Remembrance: written by Kora Knight & Raven Foxx 

Chapter Twenty-Five

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"I have a surprise for you."

His precious Jazz is home.

Well, he’s back in New York, and he’s safe.

Standing in the shadows of Jazz’s balcony, thanks to his lacky having found the angel’s abode, Seth breathes deeply, aching to shove the doors open and claim the male tossing and turning on the bed just inside. But damn it all to hell, the angelic powers warding the apartment push him back, keeping him from entering. Raising a hand, he hisses in pain, feeling the powerful wards pulsing around the door. He fists his hands at his sides. The wards would only keep him out for so long.

Growling low, he turns to look out over the city. He’d found a place nearby but he still isn't close enough. He snarls, whirling around to slam his fist against the warded doors, but instead finds them opening.

“Jazz,” he breathes, staring into the darkness, suddenly feeling nearly frantic to simply lay eyes on him.


Jazz frowns. Is he dreaming? Sleep walking? Could Seth really be on his freaking balcony? As he stares at the male outside his door, his heart kicks up a notch. His palms go clammy, his breathing shallows.

Seth has what his body craves. Needs. Wants so fucking bad.

Should he let him in? The forlorn vampire murmuring his name, disarms Jazz, Seth’s dark, tormented eyes tugging on his soul. Exhaling slowly, Jazz fights not to move closer.

“Seth, I...” He licks his lips, his hungry eyes taking in the sight before him. “You look well.”


Still breathing deeply, Seth locks gazes with Jazz. “I told you,” he growls. “I told you I was going to find you, make you pay for what you've done to me.” He rips his shirt wide open, watching the hunger flare in Jazz’s eyes. “Tell me you don't miss me. Tell me you don't want me. Send me away or let down your wards. Better yet, step outside and come away with me.”

He reaches for his angel, but when Jazz stiffens, he drops his hand. “I see.” He turns. “You can hide for a while,” he growls, “but you're going to pay for ripping my fucking heart from my chest.”


Jazz takes a step forward. “No. Wait. Hold up. Don’ t go. Not yet.” He shakes his head. “Not like this.”

Seth turns back to face him, his face a mask of emotional torment. Jazz groans. For all he knows, the guy is going to beat the fuck out of him. Jazz sure as fuck wouldn’t put it past him. What’s more, Jazz is afraid deep down that he'd like it. Is excited, even, to get a few shots in himself.

His jaw clenches. So did his fists at his sides. He holds his breath as Seth's stare burrows into his soul. Finally, Jazz exhales and nods ever so slightly, motioning for Seth to enter while mentally removing the wards. “Come in. I guess we've got some shit to sort out.”


Seth can feel the wards fade as he eyes Jazz in surprise. Locking away his darkness, he hides himself from Jazz's family, then leisurely steps forward into his room. Each step is tentative, however, halfway expecting Jazz to lash out at him.

“There is only one thing I need to know,” he mutters, walking toward his angel. “Why did you make my heart beat then rip it from my chest? Could you not feel the pain it put me through when Zayta did what she did?”

Jazz’s brow dips low in confusion. He takes a step back. “No. I didn’t feel shit. Only the slice of that whip. The tearing of my flesh. But I heard you laugh. The grin on your face was palpable.” He narrows his eyes. “You were enjoying it. My shame. My pain. My humiliation.”

Seth growls. “You idiot. I told what would happen if I had said no to her idea. If I had stopped it, shown weakness, I would have been killed by my people. They would use you against me. Even my son suspects what you mean to me. He may try to dethrone me now. Is that what you want?”


Jazz sighs and turns to his dresser. “Not the killing part…”

Grabbing hold of the blood pendant, he pivots back around. “Here, it’s empty,” he mutters, shoving it into Seth’s palm. He couldn’t seem to meet vampire lord’s eyes. “It wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy me.” He shoves his hand through his hair, chuckling darkly. “It’s never enough. I’m always jonesing…” He meet’s Seth’s gaze briefly. “...for you.”

