Remembrance: written by Kora Knight & Raven Foxx 

Chapter Seventeen

"You're mine, and I never let go of what's mine."

Contemplating the weakness he’d been showing Jazz over the past few days, Seth stalks angrily into his bedroom. The angel is laying there with an odd smile on his face.

Seth snarls. “Get off your lazy ass.” He grabs hold of Jazz’s arm and jerks him from the bed. Using his dark magic, he steps through a wall of shadows into a dark, musty cell, dragging his angel behind him. “You think I'm weak? You think I'm fucking soft? I'll show you how soft and weak I am.”

Growling, he shoves Jazz towards a set of dangling chains. A servant emerges out of nowhere, catching Jazz firmly and locking the cold, rusted metal around his wrists.

A faint whimper comes from nearby. Seth turns his gaze toward a female hunched trembling on her knees. Head bowed, she wears a collar of metal around her throat. It holds her in place, along with the cuffs restraining her hands at her sides. Her linen gown is ripped down her back, baring her vulnerable flesh.

Snatching up a leather riding crop, Seth rains it down upon her, leaving a red welt across her face. Her sudden scream of pain sends Jazz visibly reeling. Seth sees the recognition in the angel’s eyes when he looks at the girl. She’s the one always so kind to him, who’d helped him each time he'd been hurt—under Seth’s directive, of course, so he could use her against Jazz in moments such as this.

“This is who I am!” he barks at the angel. “This is what I am! Do you not see it? Do you still doubt it? Each lash,” he grates out, whipping the female again, “is for you, angel. And for the weakness I have shown you.” Another wicked smack, another keening cry. “Clearly, I’ve made you think you had a say here, a right to be who you are and do what you please.”

He spins around and begins lashing relentlessly upon the servant, over and over again until he's panting for breath. Screeches of agony pierce the dark cavern as sweat trails down his body. He laughs sinisterly, his shirt sticking to his back. “Your screams, woman, your pleas, they fucking turn me on!” He turns to pin Jazz with a glower. “So what do you think of me now?”


Jazz yanks against his restraints, angrier than fuck that he's been shackled yet again. But what really has his blood boiling is the scene Seth is forcing him to watch. The torture and punishment of the innocent female who did nothing but help Jazz when he was hurt. Her screams and anguished cries are like a stake straight through his heart. And Seth is clearly doing this to her because of him.

Letting out a bitter shout, he yanks again at his chains. “Damn it, Seth! This is bullshit! She's done nothing wrong! If you’re pissed at me, then hit me! Let her go!”

Seth just glares at him, a wicked smirk on his face as he turns back to land another blow on the woman.

Jazz howls in fury. “Enough, for fucks sake! Let’s work this out as males. You wanna inflict pain? Then let’s go, asshole. I'm more than willing to throw it down with you.” He tugs again at his restraints, growling with blackening eyes that bore into Seth's. “If you gotta prove something, even if it’s to yourself, then so be it.” With gritted teeth, he hisses low, “Let. Her go. And fight. Me.”

Seth smiles, even as a soft moan crawls weakly up the female’s throat. “Why should I let her go? She's ready for me now. I'm going to take her right here and make you watch. I'm going to fucking show you what kind of monster I am. Watch her scream and beg,” he purrs softly, “in pain and desire.”

Jazz grimaces in anguish.

“Please, Master,” the female whimpers from the floor. “I'm sorry. Tell me what I can do to please you.”

A guard emerges to release her from her shackles. Slowly, she crawls over, curling around his leg like a pet. Her hand slides up his thigh.

“Anything for you, Master,” she moans, clearly still hurting. And yet, shockingly, the look in her eyes reveals she’s turned on as well.  

Jazz's lips part at what he realizes is about to transpire in front of him. “Oh God. Seth.” He shakes his head. “Don’t do this.” When Seth lets out a dark chuckle, reaching down to pet the female's head, Jazz curses and turns his head. “Don’t make me watch this.”

Seth's guard abruptly wrenches his head back, forcing him to face the show. Seth has ripped the remainder of the servant’s clothes off and is working the zipper on his fly. She raises up on her knees, ready and willing to take him into her mouth. As Seth yanks on her hair brutally, Jazz growls.

