Chapter Sixteen

Remembrance: written by Kora Knight & Raven Foxx 

"You make me forget."

Entering Jazz’s bedroom, Seth stops, finding Jazz lying in bed with that kitten tucked in under his chin. “Have you already replaced me, angel?” he drawls.

Walking over, he settles onto the bed and curls up against Jazz’s back. He can feel Jazz stiffen. The kitten hisses at Seth, as if sensing he’s the reason for Jazz’s unease.

“Shut up,” Seth growls. “He was mine first.” Sliding his hand along Jazz's chest, he too hisses when he feels the kitten swat at him, its tiny, razor-sharp claws slicing deep atop his knuckle.


Jazz sucks in a breath as Seth’s hot, hard body presses snugger against his. He wants to hate this feeling. After everything, he wants to honestly feel repulsed. But he doesn’t.

He swats his furry friend away with a small smile. “Chill cat. I'm pretty sure if he wanted to end me he'd have done it by now.” When Seth chuckles low, then growls, dragging his fangs along the nape of Jazz's neck, Jazz shudders. Closing his eyes, he analyzes the dark lord's vibes. Seth is tense—irritated.

Jazz turns his head and looks at him. “You're pissed off again. Why’re you buggin’?”


Seth scowls, holding up his hand as one fat droplet of blood slides free from the scratch. He doesn’t want to go into all the different origins of his annoyance. But when Jazz waits patiently, as if determined to have an answer, Seth sighs. “Just more bullshit. Demons who think they're stronger than I,” he growls. “Better than I.” He shudders abruptly as Jazz’s tongue brushes over his cut. It heals instantly.

“Jazz,” he whispers, eyes hazing.


Jazz frowns at Seth’s tender murmur. Once again, the vampire appears to be letting down his walls. But every time he's done that in the past, he's ultimately slammed the door in Jazz’s face. He isn’t sure how to act around him anymore. So he too rolls onto his back and sets the cat on his chest.

Scratching its head, he exhales. “I still haven’t named this little punk. I was thinking maybe Zeek or something.”

Seth chuckles softly. Sliding his arm beneath Jazz's head, he draws him close. As he rolls back onto his side, he buries his face against the angel's neck, growling softly. “Call it Jeff… or Bob,” he teases gruffly.

Jazz laughs and elbows him.

Seth grins with a grunt. “Stop with the foreplay,” he murmurs, his warm breath tickling Jazz’s neck. “Call him Stripe… or Tiger, then.” He grins, exhaling slowly, stilled curled up next to Jazz’s side.

The guy was actually relaxing. Shocking!

Jazz smiles as his cat attacks his fingers. The way Seth is pressing into him is making his insides hum with warmth.

He turns his cheek, pressing it into the vampire's hair. “Dude,” he chuckles. “You suck just as bad as me with names. Maybe we should just call him Cat.”

Seth smirks. “I've never had to name anything before. At least I tried.” Lazily, he slides his hand over Jazz's chest. “What have you in mind? Surely you have something better than Zeek.” A genuine smile emerges as he presses his lips to Jazz’s cheek. “Cat?” He snorts softly. “Really?”

Jazz grins with a shrug, his eyes still on the frisky cat as he bats it around on his stomach, watching as its little arms try valiantly to secure his fingers—so it can chew on them. And still he’s totally aware of Seth's warm hand gliding over him. Ironically, it’s making him want to purr like the friggin cat.

Jazz draws in a deep breath. “I want something tight. He's got to have a kick-ass name to hang with a kick-ass angel like me.” He smiles as his eyes flicker to Seth's, then down to the vampire’s lips. Quickly they dart back to the cat. “He does have the heart of a king,” he murmurs. “He’s actually like you in many ways.” He thinks quietly for a second. “So, how about Rex?” His eyes slide back to Seth’s, lingering this time, held fast by the underlord’s heady gaze.


Seth’s lips quirk up on one side, but as he looks into Jazz's eyes, he can feel his smile growing wider.

