “Jazz… How you make me wish I could be part of this world. A part of your world. See what you see. To truly know all its beauty… without fucking sullying it.”

Exhaling, he glances over his shoulder, the sun making his eyes water.


Jazz doesn’t miss how the brightening light is affecting his vampire. Stepping back into the cave, he heads for the food, tugging Seth along as he goes. Part of him loves having Seth here. The underlord seems more at ease, more relaxed, despite this new hell Jazz has put him in. It’s like the vampire out of his element is finally able to breath. And that makes Jazz smile inside.

He leads Seth to a table in the darkened corner, then with a frisky smirk, shoves him into a chair. “No more thinking about stupid shit, vampire. Like you "sullying" crap or whatever.” He plops down beside him—okay, all but on top of him—and grins wide. “Chow time. What do you wanna eat first?”  

He can feel his eyes flashing happily, and understandably so. Thanks to that warlock, he’s got a few days before having to worry about Seth's “feeding issues” again.


Settled at the table, he watches his angel closely, then roams his gaze down Jazz’s body. “What would I like to eat?” Such forbidden offerings are laid out before him. “Chose for me,” he rumbles, “but know that what I want to eat is you.”

Leaning close, he drags his mouth up the side of Jazz’s neck, a low growl curling lazily in his chest. Jazz exhales a soft curse. Seth grins and turns his head, parting his lips for the chunk of cantaloupe that Jazz has waiting for him. Leisurely, he bites into it, then growls and starts to chew, gripping Jazz’s wrist so he can claim the remaining last of the morsel still clutched in Jazz’s fingers.


Jazz can’t tear his eyes away. He loves watching Seth eat—when he actually does.

Seth draws Jazz’s fingers into his mouth and starts languidly suck and lick them.


Jazz shifts where he's sitting. “Good shit, huh?” he murmurs. “One of my favorite kinda fruit.”

Grabbing another piece, he takes it between his own teeth, then climbs on Seth's lap, straddling him as he presses Seth’s back against the wall.

“Eat...” he purrs, leaning in toward Seth's mouth.  

His dark male grins slowly, then parts his lips for the juicy bite, but Jazz quickly sucks the piece in and steals a kiss. Past the cantaloupe, his tongue plunges deep into Seth's sensuous mouth.

Seth growls.

Jazz does too, taking his vampire in a hungry kiss. “Mmm,” he mumbles happily. “You taste amazing.”


Seth rumbles in agreement, then hungrily delves back into their tongues’ dance, loving the savory blend of his male and this fruit. He wraps his arms around Jazz. Jazz returns the intimate sentiment. In the shared moment, Seth can feel his world coming to peace. A bonding passing between them in the quiet.

His dick hardens.

Reaching up, he buries his hands into Jazz’s mane, then roughly jerks Jazz’s head back to bare his throat. “I want to strip you,” he snarls, “and fuck you atop this juicy bed of fruit.” He nips Jazz’s flesh, threatening to plunge his fangs deep, but holds back, knowing it’ll drive his angel crazy.

Jazz looses a needy moan.  

Already he yearns for Seth’s dark kiss.

“Not yet,” Seth purrs, eyes hooding. “I think you deserve to be made to wait.”

Jazz curses.

Seth grins, still holding Jazz’s head back by his hair, and swipes up a chunk of pineapple with his free hand. Lifting it to his angel’s lips, he squeezes. The juice trickles down Jazz’s mouth to his chin, reflecting off the flickering candles of the open cavern. Seth growls at the sight, his cock turning rock fucking hard.



Shit, yeah…

Jazz likes.

Grinning, he clutches Seth’s shoulders, then pulls him close and playfully nuzzles their faces together. Sticky juice smears over both of them. Seth shoots him a slightly amused—but mostly annoyed—look. One of Jazz's favorite expressions. Seth’s too damn fun to get worked up.

“My bad,” Jazz laughs. “Here. Lemme fix that shit.”

Immediately, he starts to lap and lick and suck on Seth's face. Seth stiffens, then jerks with a halfhearted curse, trying to shove Jazz away, but Jazz isn’t having it, and snaps his arms around Seth tight. Laughing harder, he continues to lap and suck, teasing his vampire, until he accidently licks over Seth’s eyeball.


A burst of laughter escapes him. “You trying to blind me?”

Tossing Jazz effortlessly onto the table, he smirks. “Now this is a meal fit for an underlord.” With a wry smirk, he grabs hold of Jazz's shirt and rips it open, then gazes at his chest, loving how his angel’s nipple ring catches the light. “Move one inch without my permission,” he rumbles, “and I swear you'll regret it.”