Seth looks down at the necklace and grunts. “I should let you go without. I should let you feel what I feel,” he snaps, throwing the pendant to the floor. “I should’ve known better than to assume. I’d thought, perhaps even hoped, that I was something more. Something more to you than just a bloody fix.”

Jazz's own anger spikes.

How dare Seth turn this shit around on him!

That mother fucker has some serious gall.

His control snaps. Slamming Seth into the wall, Jazz shoves his forearm against the vampire's throat.  “You'll withhold nothing from me,” he grits through clenched teeth. “You got me dependent, so you're gonna keep me nice and provide for.” He can feel his eyes blazing as they drop to Seth's neck. “And I need it right fucking now. You get me, asshole?”

Seth snarls and grips Jazz’s biceps, but Jazz just crushes him harder into the wall. “No. This ain’t your realm, Seth. You don’t call the shots here. This is my pad. My domain.”

Seth stills, his black eyes burning. The sight gives Jazz pause, snapping him back to reality. Some beast within had just surfaced, an entity that had never been there before.

Jazz jerks back and grimaces. “What have you done to me? You’re make me crazy!” Shaking his head, he turns away, his insides screaming to take what’s his from the vampire. He groans and scrubs his face. “I'm an angel, for fuck’s sake. We don’t behave like this. Oh, God...” He drops to his knees and covers his face in dismay. “I can’t… I can’t think straight when you’re near me.”


Watching his angel—and Jazz is his—Seth smirks and steps from the wall, need suddenly weighing heavy on his body.

“I merely awoke what you really are,” he whispers.

Standing above him, he slides a hand into Jazz’s hair—then jerks his head back. “If you really want me here,” he snarls, “then shut the fuck up before they hear you.”

As if on cue, footsteps resound out in the hallway of Jazz’s room.

Seth bares his fangs as they grow nearer.  “You alerted them!” he hisses. “This is your fault.” Jerking his hand from Jazz’s hair, he growls and moves to the balcony, instantly shadowing himself out of sight.

Aching to stay, he hovers there, watching Jazz inside. “When I return, you are mine,” he vows. “You won’t be escaping me again.”

His heart hammers. He cannot wait to claim his angel.


Jazz groans. He can hear Jared and Janel lingering outside his door. Cursing under his breath, he looks back at Seth. He hasn’t gotten his fix from him yet!

Either of his fixes…

Because if he’s honest with himself, he’d admit he craves more from Seth than just his blood.

Restlessly, his body vibrates at the thought of Seth leaving.

Rising to his feet, he points at Seth before he vanishes. “Don’t. Fucking. Move,” he mouths. “Or I'll kick your ass.”

Seth narrows his eyes, but ultimately inclines his head, his cloak intensifying until even Jazz can’t feel his presence.

Jazz turns, stalks to the door, and yanks the thing open. Two pairs of wide eyes stare back at him in surprise.

“Can I help you?” Jazz grunts. “Or will you be pitching a tent out here.”

His siblings peer over his shoulder, scanning the bedroom for any signs of foul play.

Jazz growls. “I’m so not in the mood for this. Seriously. Now scram.”

Shutting the door, he pauses, listening as they whisper to each other, only to finally head back off into the living room.

In a heartbeat, Jazz is out on his balcony. Pulling Seth out of the shadows, he yanks him against his body, then palms the back of the vampire's neck and tugs it to his mouth. Against his salty skin, Jazz growls, “Give it to me.”


Startled, Seth finds himself smiling darkly. His angel needs him, yes, but does he want him for more? With a lash of his power, he forms a large slice down in his throat, just beneath Jazz's hungry, demanding mouth. Jazz latches on. Seth groans, his body jerking in pain and pleasure.

How sweet it is to feel Jazz’s eager lips on his flesh.