“Yes, I like Rex,” he murmurs. “He certainly has the ego to go with it. And he's already tried to eat me once.” His eyes bore deeper into Jazz’s. “If it pleases you, then that is what it should be.” He leans in on a whim and kisses the angel slowly. Jazz stills, but eventually returns the gesture.

“Tell me,” Seth whispers against Jazz’s lips. “Why is he so much like me? What makes you think him and I have anything in common—besides you?”

Jazz blinks languidly, his hooded eyes darkening. “He's feisty, for one,” he breathes, barely above a whisper. “S’got a wicked little temper. He's fearless… and bold—with this fire in his veins.” Absently, he strokes the cat’s back, even as his gaze stays locked with Seth’s. “He's very.... passionate and─” He stills as Seth silences him with another hot press of his mouth.


Jazz’s heart stumbles in his chest. But as the vampire's soft murmurs—and even softer lips—continue to caress his senses, he finds his hand leaving the cat to reach over and palm the back of Seth's head. His lips part, then begin to move in a slow dance with the dark lord’s. Over and over again, their mouths meet, then pull just slightly away. Together, then a hair’s breadth apart. Pressing gently, dragging, teasing.

Their mouths open wider, their warm tongues making contact. Jazz moans. Seth swallows the sound with a hungry growl. Their tongues turn more aggressive—bolder. Their mouths press harder, anxious, excited—like they’re struggling to get deeper inside each other’s recesses.

Their hands get in on the action, too. Jazz rolls to his side, forcing Rex to scramble out from between them to avoid being crushed. Eager fingers grasp, gripping at mounds of heated muscle as both males begin to grind into one another. Jazz’s breathing turns shallow, his cock filling rock hard. In the back of his mind, conflicted emotion struggle to surface, to put a stop to this madness.

He groans against Seth's mouth. “Fuck. You make me crazy, vampire... Why can’t I ever resist you?”

Seth’s lips caress over his, a dark moan rising from the male. His tongue slows, twining gently with Jazz’s. They roll over as one. When Jazz rises up to straddle him, Seth groans.

Chest heaving, he slides his hands up Jazz's chest, pushing up his shirt. “I want to feel your flesh on mine,” he whispers, holding Jazz’s gaze. “Your eyes remind me of a sunny day, always so full of light and joy. You make me forget who I am,” he rumbles softly, cupping Jazz’s cheek, his thumb brushing over Jazz's lips. “What I am.”

Jazz stares down at him, turning his face into the vampire's warm palm. Wrapping his hand around Seth’s wrist, he takes the male’s thumb into his mouth. Suckling it, he splays his other hand between the vampire's firm pecs. Which only made him want more.

Abruptly, Jazz shoves Seth's hand away and yanks off his own shirt. Grinning, he tugs Seth's off next. His eyes drift down to admire the vampire's perfectly chiseled physique.

“Damn, Seth,” he mutters breathily. “You’re fucking stunning. You're like a living, breathing masterpiece and shit.”

He tunnels his hands into Seth's hair, fists tightening as he yanks Seth's up to crush their lips back together. Seth's arms snap around him, pressing their bare chests tightly together. The heat and smooth skin make Jazz shiver.

“Oh fuck,” he moans. “I'm so lost in you... Damn it, vampire. What’ve you done to me?”


Seth smiles, then growls and rolls over to pin his angel. Sliding an arm beneath Jazz’s head, he sinks his fingers into his hair. “Whatever it is, you've done it to me, too.”

He claims Jazz’s lips hard again, thrusting his tongue into Jazz’s mouth. Swallowing Jazz's groan, he grinds against him, enjoying the feel of the male's hardness pressing into him.

“Fuck you,” he rasps roughly, “and whatever power it is you have over me.” Despite his own words, he moans anew, nuzzling his way along the side of Jazz's neck. Finding the perfect spot, he sinks his fangs deep into the angel’s vein. In that moment, he and Jazz connect, their thoughts, emotions, desires becoming one. He groans in torment as he feels Jazz’s need for freedom, his need to get away—and yet to be with Seth.


