Chapter Twenty-Six

Remembrance: written by Kora Knight & Raven Foxx 

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"Forbidden Fruit"

Seth has kissed him, tasted him. The angel is his. Jazz just needs to realize that he was always meant to be Seth’s.

It’s strange, because of everything that has happened since the angel came into his life, Seth has started craving things he’d never desired before.

He frowns, flipping a coin to the young girl working a street-side produce stand, before picking up a small basket of black berries and oranges.

He pops one of the berries into his mouth, then sighs. What is he trying to do? Pretend he’s human? Shaking his head, he continues through the outdoor market. It’s becoming one of his favorite places to explore. He purchases a basket of peaches and cherries next, consolidating all the colorful fruit into one container. Then, with just a thought, he uses his darkness to melt away, reappearing moments later at Jazz’s balcony.

Lips curving, he enters his sleeping angel's bedroom and sets the basket of fruit on his bedside table.  Jazz is sleeping like, well, like an angel, his bare chest slowly rising and falling. Thick black lashes rest peacefully atop his masculine cheekbones, his wily mane of hair atop his pillow.

Seth’s lids hood. Reaching down, he strokes a knuckle along Jazz’s jaw. His gaze slides to Jazz’s slightly parted lips—and nearly laughs. His angel is drooling. 

“Silly boy,” he whispers, leaning down to kiss Jazz's brow. “Wake up, lazy. Breakfast is served.”


The sound of a close, velvety murmur—combined with a warmth against his forehead—has Jazz’s eyelids slowly lifting.

“Seth?” He blinks drowsily.

Is he dreaming?

He blinks again, frowning up at the form that’s quietly gazing down at him.

Nope. Not dreaming.

Seth is definitely in his room. In his room and, at the moment, eyeing him oddly.

Is he... smiling?

Jazz rubs his eyes, then scrubs his face. His hand comes away wet.

Gah. Gross.

He’d been drooling.

Seth bursts out laughing, his timbre hearty. And decadent. And warm. A sound Jazz has never heard before—but would scale mountains for to hear again.

He grins up at his visitor, stretching languidly beneath his sheets. “To what do I owe this honor?” he mumbles. But as his brain’s sleepy fog continues to clear, his smile fades. “Last time I saw you, you left in a huff.” He props himself up on his elbows. A playful smile tugs at his lips. “It was very unbecoming.”


Seth narrows his eyes… then exhales. “I thought you might be hungry.” Soberly, nods to his gift, then turns to leave.

“Seth. Wait.”

He pauses, glancing back at his Jazz. He’s still lounging atop the sheets, still looking as handsome as a rogue, but gentle, too. Seth wants to crawl into that bed and nuzzle Jazz’s face like a feline. Rub some of his angel’s peacefulness off onto himself.

“What do you want?” he mutters, hands fisting repeatedly at his sides.


The corner of Jazz’s mouth curves upward as he sleepily watches his tense vampire. Apparently, he has woken in a playful mood. Maybe because Seth’s grin was the first thing he’d seen when he’d opened his eyes. The sight had made his heart leap. The brooding male is beyond beautiful when he smiles.

As Jazz continues to watch him, Seth makes his way back over to the bed.

It isn’t until he’s standing less than a foot away that Jazz finally speaks. “I want to share them with you. What you brought me.” He glances at the fruit, then wraps his fingers around Seth's wrist. “They smell incredible.”

“They should,” Seth murmurs. “They’re fresh from the human’s market.”

Jazz grins and tugs on Seth’s arm, forcing his vampire to sit beside him. The dark lord plops down with a surly grunt.

Jazz laughs. “Hang with me for a bit.” Seth meets his gaze. Jazz holds it.


After a long pause, Seth nods. “Fine. Eat.”

In truth, he aches to stretch out and lay with his angel.

With another heavy exhale, he shifts around and rests his head on Jazz’s lap. His insides begin a slow burn. All it’d take is a turn of his head to take Jazz into his mouth. The thought makes him grin. With a low, hungry growl, he nestles in further, not missing the smile Jazz is suddenly sporting, too.


Under Seth’s weight, Jazz relaxes. The last time they’d talked, shit hadn’t ended so great. An outcome that seems more common than not. But in this moment, Jazz is hopeful. Seth seems exceptionally chilled—and Jazz really, really digs when he gets this way.

Reaching over, he swipes up the basket of fruit and sets them on the bed.