Jazz grins, sitting motionless.

Seth slides his hands along his angel’s shoulders. “Your skin is so soft,” he murmurs. “So soft and so pure.” Leaning in, he drags his tongue along Jazz's jaw, then nips his chin. “Mmm,” he purrs huskily. “Still taste like pineapple.”

Jazz chuckles breathlessly.

Seth grins and plants a hand against Jazz’s chest, pushing him down until he lays flat on his back. Lowering his lips to his angel’s abs, he licks his way up to Jazz’s chest. Jazz moans, his nipples hardening the second Seth’s lips lock onto them. Seth smirks, suckling them languidly, then kisses his way back down to Jazz’s hip, giving playful nips along the way to make Jazz twitch.


Pulse accelerating, rises up onto his elbows to watch his vampire. Seth always takes what he wants—something it looks like he's about to do again. Seth's firm lips make their way across Jazz's bunching and dancing abs.
So sensitive…
Jazz nearly purrs.
Seth’s mouth is heaven and sin all at once.
Seth grazes a ticklish spot.
Jazz gasps with a jerk. “Gah! No, not there.”

Seth pauses to pin him with a look. "I thought I told you not to move."

Jazz fights back a grin and pumps his hips. Seth’s eyes flash.

“Shit,” Jazz laughs. “Now you actually do look hungry.”

Seth’s gaze takes on a wicked gleam. No words are spoken, but Jazz knows intrinsically what the male wants.

Inhaling deeply, he lowers himself back onto table, then murmurs with a smile, “Bon appetit.”


Seth watches the way Jazz’s muscles flex as he lays back on the slab. Bon appetit indeed. He’d love to wolf down every luscious inch of Jazz’s body. Leaning over him, he rubs his stubbly face against Jazz's pec, then closes his mouth around his angel’s nipple.

Jazz shivers and fists Seth’s hair.

Seth rumbles, loving the feel of his tight grip, then lifts his face to nuzzle the flesh below Jazz's ear.  “I want you,” he murmurs. “To devour you.” His fangs drop as he opens his mouth. All but salivating, he sinks his canines into Jazz’s neck.

Jazz gasps, body stiffening.

Seth grips his nipple and tweaks its piercing. Jazz cries out, as warm blood rushes over Seth’s tongue. Fuck. So pure and sweet. His hips buck, his hardness shoving against Jazz’s leg, letting him feel just how hungry Seth is for his body.




One minute, he’s giving his vampire "oh baby" eyes, and then next, Seth is all the fuck over him.

Jazz arches off the table as his vampire strengthens his bite, his fingers gripping harder in Seth's hair.

“Oh, fuck!” he barks in bliss.

Seth snarls and tweaks his nipple again, doing exactly what gets Jazz worked up to nearly mindless.

Jazz pants as Seth drinks deeper, his pulls from Jazz’s neck like a stroke to his dick. “Oh shit, yeah, babe. Oh fuck, yeah. Suck me off.”

Seth’s mouth definitely gives new meaning to that expression. If it works Jazz’s body like this for much longer, he’ll surely blow. Which is crazy. To get off by someone sucking on his neck. But that’s a vampire for you, one of the world’s most sexual entities.

Hips rocking of their own will, Jazz drops his hands to clutch Seth's hips, griping them frantically as he anxiously grinds against Seth’s crotch. Before he knows it, he’s snapped a leg over the small of Seth's back and abruptly yanked Seth closer to his chest. Seth growls against his neck.

Jazz lets out a dark, drunken chuckle. “You stop and I'll fucking kill you—Oh, shit yeah.... So good...”


His undulating angel is driving him crazy.

“Will drink you dry,” he moans against Jazz’s neck.

He’s nearly lost control and needs to get it back. Mind reeling, he rocks in oblivion against his lover, then yanks his head back, Jazz’s coppery ambrosia running down to coat his chin.

“Don’t want to stop,” he rasps, panting. He peers down at his angel. Jazz looks pale. But just as disturbing, he’s subtly glowing. Which means—

“Fuck,” Seth groans. “I drank too much… And took your angel essence.”

“No.” Jazz shakes his head, his chiseled chest heaving. “I’m fine. We’re good.”

Seth shoves away, not fooled in the slightest, and rubs his mouth. Any second and that dreaded, painful nausea is going to strike. “Fuck me,” he snarls. “And fuck you for making me forget!”

Furious at himself, he whirls around, but two seconds later, Jazz is at his back. Warm arms wrap around him.

Seth groans. “You make me mindless, Jazz. Mindless. To the point that I can only think of only one thing.”

“One thing?” Jazz murmurs. “You mean me?”