With this hard, hot, massive male pressing into him, rolling his slender hips between Jazz's thighs, Jazz feels like he's slipped into a haven of warmth and seclusion where just the two of them exist. Where all the complications of the worlds they're from are gone.

“Oh yeah...” he purrs, his fingers pressing into Seth's back. As the vampire continues to drink, he drags his hands down to grab hold of the vampire’s slowly pumping ass. He grips as much as his hands can hold as his knees fall apart.

Seth growls, abruptly lodging his fangs deeper. Jazz shouts out in passion, arching into the male above him, his head pressing hard into the pillow. “Fuck─ Seth─ Aw shit─”

His fingers dig deeper as his own hips begin to buck, loving the feel of Seth latched on to him, sucking hard from his vein, sharing his mind's most personal secrets. Seth stills a second later, then growls deep and low. He doesn’t sound pleased. But just as quickly he resumes with his feeding—as if having ultimately renewed some kind of deep resolve. His hands grip onto Jazz with a fierce possessiveness, like he has something to prove—to both of them.

But Jazz can’t think deeper than that. The male has his mind spinning too fast. And his cock is so hard he’s actually beginning to worry. He feels like he’s gonna bust a nut any second. And still Seth’s hips keep on with their steady, pumping grind.

Panting, Jazz lets out a groan. “Seth─ You've got me─ Oh shit─ So close─ Fuck, vampire─ You feel insane.”

Seth pulls his fangs free, chuckling low. “Let me,” he murmurs dark and sultry, sliding his hand into Jazz's pants. Grasping hold of his thick, hard shaft, he squeezes it. Jazz bucks on a breathless curse. Seth smiles, licking his lips. “You feel amazing,” he growls with another squeeze. Again Jazz jerks, then freezes beneath him.

Seth leans in to breathe against Jazz’s ear. “What's the matter, angel? You like to play but want nothing more?” He chuckles low, nipping his ear, his fang gently catching his earlobe. “Mmm…” he purrs, running his tongue along the shell of Jazz’s ear. “You taste like pure sugar, my sweet boy.”

Jazz shivers violently.

Seth chuckles again, smiling. “If you want me to stop,” he rasps, lifting up to meet Jazz’s gaze, “tell me to stop. Tell me to go.”

Jazz sucks in a breath, his hand fisting restlessly into the vampire's hair. Seth gives his shaft another tantalizing squeeze.

Jazz moans, his eyes rolling back. “Oh fuck.”

Anxiously, he pulls Seth back down, burying his face into his neck. His hips roll of their own volition, eagerly lifting into Seth's grip. The vampire chuckles once more against his ear, bites a second time onto his lobe. All the while, his strong hand stays secured around Jazz's erection.

Jazz hisses, overrun by erotic sensation. “It’s not that I don’t want more,” he pants. “I just─ I've never─” he gasps as Seth's thumb strokes the head of his dick. “Oh fuck,” he groans out, jerking hard. No one has ever touched him like this before. And damn it, it feels so fucking good. “Fuck no,” he croaks. “Don’t want you to stop.”

His hips roll faster into Seth's hand as he forces the vampire's mouth back down to his. His lips latch urgently onto Seth's as fire begins licking up his shaft. He moans hard into the dark male's mouth.

“Oh shit, I want you so fucking bad. Why?” he pants. “Why do I feel like I'll die if you leave?”

The underlord lets out a dark, rumbling chuckle. Jazz hisses, both hands fisting brutally into Seth’s hair, all the while his hips grind furiously against Seth's hand. The flames licking higher, hotter up his shaft, delve swift and hard into his sack.

He gasps. “Fuck you, vampire, for making me need you like this!” Plunging his hot tongue deep into Seth's mouth, Jazz ravages him with a kiss that screams confusion and anger, frantic lust—and sweet surrender.


Groaning, Seth kisses Jazz back in spades, the angel's delightfully sweet lips driving him to insanity. He grips the angel’s shaft tighter, continuing to stroke him, enjoying the feeling of Jazz’s bucking beneath. 

But then, in morbid curiosity, he abruptly stops, savoring the growl that erupts from Jazz’s throat. Seth smiles wickedly, trailing a fingertip through the pearly drop atop Jazz’s crown.