With a happy, “Mmmm,” he drops a ripe cherry into his mouth. “Oh, damn,” he moans, chewing. “Super sweet.”

His other hand sinks into Seth's hair, lazily fingering through its thick, dark, chocolate locks. His eyes shift to the balcony doors. Taking the cherry pit from his mouth, he sends it sailing through the opening.

Promptly, he eats another. “Wow. Who knew you were so good at picking out produce.” He gives Seth’s cheek a pat. “You gotta try one. They’re awesome.” He snags another and holds it above Seth’s mouth. “Open for me,” he murmurs.


Seth slowly parts his lips, darting his tongue out to swirl around the berry—just like he’d like to do to Jazz’s tight little nipple.

He turns, lifting his head enough to pluck the fruit from Jazz’s grip with his teeth. A deep growl rises from his throat. His gaze locks instantly with Jazz’s. His angel is intently watching his reaction. And his reaction is clearly turning his angel on. The proof of this presses firmly against his cheek.  

“Don't tempt me,” he rumbles. He pauses from chewing to nuzzle Jazz’s erection. “Unless you’re willing to let me have what I want.”

Jazz sucks in a breath, his lips parting as his smile fades heatedly. Seth’s words—and sensual snuggle—have clearly gotten his attention. Seth chuckles low, then turns and sends his cherry seed rifling out the door.


Jazz stills as Seth turns back to lock eyes with him. His spirited antics fades as he holds Jazz’s gaze, his dark brown eyes burning with intensity.

God, he’s beyond mesmerizing.

Jazz suddenly feels strangely exposed, like Seth is staring into his very fucking soul. He shifts under the vampire's weight. The man is such a mystery, like a puzzle that Jazz is bugging to finally solve.

“I don’t know what you want, Seth. Not really. You’re ambiguous in everything you do and say.”

Seth smiles. “Whatever do you mean?”

Again, he turns his face into Jazz's rod of hardened flesh, only Jazz’s thin sheet preventing full-on skin-to-skin contact. Jazz groans at the feel, his fingers gripping Seth’s hair tighter.

“Mmm,” Seth purrs. “I think you know full well what I want.”

He shifts onto his side and extends an arm over Jazz's chest. Splaying his hand over Jazz's pec, he thumbs his new piercing. Jazz squirms, his abs contracting as his heart thumps deliriously. Restlessly, he snags a peach and bites into its flesh.


Chuckling, Seth rises up and straddles his angel’s hips. Cupping his face, he leans down and kisses him slowly, tenderly.

“You taste so sweet,” he groans. “You almost make me want human food again.” Pausing, he frowns and eyes the peach in Jazz’s hand. “What is its name again? I forgot what the market vender called them.”

Jazz blinks at him—as if still recovering from his kiss—then breathes, “Peaches.”

Seth lifts Jazz’s hand up to his lips and takes a bite. Sticky-sweet juice drips down his chin as its flavor assails him. He moans deep in pleasure, chewing slowly as he closes his eyes. Truly, he’s never tasted anything like it.



Jazz watches him, entranced, as Seth consumes the decadent fruit.

The male is intoxicating on every level.

And God, the way his weight is pressing down on Jazz’s erection…

He palms Seth’s thigh with his free hand, then offers his dark lord another bite. He’d finger-feed him all day if it means he can watch that sexy jaw working. Or that tongue, and how it keeps swiping over those lips. Or his Adam's apple, rising and falling with each seductive swallow.


Without warning, Seth leans over and captures his mouth again. His erotic male taste, mixed with the juice of that peach, sends Jazz’s brain hurling into a tail spin. Shoving Seth onto his back, Jazz swiftly pins him with his weight.

“So hard to narrow down,” he groans against his dark lover’s lips. “All the things that you could want. You’re a man of many desires. So you’re gonna have to be a bit more specific.”

Seth rumbles like a well-pleased vampire. “I want you to share your world with me. Open that thing they called an orange,” he whispers. “I’ve never tasted one before, and I’m enjoying the way you share.”

Jazz breathes a curse.

Seth grins and slides his hands over Jazz’s back, one hand dipping down to grip his ass.

Jazz hisses then shifts to brace his elbows on either side of Seth’s head. He stares down at him, perplexed. He so hadn’t expected the answer Seth gave him.

A smile curves his lips. Sitting up, he straddles Seth the way Seth had just straddled him, then reaches for an orange from the basket. Quickly peeling it, he tosses the rinds over his shoulder with a smirk. Then he separates one juicy segment and holds it just above Seth's lips. But when his vampire moves to bite it, Jazz yanks it just out of reach.

