Chapter Thirty-Five

Remembrance: written by Kora Knight & Raven Foxx 

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"Light to my darkness."


After having to leave again to work another shift at the pub, Jazz finds himself back at the cave. He wonders what mood he will find Seth in. Ever since confining him, the underlord has been constantly walking the razor’s edge, his temperament flailing from anger to desperation. Not that Jazz can really blame him. He'd be unhappy, too. And Seth has never been good at tamping his temper. Plus, the guy no doubt is growing hungrier than fuck—for all intents and purposes, the equivalent to supernatural-strength low blood sugar.

Jazz cringes at the thought as he makes his way deeper into the cave. He needs Seth to feed, and to do that, he needs to keep the male as calm as possible. Taking a deep breath, he enters the sleeping quarters where Seth has yet to awaken from his vampiric slumber. Nevertheless, he moves restlessly under the sheets.

Jazz climbs onto the bed and lays a glowing palm on his lover’s fitful form. Radiating the unique frequency of serenity into his body, he murmurs softly, “Wake in peace. I've come back for you, Seth. Like I always will.”


Eyes slowly opening, he smiles faintly. “Jazz.” But when he tries to reach for him, he finds his hands bound. He frowns, brow creasing, as memories return of why he’s restrained. “Release me,” he whispers sternly, readying to rage, but it never happens. Instead, strange soothing infiltrates his body. He glances toward the sensations source. Jazz’s palm on his chest. Jazz is dampening his ire.

Growling, Seth eases back into the mattress.  “You left me,” he mutters. “Alone and defenseless. Never do that again, do you understand? I won’t allow it. You're mine. Only mine,” he rumbles. Then to hammer it home, he bares his hungry fangs that ache to feed.


Seth's tone breaks Jazz's heart. The male is angry, but he also feels vulnerable. Physically, but also emotionally, true feelings briefly surfacing. It makes Jazz want to soothe him, to reassure him.

Leaning down, he presses his lips gently to the corner of Seth's mouth. “Never. I won’t ever leave you, Seth. You gotta trust me.”

Seth turns his head Jazz’s way. Their lips meet. Softly. Tenderly. Like the vampire doesn’t want to scare him away.

Against Seth's warmth, Jazz whispers, “Promise you won’t run and I'll unbind you. I wanna bathe you. It’ll soothe you, Seth. Okay? Please, let me do this.”

Moaning deeply, Seth deepens their kiss, thrusting his tongue into the depths of Jazz's mouth. “Want you so damn bad. Give yourself to me and I’ll go nowhere.”

Aaaand that’s all it takes for Jazz to light the fuck up. That vampire can always send him reeling in seconds. Hot and bothered beyond words, his words like an aphrodisiac. Jazz moans and climbs on top of him, suddenly mindless, needing closer. Settling his hips between Seth's strong thighs, he slides his hands ups Seth’s side, up his strong arms to intimately entwine their fingers.

So good... So good...

Over and over, their mouths come together.

“Come with me…” Jazz breathes. “To the waters. Promise me, Seth. Promise me you won’t try to run if I release you.”

“Yes,” Seth rumbles. “Though, in truth, you taste so good, I could bathe you all night long with just my tongue.”

Oh, fuck…

Jazz's rationale has officially left the building. Fingers fumbling to undo Seth’s shackles, all he can think about is getting back against the vampire. He needs to be against him like a human needs breath after being submerged below water for way too long. The restraints fly open and before a full growl can leave the Seth’s lips, Jazz is on top of him again, hands everywhere, mouth everywhere. Fuck the bath. He'll go up in flames if he tries to move a single inch.

Seth growls happily and rolls atop him. “So hungry for so much of you,” he rasps, voice deepening. “Free me of my pants and stroke me,” he demands.

Jazz’s mind whirls. Feels like lifetime since Seth’s hot weight pinned him down. But, shit, does it feel good. So fucking good...

