Chapter Thirty-Six

Remembrance: written by Kora Knight & Raven Foxx 

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"Take my essence. Just a little."

Waking up covered in sweat is never something that Seth ever looks forward to. Nor is the sudden need to roll over and throw up. Barely rolling to his side, he feverishly empties his stomach, his body threatening to fall off the side of the bed. Abruptly, strong hands grab of him pull him tight against a broad, warm chest.

“Fuck,” Seth weakly groans. “What I’ve always wanted to do in front of you.”

He shudders, then after a few more rounds of dry heaves, allows Jazz to roll him onto his back. Hair slick from sweat, he frowns up at his angel, disgusted with his state. “Fucking hell. who let it get so hot in here?”


Thankful that he arrived before Seth woke up, Jazz gazes down at him uneasily. The way he came to left much to be desired. What’s more, Seth doesn’t look any better. Truth be told, the underlord actually looks kind of worse. He's running a fever and it looks like his vomit has blood in it.

Jazz wipes sweat beads from Seth's brow. “It’s not hot in here, vampire. You're burning up. But I'm gonna cool you off, so stay put.”

Grabbing a bowl, he scoops up some water from the cave’s bathing pool, then snags a hand towel and settles back onto the bed. He dips the cotton into the basin and wrings it out. Seth’s dark eyes watch him. Then Jazz’s wash cloth is slowly traveling over Seth's handsome features. Along his neck. Across his collar bone. Jazz follows his hand with his eyes raise, his gaze slowly rising to meet Seth’s.  

“You like that?” he murmurs softly.


Seth grunts with a frown. “How about you use your angel magic to get me a drink. My mouth tastes—Ahhh... That feels amazing.” His eyes close, his thoughts distracted by Jazz’s touch. The cool cloth grazing his features is exquisitely soothing. “Ah, yes… All you need now is a little nurse’s hat.”

Jazz’s lips quirk.

Seth sighs, then reaches to take off his shirt, only to realize he isn't even wearing one. “Fuck. I'm losing my mind.” He scowls and lets his hands fall. “Ugh, Jazz,” he groans. “I don't feel so great.”


Jazz fights a grin, dipping the wash cloth back into the bin. “Yeah, well, you don’t look so great, either.  But that’d be really uncool for me to rub in, seeing as it’s my fault you're hating it...”

A frown replaces his small smile. He drops his gaze and keeps on working, dragging the cool, wet cloth over Seth's skin. Over his rising and falling chest, over his thick, sculpted pecs. Seth licks his lips and groans again.

Jazz nods. “Yeah. Lemme get you a drink.”

In a heartbeat, he grabs a water bottle from the small, nearby fridge, then helps to prop Seth's head so he can drink. After a good couple gulps of the crystal-clear liquid, Seth moans in morbid pleasure and turns his head. Jazz sets the bottle down and resumes with Seth’s methodical sponge bath. Over and over, he swipes across Seth’s olive skin. Up his forearms and bulging biceps, across his chest and rippling abs.

Seth sucks in a breath.

Jazz's eyes dart to his. “What. Am I hurting you?”


Seth stiffly shakes his head. Suddenly everything seems more sensitive. “Not quite.”

Shuddering faintly, he draws up one knee. He can feel his eyes growing heavy in response to Jazz’s soothing ministrations. All that coolness upon his flesh is beyond refreshing.

Abruptly, his throat starts to burn.

He licks his lips. Tries to swallow.  “You need to feed me, or let me go.”

He can feel it, the incessant darkness beginning to pull at him.


Jazz’s body tenses at Seth's words. He quickly struggles to shake it off. So shameful. Seth’s sick as a dog and Jazz is next to him getting hard. He can’t help it, though. One mention of Seth needing his vein and game fucking over, Jazz’s is horny.

Still the cloth atop his vampire’s chest, Jazz slowly blinks and meets Seth's gaze. He can feel the virile male’s hunger. His burning need.

Jazz shifts where he sits. Draws in a deep, fortifying breath. Then nods. “You should feed from me again. Try a smaller amount and then...” He pauses and gives Seth a look that shows he's serious. “And then I want you to try and take a little bit of my essence.”

Seth stiffens and opens his mouth.

Jazz quickly continues. “Just a little. Not like that first time. You know, introduce my mojo slowly.”

Seth eyes him warily.

Jazz forces a smile. “It’ll be okay. It will. Let’s just try.”


Seth frowns. “I can't take your essence. You know I can’t.”

So hungry…

He wants to yank Jazz close and furiously feed.