Seth frowns and blinks at him. Then his black eyes flash. Looks like someone just picked up on Jazz’s playfulness.

A huge grin splinters Seth’s face. Without warning, he lunges up, snatching away the orange wedge with his teeth alone. Dropping back to the bed, he chews smugly. Jazz barks out a laugh, then shoves the next slice between his own teeth. Mischievously, he leans down and hovers it over Seth’s lips. The vampire chuckles and opens his mouth. But when Jazz refuses him again, he rises up and latches onto the orange. Keeping it between Jazz’s teeth, he suckles its juices, all the while licking at Jazz's lips.

Jazz growls, loving the way Seth’s mouth operates against his own. His hips begin to roll.  “You’re feisty today.”


Seth’s eyes slide closed. “I like this fruit. I want you to bathe in its juices, so I can lick it from your body,” he darkly purrs.

His jaw ticks as he meets Jazz’s next grind with one of his own. Abruptly, he rolls over and slams Jazz back on the bed. Yanking aside the sheet they’ve become entangled in, he grabs what remains of the orange in Jazz’s hand and holds it above his angel’s torso. With a firm, steady squeeze, juice rains down onto his chest, turning his skin into a glistening wonderland.

“Yesss,” Seth growls. Leaning down, he tongues Jazz’s nipple. “Now you taste like forbidden fruit, too.”


Jazz sucks in another ragged breath, then chuckles softly. “Forbidden fruit. That’s…” Breath hitch. “That’s funny…” His hands fall in surrender.

Cranking his head, he watches Seth lap at his nipple. In seconds flat, it pebbles hard as a rock. The sight, the feel, of Seth’s tongue toying with his nub, wrenches free a heady, blissed-out moan. His abs lock up hard, his hands fisting beside his head. Again and again, Seth flicks his flesh.

Oh, God.

Fuck, yeah.

His bent knee presses against Seth’s thigh. With each teasing lick, his cock jerks. Seth chuckles darkly, obviously feeling the kick. Jazz groans, fighting the urge to writhe as he palms the back of Seth's head.  Restlessly, he grips his hair. Seth moves to work his other nipple, suckling gently at his piercing, then harder with random small tugs. Jazz gasps and jerks, cursing beneath breaths as Seth fans the flames inside him hotter.

Shit, yeah…. So… fucking… good...

Needing more, he shoves his dark lord back onto the bed, this time wedging his hips between Seth’s thighs. Seth snarls in sensual excitement. Jazz grins and steals a kiss, then pins Seth's wrists above his head. Seth stiffens, which makes Jazz chuckle, but he doesn’t give the male a chance to protest. Instead, he seizes Seth’s firm lips for another bombshell kiss.

Before long, they’re both gasping for breath. Jazz shoves Seth's head to the side with his cheek, then latches on to the flesh between his shoulder and neck. Fast and feverishly, he sucks, biting down hard without drawing blood, the taste of Seth’s skin like a drug.


Seth moans, his heart hammering, his shaft twitching with need. How he loves the feel of Jazz sucking on him so hard.

Gritting his teeth, he grinds his hips up into Jazz’s boner and hisses.  “Yessss… Ah, yes, angel boy… That’s it. Don’t stop. Tie me down, if you must. Just keep touching me… Tasting me…”  He could roar, he’s so hot with need. “Rip open my shirt,” he snarls. “Bite me. Let me feel those teeth sinking into my flesh.”

At the prospect of his own command, his shaft throbs painfully against his fly.

What is it about this angel?

Whatever it is, it’s driving him mad, Jazz’s moans and eager suckling turning him to molten.

“Taste my desire,” Seth rasps, head lolling back. “What I want so badly to give you.”


Jazz stiffens at Seth's invitation. Already, he’s feeling the pangs of withdraw. Has been fighting them ever since he woke with Seth in his room. And now, with his vampire spread beneath him like a buffet, it’s nearly just too much for Jazz to resist.

His cock jerks with need, his dark lover’s wrists still in his grasp. Maneuvering them to his headboard, Jazz pauses and gazes down at Seth’s face. Seth grins and roll his hips, as if silently coaxing him on.

 Jazz swallows in anticipation. “Grip the bars, Seth,” he breathes. “Nice and tight. And I’ll do as you ask. But if you let go?” He slyly grins. “Yeah, no more bites.”