Gripping Jazz by his hair, Seth holds him firm. “Ah, fuck,” he grows. “What am I doing, letting you have more of me like this?” Before he realizes what he’s doing, he rests his cheek against Jazz's head, resolving to let his angel drink his fill.

“Leave your siblings a note,” he murmurs. “Tell them you’re in need of some air. Then come home with me tonight.” He rumbles and pulls Jazz a little closer. “I'll buy you fucking dinner if I must.”


Jazz barks out a laugh, snapping his arms around Seth tight. So tight, in fact, it makes the vampire grunt.

All too soon, though, his focus returns to the taste of the dark lord’s savory blood. The way it ignites his gut, flooding his system, overwhelming him with erotic sensations. The way Seth’s purr tickles his ear, his fingers caressing Jazz’s scalp. The way he’s rested his stubbly cheek against Jazz’s hair.

Fuck, so good.  

As if a true sense of peace had surfaced, for the first time in ages.

Whatever it is, it seeps into the marrow of Jazz’s bones. He moans in utter bliss. Seth’s warm body, his hot blood, his moist breath on his neck. Jazz's mind spins in that amazing way that only Seth can claim responsibility for. He’s deliciously dizzy. Intoxicated. Drunk on everything about him. He’s missed Seth more than he’d realized. Yet, he’d be damned if he’d ever let him know that.

“You’re crazier than me,” Jazz finally murmurs against the vampire’s hot neck, “if you think I'm gonna let you take me on a fucking date.”


Seth growls, feeling irritable, embarrassed, weak. Shoving the angel away, he wipes his throat, instantly sealing the wound. “I think you've used me enough, don't you? You've got what you want, so go back to your perfect little family.”

He holds out his hand, sending the necklace flying from the floor into his grasp. With a glare at Jazz, he cracks open the vial, slits his thumb with a fang, then begins to refill it. Once finished, he tosses it at Jazz with a flick of his wrist. “There. You now have more to keep you be happy for a while longer.” His lip curls into a sneer. “I'm disgusted and will stay no longer. I am no one's blood doll.”

Jazz winces and shakes his head. “Wait. Hold up. I didn’t mean to—I was just—” He steps close and grabs Seth's wrist. “Don’t go. I was just playing.” He smiles. “You made me laugh.” Tugging Seth further into the room, Jazz drops the pendant onto his dresser and gestures to the chair. “Stay. Hang with me. I promise I won’t take any more of your blood.” He grins boyishly, then holds up his hands when Seth glares at him. “I'll be good. Just... Just stay.”

Breathing deeply, Seth mutters, “Your brother or sister could walk in. Then what?” He sprawls into the chair.

Jazz eyes him intently. “I'll handle my siblings. Don’t you worry about them.”

Seth stretches out his legs and watches his angel move closer. He feels a little lighter of heart now—from sharing his blood with Jazz—but rather than making that known, he narrows his eyes. “You have me,” he drawls. “Now what is it you want?”

An image of Jazz moving to straddle him sears his mind. His jaw tenses. He wants the angel, wants to let his mouth wander along Jazz’s chest. Growling, he shifts in his seat, adjusting himself.

Damn that decadent angel!


Grrr. He could kick himself for offering Seth the chair instead of the bed.

He eyes the seat.

Nope, definitely not big enough for both of them. But he fuck if he’s about to climb into the dude's lap.

His gaze rises to Seth's unbuttoned shirt, those thick pecs and those tiny little brown nipples. Jazz clenches his jaw, fighting the sudden urge to licks his chops.

With a casual smile, he perches himself on the arm of Seth’s chair. “What do I want...” he mused, reaching out to twine a finger in Seth’s hair. “You really wanna know, vampire? Cuz I don’t know if you’re gonna like what I’d say.”


Seth shakes his head and smirks. “Since when do I like anything you have to say?”

Snaking an arm Jazz’s waist, he jerks him close, maneuvering him to straddle his hips. “Remove your shirt,” he commands. “I have a surprise for you.”