Seth nods once begrudgingly. Right on cue, his stomach lurches. Pushing Jazz away, he stumbles over to a corner to be sick in private. Dry heaving until his strength is gone, he finally concedes to Jazz’s care, allows his angel to help him back to bed.

Flopping down, skin clammy, he peers up into Jazz’s eyes. “Please... When the sun drops… You must let me out. I need the night. Please,” he breathes. “I can't take this anymore.”

Jazz wilts, his eyes tormented.

Seth groans and averts his gaze. He hates causing his angel anguish, but damn it, he needs this. Needs to be free. Truth be told, he feels like he’s going crazy.


Staring at Seth, Jazz’s chest tightens. What he’s asking is more than Jazz can give. It’s too soon. Seth isn’t ready yet to be faced with the temptation of free reign again. They’ve made progress, yeah, but they still have a long way to go before Jazz will ever feel comfortable letting down his wards.

 But, fuck, Seth looks so miserable. And Jazz would do anything to make him smile.

Maybe he could grant him a bit of fresh air.

No. No, no, no.

Jazz scrubs his face. He’s got to think clearly. It wouldn’t just be him at risk, it’d be the humans of New York City. He can’t make that kind of call for others.

Pressing his forehead to Seth’s, he feigns a smile. “Soon, vampire. I promise. But for now, just chill awhile, okay?”

Seth lets out a tired sigh, one clearly laced with open frustration. Jazz locks on his newly parted lips. A heartbeat later, he claims them with a kiss and settles down slowly beside his lover, nestling up nice and close with a hand on Seth’s chest.

Seth growls softly against his lips.

“Fuck, vampire,” Jazz whispers. “I could lay here with you for the rest of my eternal life.”


Briefly, he is lost in the pleasure of Jazz 's kiss, until the angel’s words finally sink in.

“No,” Seth growls, grinding his teeth in fresh anger. Grabbing Jazz’s hair, he yanks his head back. “You will release me. If you don't, I will make you regret ever meeting me.”

Jazz tenses, then starts to argue.

Seth lurches up and slams him onto his back. “Damn you! I'm going crazy! The walls are closing in, I can't fucking take it!”

“But Seth, if you’d just—”

“No. Remove the wards and let me savor the morning air's embrace.” Mouth hovering just over his angel's, he brushes his lips against Jazz’s chin. “I'm tired of this game. I've put up with this abuse long enough. Don't you think I’ve earned a little reward?”

Jazz’s eyes glint with heat.

Seth knowingly smirks.

His angel’s mind has just dropped into the gutter.

“Soon. Fresh air first,” Seth rumbles. Closing his mouth over Jazz's, he forces his tongue between his lips with bruising need.


Jazz's mind is reeling. Seth's got him so turned on, that even his aggressiveness is giving Jazz’s dick a hardcore woody. But he also knows Seth isn’t kidding. Won’t be distracted. That much is clear. He's got a one-track mind tonight and nothing will sway him.

Fisting Seth's hair, Jazz unravels and lets himself enjoy this decadent kiss. For a little while, anyway. Until its time to come back to reality and make the decision his vampire is forcing upon him.

What are the chances this kiss can last forever?

Jazz cants his head the other way, attacking Seth’s mouth from the opposite angle, endeavoring to prolong their lips’ union for as long as possible. But Seth is onto his antics before he can get far.

Cursing softly, he relinquishes the vampire's hair as Seth pulls away. Seth stares at him in silence. Chest still heaving for breath, Jazz rubs his hand over his mouth in deliberation. His gaze flicks to the cave's opening.

He does not have a good feeling about this.

 Seth’s got that look in his eyes like he’s plotting.

 Like he’s waiting. For that long-anticipated moment.

Clearly sensing Jazz’s deep confliction, Seth’s hard gaze suddenly softens, then a small endearing smile graces his face. Taking Jazz’s hand, he pulls him to his feet and unhurriedly leads him toward the cavern’s entrance. No breeze flows. They might as well be in a closed-off room. And then he wraps his arms around Jazz’s torso and kisses his temple.

“You think too much,” Seth murmurs. “All will be well,” he reassures.

Jazz falters, his resolve crumbling. He’s forced Seth to endure so much. All he wants is to bring his vampire a moment of happiness. With a slight nod, he presses his cheek against Seth’s, then closes his eyes and raises up his hands. Soft-spoken words resound through the cave, uttered in an order that will shut off the wards. Two seconds later, a cool breeze rushes into the cavern and rustles their hair.

Warily, Jazz smiles up at Seth. “Ask and receive.”