Seth stills, his eyes flashing raw with desire—but also petulance.

Jazz chuckles. “I don’t think you can do it. Force those mugs to stay put.”

 Seth stares heatedly up at him, his lips pursing, his jaw ticking. But to Jazz’s delight, he ultimately grasps the bars.

Jazz nods, eyes hooding in approval. “Yeah, baby. Yeah. Just like that…”

With his own hands freed-up, Jazz slowly drags them down Seth’s arms, nipping along his jawline as he goes. Moving over Seth’s bulging shoulders, he grips his shirt and—with one fell swoop—tears it fully open with a jerk. Buttons rocket in every direction. A wicked grin curves Seth’s lips. Jazz’s lips twitch, too.

And then his eager hands are on the move again. When they reach the vampire’s ribs, they splay to hold him firmly in place. Hungrily, Jazz trails his lips down Seth’s neck, biting then suckling. Over his collarbone, he roams them next, then over his pec. It twitches. Seth growls. Jazz grins and teethes its nipple. Seth jerks with a hiss, then rumbles low and dark. Jazz’s smile widens. Impishly, he gives the tight nub a quick, hard bite. Seth barks, arching off the mattress, but to his credit, holds on tight to those bars.

Jazz lifts a brow. “Good boy.”

Seth bares his fangs.

Jazz dips back down and suckles the throbbing nipple. A moan wrenches past Seth’s lips.

Fuck. The sounds his vampire makes. They nearly undo Jazz completely.

Reigning in his restless need, he drags his lips just barely to the side, then bites down hard again and breaks the skin.

Seth hisses and writhes, as if pitched onto the precipice of orgasm. Jazz groans at his heady reaction and starts to suck. Seth’s masculine flavor lights his taste buds. He hungrily envelopes Seth’s nipple, too. Seth snarls, biting back a curse.

“Fuck, Seth,” Jazz moans. “You taste better than ever...”


Clutching the railing tight in his hands, he watches his angel through hooded eyes. Against his will, his chest rises and falls with urgent excitement. Jazz thinks he can take control, thinks he can master the master. Euphoric agony rumbles up Seth’s throat. This could prove interesting.

Muscles straining, he fights not to arch again as Jazz relentlessly tongues his nipple.

“Fuck,” he snarls, teeth bared. His heavy cock jerks anxiously. “Harder,” he growls. “Suck it harder.”

Hell, he’s damn near close to begging. Another moan escapes as Jazz swiftly honors his wishes.

“Ah!” Seth barks, grinding restlessly against Jazz’s body. His angel is even harder than he was before. As the sheets twist beneath him, he undulates like a dark wave, his breaths coming in fast and shallow pants.

And still his angel drinks from him. He can feel his blood being pulled from his flesh. Can hear the sound of each urgent, needy swallow. Seth’s sinks his fangs into his lip. Jazz's demanding mouth is nearly too. Too much heavenly pleasure to possibly bear.

 And yet Seth wants more.

“Bite me again,” he grates, teeth clenched. “Lower.” His bent knees squeeze Jazz’s grinding hips.


Jazz breathlessly moans against him.

He tastes so damn good!

And now Seth’s blood has begun to soothe the pangs. Meaning, Jazz can technically stop. But clearly, Seth doesn’t want him to. And honestly, neither does Jazz.

Murmuring incoherently, Jazz nods and drags his lips south. A second bite, and then another one even lower. A tiny welling of blood, more eager sampling. Jazz doubts his tongue could ever be happier. A nip to the right of Seth’s navel. He bucks, his killer abs tensing tight. Jazz eagerly sucks at the wound—then moves farther down.

Seth’s panting accelerates. His body coils tighter. And still he holds onto those glorious bars. Like they’re a lifeline to his sanity or some shit. Jazz grins, beyond impressed. The vampire is incredible like this, and it’s making Jazz hotter than hell.

So engrossed, he doesn’t even notice that his wings have sprung forth. It isn’t until Seth arches up again, compelling Jazz to glance up to watch his face, that he spots them out of the corner of his eye. He stills instantly and turns to look at one. Ice douses his molten veins. Its feathers are an even darker shade of gray than before.

Oh, God. That can’t be good.

He looks at Seth and frowns. “Seth,” he groans miserably. “What’s happening to me?”