Again, he finds himself breathing deeply, taking utter pleasure of Jazz’s warm weight atop him. It feels so good. He wants to thrust against his ass, have his little angel crying out for more.


Jazz's lips fall open as he sucks in a breath. “All right.”

Yeah, Seth’s never been one to pussy-foot around. He takes what he wants and that’s pretty much that. Deep inside, Jazz can’t help smiling.

Seth wants him.

After everything.

Shifting atop Seth’s thighs, Jazz tugs his shirt off over his head. Naked from the jeans up, he suddenly feels vulnerable, Seth's heated eyes palpably scouring over his torso. Before Jazz knows what he’s doing, he tugs Seth's unbuttoned shirt out from his slacks and yanks it even further open.

Splaying his right hand over the male's sternum, he pauses. “You've got me how you want me,” he murmurs, “in more ways than one. So, tell me, vampire, what’s this surprise?

Seth shrugs the rest of the way out of his shirt and grins darkly. “You want your surprise, do you?”

Jazz nods.

Seth chuckles and inclines his head. “Then let it be known that I am not the type to deny you.”

Muscles bunching beneath Jazz’s weight, he moves with vampire speed. In the blink of an eye, he leaps up and slams Jazz beneath him on the bed. Jazz gasps, alarmed. Seth secures his wrists with one of his hands, then quickly slaps his other over Jazz’s mouth.

Slowly, Seth lifts his gaze. Above Jazz, the wrought iron bands of his headboard begin to uncurl. Jazz curses, reading the writing on the wall, and starts to struggle. The bands snake out like live vines and wrap around his restrained wrists.

“Come now,” Seth chuckles ominously. “Stop fighting me, angel boy. You asked for your gift and so you're going to get it.”

Jazz’s heart straight-up jackhammers. One minute he’s lounging lazily across his vampire's lap. The next, he’s pinned to his bed, staring up into eyes flashing wickedly with promise.

He starts to panic. Is Seth going to torture him for leaving after all?

Right here in his own friggin’ room?

“Seth. Seth, stop,” he pleas from beneath the male’s weight. “Wait. I—”

Seth’s grin widens.

Oh, fuck. Oh, shit. He's going to— But his thoughts are stopped short when Seth slowly slides down his chest.


With morbid amusement, Seth stares into his angel’s wide eyes. “Delicious,” he whispers.

Although clearly still apprehensive, Jazz relaxes slightly at his voice.

Seth chuckles and opens his mouth, revealing sharp fangs now dripping with venom. Beneath his hand, Jazz muffles a groan, the sound only heightening Seth’s arousal. Like a cobra, he strikes, knifing one fang straight through Jazz’s nipple. Jazz arches hard, his heels digging into the mattress as his body revolts, Seth’s venom swiftly slipping into his bloodstream. Jazz tries to buck him off, all the while yanking and tugging at his wrists, his irate, muffled shouts flowing like hot lava.

Laughing richly, Seth manifests a gag ball. Jazz eyes goes wide in alarm. A heartbeat later, a sharp pain slices into Seth’s palm. He hisses, feeling Jazz's teeth. Glowering, he shoves the gag into Jazz's mouth.

“That was not very nice, little angel boy,” he tisks, lifting his hand away to lick away the blood.

Jazz squirms, more angry grunts escaping around the ball.


Jazz glowers at him, furious. What started off as hands roaming painlessly over his chest is definitely not the case anymore. Seth’s eyes, his expression, have quickly shifted to dark purpose.

Now, with Jazz’s nipple on fire and his tongue shoved back from the ball, he tries again to shout. But it only serves to gag the living fuck out of him. So he shakes his head fiercely instead, trying to tell Seth to stop. To just wait a second. 

Shit, shit, shit.

What the fuck is Seth going to do next?

Jazz starts to pant, nostrils flaring.

Seth merely sighs and withdraws a small object from his pocket. Carefully positioning it at Jazz's pierced nipple, he gives the rock-hard nub a tug.