“Please. Seth...” His face twists, pain and confusion tearing at him as he struggles to understand what’s happening—and why Seth getting physical with another is upsetting him so bad.

And still Seth continues, pulling himself free and shoving his length harshly down the female's throat. When she gags, Jazz yanks his head in the guards hold, trying to turn away. When he can’t, he squeezes shut his eyes.

“You are such an asshole,” he snarls bitterly. “Let me go so I can beat your fucking ass!”


Seth laughs. “You got a problem with this, angel?” Grinning, he guides the woman's mouth along his cock, growling despite the nearly-nonexistent pleasure he’s getting from her touch. To improve the experience, he pictures that it’s Jazz's mouth instead of hers.

Nodding to the guard, he watches from the corner of his eye as the male releases Jazz, allowing him to fall free from the chains. “That's it, female,” he rasps. “Show your master what he means to you.” His head drops back as his eyes hood with pleasure. Deeply he breathes, knowing the angel is going to try and take him on. The truth is, he hopes the angel will run.

Jazz lurches up, glaring at the guard as he rubs his raw wrists. And then his head whips back around to where Seth is standing, the female's head clamped tight in his hands. Jazz narrows his eyes, his heart pounding, his blood racing. Growling low, he squares his shoulders and stalks over to the vampire—and his play toy.

Without hesitation, he shoves Seth’s shoulders as hard as he can. “Cut the shit!” he barks furiously. “It’s clear you're trying to make a point here. But what exactly it is, you’re gonna have to explain.”

Seth stumbles back with a hiss, releasing the woman in his attempt to keep from falling on his ass. Jazz points down to the girl.

“You. Get the fuck outta here. Your master and I have some discussing to do.” He pivots and lunges into Seth's grill, growling through clenched teeth. “Don’t we.”

Gathering herself quickly, the woman scampers off, leaving them alone. Seth seethes, yanking up his pants. “What the fuck do you think you're doing?” he bellows. “How dare you disrupt my fun!”

Shoving himself back into his pants, his glares hard at the angel, fighting to ignore the way Jazz’s flushed face makes him feel. When Jazz glowers right back, crossing his arms stiffly, Seth snarls, “What do we have to talk about? How you're begging for death?”

Thing is, if he was going to kill Jazz he should have done it in the beginning. It only proves he’s indeed growing weaker.

Jazz’s jaw ticked, his lips pursing restlessly.

Seth scowls. “Get out of my face,” he snaps, “before I flay you alive.”


Jazz steels himself, folding his arms stubbornly, planting his feet in a show of defiance. “I ain’t going anywhere. Not until you tell me what the fuck that was all about. Why did you bring me here and force me to watch that shit? Why? Are you trying to punish me again? For what? What the fuck did I do that's got you suddenly so pissed off at me?”

Seth bares his fangs and shoves past him. “I don’t owe you an explanation.”

Jazz snaps.

Spinning around, he grabs hold of Seth's thick bicep and he yanks him to a stop. “I may be your captive, but I'm still an angel and will always demand respect. So respect this, asshole.” Before he knows what he's doing, he hauls back and punches Seth square in the face.


Shocked, Seth stumbles back, hand rising to grab his jaw. It wasn’t the pain that surprised him, though. That part felt good. It's the fact that Jazz actually hit him.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he roars. “I should rip you apart for that!”

He stalks back over to Jazz, seeing the fire burning in the angel’s eyes. Seth groans at the sight, but then grabs Jazz by the shoulders and slams him into the wall. “What have you done to me?” he hisses. “What the fuck have you done to make me so goddamn weak!” He searches Jazz’s gaze, a hint of pleading in his tone. Sorrow lances at his soul. “You've broken me.”

Pinned against the wall, Jazz curses, gripping Seth’s biceps. “What the fuck are you talking about?” He shakes his head in confusion. “I've done nothing to you! I haven’t broken shit!”

Seth frowns bitterly, air sawing in and out of his lungs.

Jazz groans in clear frustration. “Talk to me. For fucks sake.” Something flashes in his eyes, as if hit by some realization. Releasing Seth's arms, Jazz grips the sides of his face. “You feel things… That’s why you think you’re busted? Cuz I make you feel things?” He holds Seth’s gaze intently. “What, is that shit new to you or something?”