Seth blinks, then laughs darkly. Reaching forward, he touches Jazz’s wing. “Just more proof that you're mine, Jazz. The most beautiful proof of all. Your god doesn't approve of lust,” he murmurs. “And he sure as hell doesn't approve of me.”  He smirks in dark and twisted satisfaction.

Jazz grimaces and shoves off of him.

“Don't,” Seth growls bitterly. “Don't pull away from me because of Him. Don't you dare put that son of a bitch between us.” 

Jazz gapes at him, eyes anxious.  “They’re my wings, Seth. This is important—”

A ripe snarl tears up Seth’s throat. Jerking Jazz against him, he bares his fangs. “I don’t give a shit about your fucking feathers. You're mine, damn it! A part of me!” He grips Jazz’s arms so tight he knows there’ll be bruises soon, but he’s just too pissed to care. “Don't you tell me,” he growls menacingly, his face a mere inch from his angel’s, “that just because they're not white anymore you're going to run off on me again.”

Jazz struggles against his hold.

A cruel smirk darkens Seth’s features. Then a boding chuckle rumbles free. “Leave it to an angel to be vain over his wings.” He rolls his eyes and falls back onto the bed. Shaking his head, he breaks into laughter. “Vanity, as you should know, Jazz, is a sin.”  


Jazz’s stomach lurches in his gut. With a mighty shove, he lunges off the bed and scrambles away from Seth. Instantly, he falls into pacing, his wings flittering agitatedly as he drags a hand through his mane.  The action draws his attention back to them and he instinctively tucks them away, mortified at what they now represent.

He is an angel for fuck’s sake. He’s supposed to be virtuous and pure. But he’s not and his wings shove that truth in his face.

Oh, God. What has become of him?

He’s failed his purpose. His Maker.

Again Seth laughs, as if mocking his shame.

Jazz spins around and points a finger at him, anger surging in his chest. “Shut the fuck up, Seth. Just shut the fuck up!” His features twist irritably. “You think your little commentaries are helping me with this?”

Seth merely grins, raising a smug brow.

Jazz bristles hotter. “You’re such an asshole.” He stalks back over to the bed, staying far enough away that Seth can’t grab him again, and glares down at the vampire. “I'm gonna tell you this one time, bud. You talk about my Maker like that again, you call him names like that in my presence one more time, and I swear to everything that’s holy, I will gut your pompous ass. Do you fucking hear me?”


Seth’s grin dissipates instantly. Rising up on his elbows, he scowls. “Oh, stop with the holy shit, Jazz.”  Pushing up, he leans against the headboard. “I'm the one who’s here right now,” he snaps. “The one who still accepts you. Don't even try this righteous drama on me.”

He swings his legs over the side of the bed, then shoves to his feet and moves towards his angel. “So no, I won’t shut up,” he mutters. “I'm going to speak my damn mind and you're going to have to deal with it.”

He grabs Jazz’s shoulders and roughly jerks him close. “You're mine,” he snarls. “So you’d best just start accepting it.”  Jazz opens his mouth to respond, but Seth doesn’t give him the chance. He crushes his lips against his angel’s for a brief yet searing kiss. “Just accept it,” he growls against Jazz’s mouth. “Accept me and come back to bed.”


Tormented conflict ravishes Jazz’s insides. Nothing Seth says is giving him any comfort. Instead his words only make Jazz feel sicker.

He shakes his head against Seth's kiss, a low, breathy whimper slipping free. “No, Seth. I can’t just accept it. It’s not that easy. Not that black and white.” He shoves away and resumes his pacing. Scrubbing his face, he murmurs in his angelic tongue. Eventually, he turns back to his very irritated-looking vampire. “I need time to think. I can’t… I don’t… I have to go.” 

Seth’s eyes widen in realization, but before he can grab hold of Jazz again, Jazz pivots around and tears out onto the balcony. Wings the color of rain clouds burst from his back. Without looking back, he launches from the landing, vanishing out of sight at the speed of light.


Seth snarls in fury, eyes narrowing, fangs bared.

Stalking out to the balcony, he bellows after his angel. “Fine! Go and mourn your damn wings! But know that their color will never dictate us!”

Jazz is already long gone, though.

“Damn stupid brat of an angel!” he roars, sending a fist into the side of the building’s exterior. Brick chips explode in every direction. Chest heaving, he bites back a hiss, his dark form fading into the night. If Jazz wants to run off and act like a baby, so be it. It won’t change anything. They are one now. One.

And soon their hungry bodies will be, too.

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