Obliging Seth’s command, he rips open his fly and—Oh, God—grips Seth's pulsing arousal with his fist. Both males groan. Jazz starts to stroke him. Slow at first, but as Seth sucks in excitedly, Jazz kicks it up a notch, pumping faster. The purrs it wrenches from his vampire nearly make Jazz spill.


Seth hisses and breaks their kiss. “How badly you make me want to fuck you.” Glancing to the bath, he growls, “Come on,” and climbs off the bed, then reaches for his waist band, desperately wanting out of his pants.

But as he shoves the things down, his knees give out. He grasps the bed to steady himself, frowning deeply. “What's wrong with me?” He felt tired. But why?

In a flash, Jazz is beside him.

Simultaneously, understanding dawns.

Glaring daggers, Seth snarls, “Damn you for making me weak.”

And just like that, his mind shakes off its lustful haze. 


Jazz's flush fades. Wow, Seth’s glower just killed his buzz fast. Not that he can argue the vampire’s accusation. Jazz is to blame for the vampire’s fatigue. He’s preventing Seth from feeding by holding him captive. Unfortunately for Seth, Jazz isn’t ready to let him go just yet.

Sighing heavily, Jazz gestures to the water. “Come on. We were on our way to the spring. It'll make you feel better. I promise.” Seth bares his teeth, but Jazz ignores him and ushers the underlord toward the pool. He needs to get him into the soothing waters before Seth gets more agitated.

They reach the spring's ledge. Jazz ditches his clothes and climbs in first. Obstinately, Seth stays put, wobbling slightly. Jazz smirks. He’s suddenly got the strongest urge to pull the fucker in. He decides to try to coax him in.

Wading in deeper, gaze locked with Seth’s, he murmurs, “You said you want me, vampire. Well, here fucking am. What are you waiting for?”


Scowling, Seth looks him over, then loses his own clothes and climbs in, too.  The sight of Jazz's length jutting in the water is just too hard to resist. Reaching for his angel, his skims his fingers along Jazz’s chest.

“Perfection.” Groaning softly, he leans and closes his lips over Jazz’s nipple, teasing its little piercing with his tongue. “Never thought I'd taste this again,” he mumbles, wrapping his arms around Jazz’s waist. He tugs him closer. “Have you again.” He rises and crushes his mouth to Jazz's, kissing him hard.


The sound of water lapping against their bodies makes Jazz purr. This setting is beyond exquisite, trapped snug in the arms of the male he yearns for, secluded in a place where no one will ever find them.

Fuck, yeah....

Jazz grips Seth's shoulder blades and presses the male closer. Absently, they move backward, kissing, till Jazz’s back presses against the cool, rocky side of the pool. Sliding his hand into Seth's hair, his other dips down below the water, palming his vampire’s firm ass and pulling him nearer.

“Don’t ever wanna leave you. So don’t make me,” he murmurs. “Help me help you, Seth.” Slipping his lower hand past Seth’s hip, he possessively grabs the male’s hard shaft. Seth hisses against his mouth. Jazz moans, “You make me so crazy.”

Seth rumbles, but then the sultry sound morphs slowly into a snarl. “If you cared for me you would accept me as I am.” He thrusts into Jazz’s fist. “You wouldn't try to kill me.”

Abruptly, he pushes away and leaps over the side of the pool’s rocky ledge.

Shocked, Jazz watches him rush for the mouth of the cave.

Oh, no.

Jazz tenses.

He’s going to—

Seth slams into the invisible barrier. Seething, he roars in fury, “Let me go!”

He slams his fist into the barrier. Over and over again, until his legs finally giving out from under him. He stumbles backwards, straight into Jazz’s patient, waiting arms.

His wild gaze suddenly looks confused. “Please. No more darkness. There are wicked things in the darkness. Please,” he croaks, all but begging. “Let me out.”


Jazz frowns as he stands there, dripping wet and naked, holding an equally bare male in his arms. The words Seth is uttering make his chest want to crack in half. Oh God, he’s breaking his male. Seth is literally starting to lose his grip on reality. The urge to comfort him is staggering, but Jazz doesn’t know how. Jaw clenched, his body begins to instinctively illuminate.