Seth’s lungs suddenly feel unsure of how to accept all this glorious fresh air. Drawing in deeply, he can still taste the morning dew upon the breeze. He looks at Jazz. “Tastes so sweet. Thank you.”

Jazz smiles. “You’re welcome.”

Seth takes his hand. “Come lay in my arms. I want to relish this breeze. When darkness falls, we'll step out together beneath the stars.”

Nuzzling his face in his angel's hair, he kisses the top of Jazz’s head, then leads him back to the bed and shoves him down. Jazz curses through a laugh. Seth smirks, gazing down at him. “You are going to stay right here and let me hold you, do you understand?”

Eyes bright, Jazz gives a nod. “Yeah.”

Seth growls and climbs on the bed, then brusquely yanks Jazz close. And yet, his gaze returns to lock fixedly on the mouth of the cave. A part of him aches to run to it, even now, to escape, to be free. But his angel has given him a gift and his other half is grateful. So, he will savor it for a time while holding his perfect male in his arms.

Gaze on a sunrise that his eyes aren’t typically able to endure, he possessively pulls Jazz closer. “I can taste the sweet dew like honey on my tongue.”


A wave of relief rushes over Jazz. Not only does Seth still remain, but he wants to lounge together in the fresh morning air. Jazz nearly purrs in the moment. He doesn’t want to think about when he'll have to put the wards back up. Right now, all he wants to do is focus on that amazing smile on Seth’s face.

Attacking his lover’s mouth again, he growls happily against his lips. “I'll show you sweet dew and honey, vampire.”  He slides his hands down Seth's abs.

Seth rumbles and gives him better access, shifting atop the black silk sheets. Jazz moves lower and strokes his hip, his fingers grazing his vampire’s groin. Seth rumbles. Jazz grins. Yes, this is what he wants. To bring him pleasure.


A moan rises from deep inside. Jazz’s delicious touch makes him ache. Makes him forget his yearning for freedom, his thoughts to escape. Joining the fun, he roams his own hands over his angel's bared chest, then breaks their kiss to nuzzle his face against Jazz’s shoulder. Kissing and licking it, he draws a small patch into his mouth, sucking hard and steady until he’s certain he’s left a mark. Something to remind Jazz who he belongs to once he’s gone.  

Drawing back, he smirks at the hickey, then flicks his tongue over the brand.

Jazz shudders.

Seth growls, “Mine,” then slides his hand down Jazz's pants. With a firm grip, he wraps his fingers around his shaft.

Air leaves Jazz in a rush.  

Seth chuckles. “Something uncomfortable?”


Jazz laughs with a nod, clutching restlessly at Seth's hip. “Yeah. Big time.” Eyes hooding, he murmurs, “How ‘bout you ease my ‘something's uncomfortableness’.”

Another chuckle rumbles in Seth’s chest.

Jazz grins, his own hand on the move again, slipping under the waistband of Seth's silk lounge pants. He grips his vampire confidently, then smiles at the sound of Seth's snarl. A heartbeat later, Seth has Jazz freed from his jeans’ confines.

 His fingers work him exquisitely.

Jazz squirms, squeezing Seth's length. Eyes rolling back, he moans, “Oh, fuck, vampire. Shit, yeah…”


The sound of Jazz’s pleasure unravels Seth quickly. Shoving his angel onto his back, Seth pins him with his leg and strokes him steadily. Jazz undulates, pupils expanding. Cheeks flushing. Breath quickening.

Seth grins, then pauses to thumb the head of Jazz's cock. “Give in, Jazz, to what I give you. Surrender, boy, to my gift.”

Jazz groans, bucking his hips.

Seth growls and crushes their lips together, thrusting his hungry tongue into Jazz’s mouth. He accelerates his pumps. He wants to blow his angel's mind. And Jazz’s steely shaft in his hand feels fucking incredible.


Jazz is blissing.

With his hand wrapped around Seth’s length, and Seth’s wrapped around his?  It feels so fucking good. So right. And yet... there's something in the vampire's kiss that’s off. A sliver of tenderness, like he's cherishing this moment for some reason...

Seth picks up the pace along Jazz's shaft, stoking his fire. Jazz digs his heels dig into the mattress and kisses him harder. All the while, he too strives to bring his vampire to ecstasy, working his own hand fast along Seth’s cock.

Seth pants and groans into his mouth and Jazz devours every one, like he can’t get enough. Because he can’t. Seth’s like a drug. One you want another hit of before the first hit’s even exhaled.

He slides his free hand up Seth's chest, up the side of his neck, to fist his hair. And then he moans low to his lover, “I'll give in if you do.”