Seth’s chest squeezes. He glances away.

“Dude,” Jazz growls, low but soft. “You’re not broken. Trust me. You’re not.” He forces Seth to look at him. “Fuck, Seth,” he mutters. “Feeling shit doesn’t make you weak, you stupid ass. Everybody's got feelings. And obviously, your twisted self is no exception.” He purses his lips and grunts. “So put on your big girl pants and deal.

Seth stiffens, then shoves him away. “Fuck you,” he snarls. “These kinds of emotions do make you weak. They make you worthless.”

Glowering, he turns away to fix his pants.
Jazz’s arms come around him.
Seth stops breathing.

And when that strong, warm hand slides over his chest, his heart skips a beat. Seth tenses. His heart? Who the fuck would have thought he still had one. That it hadn't been ripped out and destroyed by his father years ago.

“Don't,” he exhales, closing his eyes. He struggles to breathe, struggles to dam the wall of feelings washing through him.


Jazz, too, struggles in this emotionally charged moment. He doesn’t know what to make of Seth's behavior. And he sure as fuck doesn’t know what to make of the shit warring inside his own brain. All he can think to do, as Seth broods in clear turmoil, is to hold the guy. Just give him some stability and maybe find some for himself while he's at it. The vampire is clearly fighting shit inside his head, but Jazz has a strange feeling it isn’t really him Seth is resisting so adamantly.

Whatever, though. Jazz isn’t gonna push the guy. He doesn’t want anything from him anyway, right? Just Seth’s vein. That amazing blood that makes him feel so damn good. Right? That’s all he wants, all he really needs. To secure and stabilize their tumultuous chemistry so he doesn’t lose the drug of his addiction. God, it feels like ages since he’s fed…

As Seth struggles half-heartedly in his arms, his scent wafts up into Jazz's nose. His stomach clenches. He presses his face into the male's thick shoulder and groans. “Stop this shit, Seth. Please. Just let it go. You know I'm not gonna do you wrong. I—I need you on a level that—I'd never risk hurting you.”

Absently, his lips press to the vampire's skin. His tongue makes a long, lazy lap. And then his teeth emerge, dragging along Seth’s throat.

“Fuck,” Jazz moans, low and needy. “How did we fucking get here, vampire?”


Rolling his head out of the angel's way, Seth moans. “I know not,” he whispers. “Truly, I haven't a clue.” His shoulders slump. “I don't understand,” he groans, covering his hand over Jazz’s where it rests atop his heart. “I thought this kind of torment left me long ago. When my father murdered my mother,” he murmurs, “because she could give him no more children.”

Reflecting, he falls silent, then surprises himself with his next words. “I wanted to stay in that bed with you, Jazz. I wanted to be with you,” he admits. “But to feel these things, it makes me weak. It changes me.” He shakes his head, even as he savors the feel of his angel’s touch. His angel. He frowns. “You're mine. Do you understand that, Jazz? You dare touch another, feel for anyone else…” His tone drops darkly. “And they shall die.”


Jazz stills at his words. Pulling away, he spins Seth around and jabs his finger in his chest. “I am no one's possession,” he snaps. “No one's—including yours.” His ire deflates, though, when he sees Seth’s tormented expression. Jazz turns and scrubs his face. “You need to let me go, Seth. Maybe you’re right. It’s no good. Us being around each other like this. It’s not right, not natural how I crave your blood. And clearly I’m making you miserable. Making you say things you don’t mean. You don’t want me. Not really. I drive you crazy.”

Seth rumbles darkly.

Jazz looks at him and frowns. “Kill me or let me go, vampire… before we lose our fucking minds.”


Seth flinches. “You want to go? You want to leave me?” he whispers darkly. Fury boils in his gut. “You're just like all the rest. Always leaving, always running,” he growls. “I thought you could be different, but you're not.”

Pivoting around, he slams his fist into the wall. “Get the fuck out of my sight!” he roars, ripping a chain from the wall. “Or I'm going to fucking end you!” He spins and glares daggers at his paling angel. “You want to be free? Of me and my blood? Shall I just call it from your veins then? Perhaps I should command it to return to me,” he mutters threateningly. “Then you can wander around down here until you die!”