“No, Seth,” he murmurs. “I’ll never let you be in darkness again. I’ll be your light. Just stay with me, vampire. Stay with me in the light.”

Lifting the sagging male into his arms, he carries him back to the soothing spring, then descends and settles in, holding Seth close to his chest. The water glows from his light. Jazz presses his lips to Seth's brow. Then to his temple. Then to his cheek. Affectionately. Devotedly.

“I’ll light your way, Seth,” he vows. “Please. Let me light your way.”


Seth doesn’t reply at first, just contemplates Jazz’s promise for long moments. “Light to my darkness,” he finally mumbles. “And my darkness to your light. Ying and yang. Is that not what they say?” Resting his head shift against Jazz’s shoulder, he gazes at the glittering waters. “Will you not accept that we are individual halves to one whole?”

Jazz shifts against him. “I get it, Seth. Honestly, I do. But in order for me, as an angel, to be able to stay? Certain things just have to… Just have change.”

Seth exhales and peers through the cave, toward the moonlight emanating in through the entrance. “What happened back there?” He frowns, still feeling the ache in his bones. “I feel like I ran into a goddamn brick fucking wall.”

Jazz's lips twitch, as if relieved that Seth is back to his ornery self. “Angelic barrier. You know, in case you tried to get away. Looks like I totally called it.” He nips Seth’s ear. “Bad vampire.”

Ire spikes. Seth growls indignantly. “Yes, you are good, and I am evil. A killer, a monster. You want me to change. To be different for you. I will not. Learn to accept that, or it ends right here and now.”


Jazz stiffens and pulls back, instantly incensed at Seth’s words. “And what exactly do you think you're asking of me, an angel, when you demand I accept a murdering monster as my lover? You don’t think that requires a massive shift in what I am?”

He shoves Seth off his lap and wades away from him, shaking his head. “Just because you don’t vocalize a need for compromise like I’m doing, that doesn’t mean you’re not asking the same of me.”

He levels Seth with a hard look. “But don’t you see? This is exactly why we need to find a middle ground. Do you honestly think that I expect only you to change in this, while I stay exactly the same as I've always been?”

A dark chuckle escapes as he begins to pace. “Hell, no. I'm sacrificing my ticket back to Heaven for you. I’ll never be able to return if I stay with you. Do you think that's a small price for me? ‘Cause it’s not, Seth. It’s huge. You will never know how much I am letting go of for you.”

Seth watches him intently. “What are you trying to say? That you love me?”

Jazz clenches his jaw. “That I’ve sacrificed, by my own free will, to be with you.”  

Seth smirks darkly and rises. “Good. So deal with it, angel.” Climbing casually from the pool, he heads back to the bed. 

Jazz watches Seth for a long moment, then sighs and exits the spring, too.  Joining Seth, he climbs atop the black satin sheets and leans against its headboard beside his vampire.

Seth turns to him. “Why must we play these games?” His gaze roams down Jazz’s naked body. “Torturing me like this… You’ve turned darker than you’ll ever admit.”

Jazz grins.

Seth growls softly, then looks down at the covers, as if wishing it was Jazz covering him instead of the sheets. “I'm tired...” he mutters.

Which, yeah, makes total sense. The grumpy fucker still has yet to feed.

Sighing, Jazz moves closer, easing in to sit behind his captive, nestling his bare legs snug to the outside of Seth's thighs. Sliding his hands around to splay on Seth’s abdomen, he rests his chin on Seth's shoulder.  “I’m not trying to torture you,” he murmurs softly against Seth’s ear. “Just relax, okay? Just stop thinking for a little while.”

Seth’s head drops back against Jazz’s shoulder. Then the underlord’s eyes slowly close. “How badly I’d love to do that,” Seth mutters. “To forget would be so sweet.”