Bloody night. Jazz’s touch is like dark magic engulfing his cock, driving steadily closer to eruption. Bucking his hips into his angel’s hand, he tightens his grip on Jazz's erection, stroking him harder and quicker, teeth grinding. In times like this, how he aches to just give in and give Jazz what he wants. But to do so would be weakness—a good weakness, though, would it not?

Body on fire, he snarls and sinks his fangs into his angel’s strong, broad shoulder, his hips abruptly kicking up off the mattress.

Jazz barks a curse, sounding drunk.

Seth bites out his own heated oath, as white-hot molten rapture ignites his cock. Both males detonate, feverishly linking them in a moment of perfect union.

“My beloved,” Seth pants. “Sleep.”

Jazz chuckles breathlessly. “No way.” He snuggles close and nuzzles Seth’s neck. “Gotta savor this shit, vampire. It doesn’t come often.”

Seth exhales and pulls Jazz closer. His angel makes it hard to do what he must. As Jazz kisses his flushed skin, Seth closes his eyes, reluctantly determined, and draws on the strength Jazz’s blood has unwittingly boosted. It’s his only chance, the only way to break the binds Jazz put on his power. Then he can make his beautiful angel fall fast sleep.

They unravel, then splinter, then break.

Seth remains still, not wanting to show his hand.

Fortunately, his angel doesn’t detect a thing.


Jazz shudders through countless aftershocks. That release Seth just wrought from him was insane. So fucking intense. Hell, even Jazz's mind is still spinning. What they just shared was raw and emotional. Heated and profound. Jazz felt it to his soul and knows Seth did, too.

As another mini-quake rattles him, he presses closer against his vampire, then murmurs his innermost fears before he can stop himself. “Honestly? I don’t wanna go to sleep, Seth. Not with the wards down. You're gonna leave me. I just know it. I’m not stupid.”

Seth stills in his arms but doesn’t deny it.

Jazz grips him tighter, groaning as he buries his face in Seth's warm chest. “Please don’t do it. Don’t try to run.”

Seth sighs and sinks his fingers into Jazz’s locks, stroking them soothingly. “Never, Jazz,” he whispers. “I’ll never leave. I’ll stay forever.”

And in that moment, the romantic fool in Jazz allows him to believe it. Closing his eyes, his body relaxes, a small boyish smile slowly emerging. “That’s… good to hear,” he mumbles, his mind giving in far too swiftly to sleep. “’Cause if you’re lying… I’d have to kick your ass…”


Seth watches him succumb to his compulsions, not daring to move a single inch until he’s out.

Every muscle goes loose in Jazz’s body.

It’s time.

Sadly, Seth smiles. Without doubt, what he’s to do next will break his own heart. He’s betraying his angel, but he has to leave. He cannot stay like this. He can’t. He’ll die despite his angel’s intentions.

“Goodbye, love,” he murmurs. “Please forgive me.”


Jazz shifts restlessly in his sleep, something in his unconsciousness distressing him.

A despaired groan parts his lips. “No... Seth... Please don’t…”

His head turns left, then right. His chest begins to rise and fall, faster and faster.  

Warm lips press against his temple.  

Jazz groans, a deep frown forming. “I don’t wanna lose you... You’re gonna leave me...”

A distant sigh. Then his lover’s heat vanishes abruptly from his side.

Jazz stiffens but can’t wake up. Can’t open his eyes.

He’s been subdued.

He chokes out a cry, but then a warm wave washes over him. No doubt, more sedation to put him back under. The affects are instant. He slumps back down on one last whimper. “Please,” he whispers sadly. “Please don’t go...”


Heart sinking, Seth bites back a groan of remorse, forces himself to focus instead on his newly-returned powers. A shudder rolls through him. He bares his fangs. “I’m back.”

In the blink of an eyes, he manifests fresh attire—black slacks, black boots, stark-white button-up. “Thank you,” he mutters. “Now if you don’t mind, I must go.”

Looking down, he flexes his fist, relishing the heady power in his veins. A dark smile emerges.

“Don't worry, angel. We’ll meet again.”

With that, he turns toward the opening of the cave. It’s now daylight outside. No matter. He will simply dematerialize. Drawing in the fresh air, he readies to vanish out of sight, but instead finds himself looking back at his angel. Sorrow surfaces once more.

“I can't,” he grates out. “I can't stay.” His brows purse miserably. “I can't be bound like this.”

Forcing a deep growl up his throat, he vanishes back to the darkness of his kingdom. Coldness instantly engulfs him, sending a chill down to his bones.

Sighing, he lifts his glittering eyes to the vaulted ceiling above. “Jazz, what have I done? What have we done?”

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