Jazz gasps at the sharp pain.

Seth slides a metal post through, then with a twist of its tiny ball, locks it securely into place.

His gaze lifts to Jazz’s. “You can try all you want to remove this, but you won’t be able to. You are marked mine now,” he growls, “unable to ever forget it.”

Leisurely, he shifts atop Jazz’s cable-taut frame. “And should anyone else try to touch you?” he continues, “well, it won’t be pretty for either of you.”

Leaning in close, he drags his tongue over the bleeding nipple. A raw moan reverberates in his chest. Clearly, he still likes Jazz’s taste. Drawing it into his mouth, he suckles Jazz’s nipple.

Jazz writhes as pleasure assails him.

Seth smiles in return, then waves Jazz’s ball gag out of existence. “Feel free to yell now,” he grins proudly. “There’s nothing they can do for you now.”

His returns his focus to Jazz’s nipple.

Jazz seethes at his smugness, even as his body burns from the feel of Seth’s mouth. His warm lips and tongue, licking and toying with it, feels insane. Had hurt at first but now is blowing his fucking mind.

But then the vampire’s words of possession circle back around in his brain.

“Seth,” he croaks, both pissed off and delirious with pleasure. “You motherfucker. I can’t believe you did that shit. I am so gonna kick your fucking ass.”

But while his words speak of retaliation, his parted lips and hooded eyes speak of something very different. His restless hands fists slower now from a new kind of need. His hips begin to roll of their own volition.

This time when he groans, it’s low and soft.


Seth reaches up and grasps Jazz’s chin, forcing his angel to meet his eyes. “Shut the fuck up,” he purrs. “You're mine and I'm going to do whatever the fuck I want to you.”

The vines from the head board twist, shifting to aid him as he flips Jazz onto his stomach. With his angel still tightly bound, Seth reaches under Jazz’s hips and deftly unfastens his jeans. Jazz groans. Seth rumbles, then with a hard, quick tug, jerks the denim down Jazz’s thighs.

Grinning, he admires the curve of his angel's ass. “Perfection. Untouched and not a mark.”

Jazz curses, struggling to roll over.

Seth laughs. “Shut the hell up, or so help me, I'll gag your ass again.”

Leaning down, he kisses the dimple on Jazz's right cheek, raking a fang across the sensitive skin. Jazz shudders. Seth growls in approval, then abruptly draws back and brings his hand down hard on that pale, smooth flesh. Jazz barks out in surprise, a red imprint instantly appearing.

Seth purrs again, rubbing his hand soothingly over the sting. “You fucking left me,” he murmurs. “How do you defend such actions?”

 Jazz stills.

Frowning, Seth stretches out beside him on the bed, his breath whispering hot against Jazz’s ear.

Jazz mumbles a smart-ass remark.

Seth smirks and slaps his ass again. Another angry mark rises deliciously into view. Once more, Seth slides his hand over it in an almost loving caress. “I want you to answer me correctly—and mean it,” he growls.


Jazz's brain reels. How does he keep ending up in such fucked up predicaments? Butt-ass naked on his stomach, hands shackled above his head, with a hot as fuck vampire underlord spanking his ass?


He shakes his head, having no clue what Seth wants him to say. But the action only earns him a third hard smack.

But also another rub.

He bites back a moan, the erotic pain and pleasure making him burn. He's never been spanked before, the mixture of sensations both surprising and jarring.  

Grateful that his growing excitement isn’t “showing,” he glares over his shoulder. “Kiss. My. Rosy. Red. Ass.”

A forth smack, even harder this time, with blunt nails raking across the sting.

He hisses in warring pleasure. His dick jerks at Seth’s irritated growl.

Oh, yeah. Thank fuck indeed that he was on his stomach.

Because now he’s sporting a seriously raging boner. So hard, it’s damn near painful. And fuck, his nuts are thrumming, too. He parts his tensed thighs to give his junk some much needed room.