Groaning, he caves. “Damn it. Maybe just a little.” With a trembling hand, he reaches for his angel. “Although, I'm certain that I shouldn’t.” Swallowing hard, he fights the urge to just rip into Jazz’s throat. Instead, he brushes his lips against Jazz's neck.


Jazz exhales as Seth’s mouth grazes him. To encourage him, he stretches out alongside his vampire.

Draping his body over Seth’s, he murmurs, “Just take it. I offer it freely. I want your body to recognize mine. Not as a toxic invader, but a balm to your soul. I want to nourish you, Seth, on every level.” He sinks his fingers into Seth’s hair and draws his dark lover closer. “Just a little,” he whispers, absently rolling his hips into Seth's.


Seth moans restlessly, having been just offered the most treasured of forbidden fruits. Laving his tongue across Jazz’s flesh, he rumbles, then rakes a fang atop Jazz’s artery. A thin line of blood emerges. He languidly licks it away. Jazz hisses beneath him, gripping impatiently at Seth's back.

Seth growls. “Keep doing that and I’ll lose all ability to think.”

“I don’t want you to think,” Jazz rasps.

Seth smirks. “I have no doubt.” Lifting his head, he claims Jazz's mouth and kisses him deeply with a rumble, thrusting his tongue in deeply to twine with Jazz’s.


Lost. Instantly lost—which Jazz supposes is keeping up with tradition. As he feverishly grips Seth's shoulders, he swears he's going to launch off the bed the second Seth stops teasing him and plunges his fangs in deep.

Shit, yeah… Oh, fuck…

He's always been mindless for Seth's lips. Sure, Jazz is hopeful that that feeding him will take them closer to finding a solution, but Jazz is sure as fuck is getting something out of this in the meantime. Oblivious bliss. Mind-bending ecstasy racing through his every cell. Yeah, for the moment, he'll let himself go in Seth's decadent kiss. Dark and spicy sweet, igniting Jazz's taste buds, engorging his cock.

Moaning, Jazz croons low and velvety, “Never letting you go.”


Breaking their kiss, Seth stares into his eyes. “I’d never let you.” A low growl vibrates in his chest. “You could run, but I will follow.”

He crushes their mouths back together. This kiss is deeper, tongues hot, teeth clashing. Next thing Seth knows, he’s sinking his fangs into Jazz’s neck. Jazz gasps, going rigid. A deep rumble crawls up Seth’s throat as he hungrily begins to draw in not just blood but Jazz’s essence.

Jazz groans, the earnest sound only adding to Seth’s pleasure, his angel clearly unraveling from the feeding’s raw sensation. It makes Seth purr. After all, he doesn't want his angel to suffer. He wants him to enjoy every pull.  

Jazz’s nectar fills his mouth, slides down his throat, so hot and savory. Every molecule instantly ignites with full-blown ecstasy. Jazz grinds and pants and undulates, his rock-hard fly pressing into Seth’s stomach. Seth snarls against his flesh, wanting more, needing—

Abruptly, a wave of pain slams him, cutting all thoughts off as it rips through his soul.

Jerking away, he twists in pure agony. “Aaahhhhh!” Hot tears rush from his eyes.

Torment spiderwebbing from his gut, he rolls over and jerks his knees to his chest, then burying his face into the mattress, he lets loose a blood-curdling bellow. The pain. It’s excruciating. And absolutely everywhere. Blood erupts down his back as huge black wings tear through his flesh.


Jazz pales in panic. Then Seth starts to seizure.

“Seth! Fuck! What’s happening?”

But Seth doesn't seem able to respond.

Carefully, Jazz rolls him onto his back, taking care not to damage his wings. “Seth!” he barks in desperation. “How do I help you? Tell me what to do!”

“Please,” Seth croaks. “Release me.”

Jazz freezes. Aw, shit. He can’t let him go. But damn it, what if he dies or some shit?!

Jazz shakes his head anxiously. “There's got to be another way. There's got to be something I can do!”   He palms his vampire’s cheeks, desperate for eye contact. To make him see. “Seth! Please! Look at me! Releasing you won’t help. You're too weak to hunt, to go anywhere. Please help me help you!”


Wings twitching beneath him, he groans then rolls onto his side, reaching the edge of the bed just in time to get violently sick. Finally, he collapses onto his back again. Above, his angel stares down at him. He can hear Jazz’s panicked voice.

“Seth. Please don’t leave me.”

But Seth is breathing too raggedly to respond. His head is spinning, his body reeling, and yet, he yearns to reassure his angel. The blackness is descending though, too thick for him to speak.

I won’t, he promises inwardly. I will not leave you.

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