In the silence that follows, Jazz listens to the thumping of their hearts. To the whisper-soft exhales of their breath. Seth can feel Jazz’s arousal against his back, Jazz knows he can, but he doesn’t care. Just wants to feed his male. Kissing lazily up Seth’s neck, Jazz licks and nuzzles and suckles his flesh. Like always, the vampire tastes so incredibly fucking good. And Jazz had always been a sucker for Seth's flavor.

Sliding one hand up Seth’s stomach, Jazz splays his fingers against Seth’s chest, pressing closer as he drags his teeth across Seth's thick shoulder. Back and forth, back and forth, grazing their sharpness over Seth’s flesh, then up his neck again to below his ear. Leisurely, Jazz sucks on Seth’s lobe.

Seth moans, then twists around in Jazz’s confines. Possessively, he grips Jazz’s thighs and squeezes. Fire races through Jazz’s system. Swallowing, he eyes Seth’s mouth. His heart kicks hard in his chest. He wants this male so fucking bad, it hurts.


Blood thrumming, Seth watches Jazz’s cheeks flush. Satisfaction races through his veins. “For all the lies you tell me, your body tells me all truths. You need me, though you cannot say the words I long to hear.”

Lips parting, he bares his fangs beneath his angel's burning gaze. Jazz inhales sharply, pupils dilating. Subtly, he turns his head. Seth purrs down to his soul. Jazz wants to feed him. Wants to provide. And Hades help him, but Seth wants to take what he’s offering.

Jazz palms Seth’s nape and pulls him closer. Seth rumbles in surrender, then sinks his throbbing fangs into Jazz’s neck.

Only blood, though. No essence.

He’d only take blood.

Coppery warmth flows into his mouth and down his throat.

Growling at Jazz’s rich flavor, he swallows again and again, filling his gut, fueling his body with angel-strength power. Jazz gasps and squirms, clutching his sides. A handful of gulps turn into a dozen. And still, Seth’s body remains starving, famished for the essence that feeds his foundation. A nutrient that blood alone will never sate.  

Frustrated, he pulls his fangs free and rests his head against Jazz's shoulder. “I cannot live like this,” he pants. “If I cannot have you and still be myself, then I would rather have you put me back to ground.”


The bite’s lingering sensation has Jazz burning to grab Seth’s cock, but Seth's words instead have him bristling in aggravation. “Stop it. I won’t hear stupid shit like that from you again.” Meeting Seth’s gaze fiercely, he grits out roughly through clenched teeth. “And if you ever go to ground, I will find your ass, dig it up, and beat the living shit out of you. Are we clear?”

Seth opens his mouth to respond, but Jazz dives back in for another kiss. “I need you, Seth,” he groans out. “Just give this a chance.”


Seth moans against his mouth. Then, rising up, he pushes Jazz back onto the bed. With fiery passion, he reclaims his angel’s mouth. But as he deepens Jazz’s demanding kiss, a sickly chill rushes along his limbs and delves into the hungry depths of his stomach. He recognizes the feeling instantly. Jazz’s blood has triggered the calling. The demanding of a life force to nourish his darkness.

“Jazz,” he groans, grimacing.

Sagging, he drops atop his angel, abruptly too weak to even weak to roll off onto the bed. Jazz has him on his back in a heartbeat. Seth barely registers his angel looking him over.

“I'm alright,” he rasps. “Just need to rest.” The whole of his body begins to tremble. Withdraw has descended. “Need essence…” A lot of it. And soon.


Jazz watches Seth suddenly go limp.

Oh, God.

He drops his ear to the unconscious male’s chest. His heart still beats, but too slowly, and his breathing is shallow. Jazz sits up and frowns down at him. Wary dread fills his gut.

What if his plan doesn’t work?
What if Seth can’t endure going cold turkey?
What if abstaining from evil entities ultimately kills him?

Cursing, Jazz sits back on his heels and scrubs his face.

No. This'll work. He's just gotta stay steadfast.

After waiting to make sure Seth doesn't deteriorate any further, he sets off for a while to think. Flying always helps clear his mind, and right now, a clear mind is exactly what he needs.


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