Seth moans softly, then quickly clears his throat. “You will talk to me with respect.”

Jazz swallows. “All right, fine,” he rasps. “I left cuz you messed me up inside. If it wasn’t for that shit you pulled, I—” He groans and buries his head in the pillow. “I don’t think I ever would have gone.”

Of their own volition, his hips slowly rock into the sheets. He moans low and rough, but despite his need to be touched, he needs to hear the truth from Seth as well.

Turning his head, he stares at the wall. “Why’d you let her do that to me?” he whispers. “You could have made up any excuse, but you didn’t even try.”

Seth sighs, his skimming his fingers along Jazz’s ass, then releases his binds. With a swift tug, he pulls Jazz’s jeans up and rolls him over.

Jazz peers up at him, heart thumping.

Seth cups his cheek and leans close, hovering his lips just inches from Jazz’s mouth. “I told you. Because if I had, they would have known what you mean to me. My Achilles heel, to use against me. In harming you, they’d defeat me, hurting us both and keeping us apart.”

Gently, he presses his mouth to Jazz 's and moans. “Damn you, angel. You’ve made me weak. All I can think about is you. And how I want your sweet ass arched in wait of my cock.”

Jazz shivers.

Seth exhales and kisses him again, this time thrusting his hot tongue into his mouth. Twining it with Jazz's in a hungry, demanding dance.

Instantly, Jazz reels, gripping Seth's wrists as he claims his mouth.

He should resist. Turn away. But Heaven help him, he can’t. Seth's lips are like a warm and wonderful haven. He opens his mouth more, allowing the underlord deeper access. He wants Seth inside him, the vampire’s words only making him burn hotter.

What would it feel like to experience that kind of connection with a male? Would Seth take pleasure in hurting him as he broke him in for the very first time? Or would he be gentle? Considerate. Would Jazz even want him gentle? If he’s honest, he'd admit that he loves when Seth gets rough.

He kisses Seth deeper. Grips his wrists even tighter. Then, rising up, he pulls Seth to his knees with him and presses close, tunneling his hands deep into the vampire's hair. Seth’s chest brushes his sensitive nipple. A moan rips from Jazz's mouth. Seth growls hungrily.

Jazz smiles against his lips. “You want me. You really want me.” But then he pauses, smile fading. “And I want you. But I don’t know how to give myself to you, Seth. My body's saying let’s do this, but my head's saying  I'm fucking nuts. Are you gonna do me wrong, vampire? You gonna break me?”

A rumble rolls up Seth’s throat. “I think we’re both already broken.” But then he sighs nuzzles Jazz’s nose. “You are mine. There is no real choice for you in this. But I will leave you to think and come to terms with our… connection.”

Eyes flashing with need, he reluctantly draws back. “I have fed you too much. I must feed now as well.” Rising from the bed, he moves toward the balcony.

Jazz growls, a spike of some strange emotion igniting in his chest.

With a curse, he shoves off the bed and angrily grabs Seth's arm. “If you need to feed, then feed from me. Ain’t no way I'm gonna let you just jet out of here to suck on some other person’s neck.” He shakes his head adamantly, frowning hard. “No way.”

Seth refuses to budge.

Jazz grates out, “Seth. Take my fucking vein.”


Jazz snaps, that foreign ire raising its ugly head again. “Take my vein or so help me I'll wash my hands of you right now! Don’t make me deal with this stupid shit! Ain’t nothing wrong with my fucking jugular!”


Seth smirks darkly, then abruptly slams Jazz up against the door. “You can threaten me with that all you want, but you'll never be done with me.”

Holding Jazz in place with one hand, he tweaks his newly pierced nipple with the other. When Jazz cries out, Seth grinds his hips against him. “You can't always feed me, Jazz. I need essence too, not just blood.” Growling low, he leans in and nuzzles the angel's neck. “But damn, your blood does smell good.”