He spins around and glowers at the wall. Of course he couldn't kill Jazz. Not Jazz. But why the fuck not? Curse him, he'd never understand!


Jazz lets out a frustrated shout, throwing his hands up in the air. “How the fuck do you expect me to feel? You have my ass drugged and pulled down into this pit of gloom and doom. You torture me in every way. Force me to become dependent on your blood. You seduce me, then spin shit around to make me feel like I'm pushing myself on you. You make me burn, make me feel shit I don’t want to feel. You’re hot then cold. Calm, then spazzing, threatening to kill me, for fucks sake! What the fuck, dude? I can’t keep up with you! You’re driving me insane!”

He stalks over to Seth and yanks the chain out of his hand. Chucking it on the floor, he shoves the vampire nice and hard. “What the fuck do you want from me?” he barks. “Spit it out, damn it! OWN. YOUR. SHIT. Cuz I may be an angel but I’ve never claimed to be a damn mind reader!”

Seth snarls, baring his fangs.

To Jazz’s disgust, a shiver of restless desire races up his spine. He grips his nape as he tries to focus, glaring at Seth as he catches his breath. “What do you want,” he groans. “For the love, just fucking tell me.”


Seth bristles. “You want to know what I want?” he snarls. “You really want to know?”

Stalking toward Jazz, he shoves him backward hard. As Jazz stumbles for balance, the room around them changes, morphing into a plush dark bedroom. Seth shoves at him again, and this time Jazz falls back onto an over-stuffed bed. All around them, candles flare to life.

“I want your ass naked, begging me to fill you,” he growls. “You think I'm using you? Well, hold tight then, because I'm going to pull my blood from you and show you just how I use those I want.”

Smirking, he narrows his eyes on Jazz and calls to the darkness he’s long since planted inside the male. He can see the blood coming alive in Jazz’s veins. The angel starts to struggle and squirm as blood seeps out of every orifice. First, from the corners of his eyes, and then from his ears and nose. The blood trickles slowly, its release clearly both painful and pleasurable.

Seth grins bitterly. “Once you're free of my taint, we'll see if you truly want me.”


Jazz sucks in a sharp breath as his body locks up tight. Writhing on the bed, he lets out a strangled shout. He can feel Seth’s essence crawling through him, from the recesses of its many hiding places deep inside him. His fists clench onto the black sheets as his body continues to scramble, his heels digging into the mattress as he bucks and twists. Seth looms silently over him, watching him with fiery eyes and parted lips.

“What—What are you doing to me?” Jazz hisses between clenched teeth. “I can’t—Aw, fuck—I can’t—”

His body begins to undulate as his eyes and ears continue to seep Seth's darkness. He pries one hand from the covers and reaches towards the dark lord, sucking in a sharp breath. “Stop!” he pants. “Don’t—I need it—Don’t take it—”

Seth extends his hand casually, as if Jazz’s torment means nothing to him. Jazz lurches up and grabs hold, yanking the vampire down on top of him. Locking the male's thighs in a tight hold with his own, Jazz snarls, then yanks Seth close and shouts, “Fuck you!” Before he can stop himself, he sinks his teeth into Seth’s flesh and frantically begins to suck.

Seth bucks, then growls. “Yes… That's what I want… To fuck you and have you screaming,” he moans. “Screaming my name and leaving me panting for more of you.”

Palming Jazz’s face, Seth shoves him off, then pries himself free of Jazz’s legs. Rising up on his knees, he rips off his shirt. “We're going to do it here and now, and if you still want to leave me…” He trails his hand down Jazz’s chest, his voice nearly breaking. “Then we’ll discuss it. But just so we’re clear,” he murmurs, settling back down atop him, “there won’t be any discussion of who owns you.”

His growling turns gravelly. Menacingly possessive. “You're mine. Do you hear me, Jazz? Mine!” he bites out angrily.

Crushing his mouth to Jazz’s, he thrusts his tongue deep, kissing him hard. Making Jazz’s head spin, the taste of Seth’s blood still in his mouth making him mental. He’s his drug, Jazz realizes with disturbing clarity. His ultimate aphrodisiac. His obsession.