With a dark heated moan, he grips Jazz's hair and jerks his head to the side. “Mmm. Fuck you, angel,” he murmurs, sinking his fangs into the side of Jazz’s neck. The male’s sweet blood floods his mouth. He groans in bliss, swallowing hungrily as he firmly grinds against him.


Blood pumping fast, Jazz’s entire body coils tight. He grips Seth's biceps as a heated growl rolls up his throat. His lips curve and his eyelids shut. “Aw fuck, yeah,” he moans. “I missed this. Your fangs... Shit, how they fuckin’ light me up.”

Seth grinds harder against him. Jazz rolls his hips back in response. Every time Seth draws on his neck, his velvety tongue drags across Jazz's skin, coaxing the blood into his eager, ravenous mouth. Jazz shivers, squirming between the vampire's body and the door.

But then Seth's words finally register.

'You can’t always feed me, Jazz. I need essence too, not just blood.'

Jazz scowls, shoving Seth away. Blood trickles from his neck wound. “I don’t ever want you taking from anyone but me. I'm strong. I can give you what you need, damn it. I can.”

Seth’s words beg another question, too. One Jazz dreads the answer to. He frowns. “Tell me, Seth. What happens if you never take this essence that you speak of?”


Still breathing heavily from his feeding, Seth purses his lips, then moves close again. Slowly, he drags his tongue over Jazz’s wound. Once the punctures are closed, he pulls back to look into Jazz's eyes. “I grow weak,” he mutters honestly. “I kill to sustain my strength.”

Stepping back, he wipes his bloodied lips. “Are you trying to make me worthless? It's not like I fuck the humans I hunt.”

Jazz’s jaw ticks.

Seth smirks, then leans in close again to kiss Jazz's cheek. “Stop thinking so hard, lest you hurt yourself.”

Jazz scowls, irritation rolling off him in waves.

Seth groans impatiently. “Are you really so jealous, Jazz? When I feed, I take it all.  Blood. Life essence. Do you hear what I’m saying? Are you truly willing to be left a near husk each time I'm done with you?”


Jazz can feel his frown growing more pronounced by the second. Seth's answer bothers him on so many levels. Even with Seth’s lips on him, murmuring with tantalizing softness, Jazz is inconsolable.

He presses his forehead to Seth's. “I can’t do this,” he groans. “As you feel like I am yours, on some fucked up level I feel the same about you. I can’t deal with the thought of your mouth on someone else.”

He tries to shove Seth away, but the vampire holds onto him tight.

Jazz turns his face and winces. “You say all this like... like it’s no big deal. Tell me,” he turns back to meet Seth dead in the eyes. “Could you stand it if I was to feed from others, have my mouth and lips and tongue on someone else?”

When Seth narrows his eyes, Jazz grips his arms intently. “There's got to be another way. Feed from me more often, and in smaller amounts. My angel blood will give you strength. You don’t need them. You don’t.” He cups Seth's face, then growls through clenched teeth, “Hear me, vampire. I need you to not need them.”


Seth stares into Jazz’s eyes. “If you were to feed from others,” he whispers, “I would kill each and every one of them.” He shakes his head. “And your angel side would end up changing me.”

He exhales heavily and pushes away to pace, running a hand agitatedly through his hair. “You cannot expect me to change what I am, who I am.” He glares back at Jazz. “Is it not enough that my mouth does not taste another’s mouth?  That my body does not claim another’s body?”

Jazz glowers, clearly not liking his logic.

Seth narrows his eyes in response. “You ask too much of a dark lord. If I do not swallow others’ darkness to counter your light, I will end up being some good, sweet lump of mush. Is that what you want?” he grates. “For me to be like your kind? Because that’s not going to fucking happen.”

Jazz opens his mouth to respond, but Seth shuts him down.

“Enough. This conversation is finished,” he growls. The topic at hand is not up for discussion.  With a great gust of wind, he vanishes in a wave of darkness, leaving Jazz behind as the balcony doors slam closed in his wake.

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