Seth’s tongue strokes faster against his, thrusting and probing with a fevered passion.

Jazz fists the dark lord’s hair. “Seth—” he pants into his mouth. “What are we doing—You can’t possibly—”

Seth's hungry mouth cuts him off as he grinds his steely length against Jazz's crotch.

Jazz arches, a hard moan tearing past his lips.  “Oh fuck—I can’t think—You’re too much—”

Seth growls. “Oh, angel…. We’ll see about too much.”

Again, he short circuits Jazz’s train of thought, dominating Jazz’s mouth as his hands roam roughly over Jazz’s body. This time Jazz can’t fight the hunger inside him barreling out of control. His hands slip from Seth's hair and grip his ass, pressing the vampire into his rolling hips.

Jazz growls eagerly, then groans desperately, against Seth's incredible lips. “Seth—Shit—I don’t—I've never—”

Seth latches onto his neck. Jazz shudders, eyes rolling back. Restlessly, he shoves his hands into the back of vampire's pants. Warm, firm flesh greets his touch. Jazz’s chest vibrates, deep and low. “Fuck… Seth...”

Seth curses and rolls over, pulling Jazz swiftly atop of him. Hands rising to roam over Jazz's chest, he palms him with a rumble. “You want me to stop, tell me, or I'm going to claim you right here. This is your last chance run from me.” His eyes flash fire, a sensual grin spreading across his features. “Speak now or hold your peace.” A sultry hiss slips from his lips. He slowly bares his fangs. “But know this, you will never be with another once I mark you.”

He smirks, sliding his hand up to cup Jazz's cheek. “Can you stomach being mine?” he murmurs, stroking Jazz’s mouth. “Because that’s what I deem to make you, Jazz. Mine.”

Jazz's lips part as his eyes close. Groaning, he slowly shakes his head, wrapping his fingers tightly around Seth's wrist. “I can’t be your possession, vampire. I can’t live like that.”

Seth’s other hand kneads his Jazz’s pec, his thumb dragging back and forth over Jazz's nipple.

Jazz moans, his hips beginning to roll. This male knows how to work him like nothing else on the planet. Jazz has very little defense against him.

His hand slides over Seth's stomach, his thumb dipping into his navel. Seth's muscles tense and relax at his touch. The reaction makes Jazz harder than hell.

He has power over the vampire, too.

Opening his eyes, Jazz meets Seth's dark gaze. “I need to be free,” he murmurs. “Can you stomach letting me go. Letting me fly?”

Seth stills, then frowns. “In time… when you learn to fly back to me,” he whispers. Breath rushes from his lungs as Jazz’s hands continue to explore him. “But no one else shall be above or beneath you but me,” he tacked on with a snarl. “No one. Do you understand me?”

Sadness flickers in his gaze. A muscle ticks in his jaw. “Can you,” he breathes softly, earnestly, “stomach leaving me, Jazz?”

Jazz blinks, taken off guard.

Seth sighs, his eyes drifting closed. “Your hands are so warm, so full of life,” he whispers. “I find myself wanting you to touch me. And never stop.”


Jazz growls and lets go of Seth's wrist, freeing up both of his hands to roam the vampire's body. Back over his tensing abs, along the sides of his ribs, then back around to caress his firm pecs. He lingers there to pinch his nipples, loving how it makes Seth suck in sharply. And then his hands are on the move again, traveling over broad shoulders and up a thick, sturdy neck. His fingers tunnel languidly into Seth's dark hair.

When the vampire beneath him lets out a deep, rumbling purr, Jazz finds himself needing to eat up the erotic sound. He drops his head and quickly latches his hungry lips to Seth's mouth, prompting it to open so Jazz can get deep inside. The dark lord doesn’t disappoint. Jazz enters him with raw excitement, abandoning reason to embrace this longed-for passion—a feeling he's never had before and wants desperately to follow to fruition.

Jazz moans as Seth fists his hair and ravishes his mouth in return. He can’t think about Seth's questions, Seth's claim on him. It would only complicate the moment. So he buries them deep in the back of his brain and focuses on the hands in his hair and the lips locked to his.

Slowly, he settles himself along the vampire's body, never breaking their kiss as he cradles the back of Seth's head. He roams his other hand back down Seth’s torso, his fingers lingering at the lip of Seth's slacks—lingering, as if waiting for an invitation.

“Vampire,” he whispers huskily, “I'm burning up...”


Seth’s breaths come in deep pants, the eager touch of his innocent angel drawing forth a moan. Over their short time together, Jazz had improved with his hungry ministrations, become demanding in such a sinfully delightful way.

“As am I,” Seth murmurs softly. “I want to be your first, Jazz. Your only. Can you give that to me? Can you give yourself to me and only me?”

He slides his hand between their hips, groping Jazz and squeezing his thickness through his pants. Jazz only moans in oblivious pleasure. Seth skims his fingers up Jazz's chest, then slices the fine skin above Jazz’s nipple with his nail. Abandoning Jazz’s mouth, he latches onto the wound, suckling both it and Jazz’s nipple with a vibrating growl.

Jazz grinds against him, his soft curse tickling Seth’s ears.

A banging on the door abruptly sounds. Seth’s head snaps up with a snarl, his fangs dripping with venom.

“M-M-Master. P-P-Please forgive me,” a fear-filled voice calls from the hall.

Jerking up from the bed, Seth stalks to the door and rips it open. “WHAT!” he bellows, ready to tear the servant to shreds.

“I—I'm so sorry!” the male squeaks, spilling to the floor, hands flying up to shield his hairless head. “Serab is here,” he whimpers. “And you… wished to know.”

Hearing the elder vampire's name, Seth narrows his eyes. “I'll be there shortly.” Lips pursed, he slams the door, then pauses to lean against it, still struggling to catch his breath. To fucking regroup.


Panting, Jazz props himself up on his elbows and looks at Seth. He can see by the look on his face that they're done here. A part of him wants to curse, and yet another part of him is utterly relieved.

God, what was he about to do?

Fuck that, he knew exactly what he was about to do—something down and dirty, raw and frenzied. Pain and pleasure and everything he shouldn’t want—with a male he shouldn’t want.

He scrubs his face at the thought and flops back down, chuckling darkly as he presses the heel of his hand into his bulging fly. “A dark lord's work is never done...”


Turning to look at Jazz, Seth frowns. “This is only interrupted, not finished. Do you understand me?”

With a sensual gait, he saunters back over and grabs Jazz's hand, jerking him into a sitting position. Pulling a ring from his finger, he mutters, “This is yours now, as you are mine.” With a gentleness that belies his aggressive nature, he slowly slides it onto Jazz’s finger. “You’re mine and I never let go of what's mine.” Without warning, he yanks Jazz into his arms and kisses him deeply. “Wait for me here,” he breathes, reluctantly drawing away.


Jazz just sits there, stunned and frowning. It’s not until Seth leaves that his constricted chest releases the breath he's been holding. Slowly, he looks down at his left hand, to the deep crimson stone embedded in thick gold, snugly wrapped around his middle finger.

He thumbs it and swallows hard. And then he's reaching to touch his chest, right where Seth had been sucking the gash at his nipple. He moans as he remembers the initial shock he’d felt when Seth had sliced him, then the stark pleasure when the vampire had begun to suck.

His fingers trace the healing wound then traveled up to his lips—where Seth had possessed his mouth. No one has ever kissed Jazz like that. He'd felt on fire. His heart had been jack-hammering in his chest—from fear or excitement. Hell, probably a lot of both.

He stills, Seth's words returning to his thoughts: You're mine and I never let go of what's mine.


What the hell is he going to do now? He tries to remove the ring, but it won’t budge. He curses, lurching off the bed to pace. Part of him is ecstatic that someone wants him for his very own. He never thought he would ever mean much to anyone but his siblings.

But the other part of him is in near panic mode. He can’t be owned by friggin’ Seth friggin’ Masters!

For fucks sake, he'd lose his salvation!

Jazz pauses, his brows bunching. Or would he?

Falling onto the bed, he hugs a pillow as his mind wanders back to the passion he basked in just moments before.

So sweet. So fucking sweet.

He groans, closing his eyes. Yeah, he'd worry about shit tomorrow.

With his fingertips to his mouth, he sighs down to his soul, then proceeds to relive the last ten minutes of ecstasy.

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