“Look at you,” he purrs as Jazz pants restlessly beneath him. “So fucking hot.” He lifts his slick finger to his mouth and sucks off the honey. “Ah hell,” he moans, shuddering at the taste. “I will taste you again soon, but I dare not rush you.”

Leaning in, he kisses his angel, allowing Jazz to taste the saltiness on his lips. Once more his hand grips tight to Jazz's shaft, resuming his strong, sensual stroking.

“Don't fight it,” he orders seductively, his tongue thrusting back into Jazz’s mouth. “Ride it out. For me.”


Jazz hisses and gasps, trying to catch his breath, but it only makes him crazier. As Seth’s hand gets serious, Jazz can feel the pressure building deep in his gut. Wicked tongues of fire lick and lash up his shaft, teasing his head, before plunging once more deep into his scrotum. He arches and writhes as searing tingles explode into his torso and down into his thick, tensing thighs.

Oh God, oh fuck…

His heels dig in as his hands release their grip on Seth to grasp frantically onto the sheets. Nuts tightening, he squirms inside Seth’s hold, all the while his vampire lover chuckles in deep, satisfaction.  Skilled hands working him like a sex god, Jazz can feel the male watching with hooded eyes, taking in Jazz's every reaction, a low rumble vibrating in Seth’s chest.

A mind-blowing eruption ignites at the base of Jazz’s shaft. He gasps, then jerks, then arches up hard, eyes rolling back as he lets out a strangled shout. “Fuck, Seth─ I'm─ Oh shit!”

Straining, he shoves his head hard into the pillow. Climax barreling down on him, he struggles to breathe as he shatters into a million smoldering shards.


Seth moans in praise as the angel's release splashes against his hand. “Fuck yes. That's perfect.” He growls anew. “I'll never forget this… Nor will I let you.”

His words are meant as a promise as he crushes his lips to Jazz’s, his hand sliding free to rise up towards Jazz’s lips. “Care for a taste of how sweet you are?” He grins wickedly, licking his lips. “I can tell you personally, you taste damn good.”

Jazz pants up at him, his chest heaving, his face flush. “Let me do that to you,” he whispers. “I want to watch you come, too, Seth. Let me.” He grips Seth's bicep. “Please.”

Seth lays back, watching his angel’s nervous fingers pull down his zipper, then slowly, tentatively open his fly. When Jazz slides his hand into Seth’s pants though, Seth jerks with a growl. “Not too shy now, are you,” he murmurs, biting his bottom lip.

Jazz gives him a small, sexy smile, then takes hold.

"That's it,” Seth moans “Grip it nice and tight.”

He grins, feeling his eyes glazing over with darkness. Suddenly, he finds himself squirming, Jazz’s touch torturously stimulating.

“Holy shit,” he laughs, back arching of its own volition. “Jazz,” he rasps. The feel of the angel's hand on him was pure heaven.


Jazz lets out an excited growl. “Oh fuck yeah.”

His fingers wrap tighter around Seth's hard cock—smooth steel wrapped in hot silk. He grins as Seth jerks, then licks his lips and moves his hand faster—up and down, up and down—his fist tight, his thumb brushing Seth's firm head with every repetition.

But his smile fades the more engrossed he becomes with his task. “Damn. Seth,” he murmurs, as the vampire begins to purr. “I've never done this before.” His eyes take in every detail as he continues. “The way you roll those sexy hips? And your abs—how they keep contracting each time my hand brushes your balls? Fuck, that’s so freakin hot.”

 His lips part as his eyes darken.

Up and down. Up and down.

His voice drops low and he can feel his eyes blazing. “You’re getting so fucking big,” he breathes. “And shit, you’re so unbelievably hard.” His eyes drag from the vampire’s cock to meet Seth's gaze. “I could watch you like this ‘til the end of time,” he murmurs. His eyes return to his hand working Seth’s cock.

Faster. Tighter. Up and down. Up and down.

Jazz growls, watching as Seth’s hips jerk and rock. “So fucking hot,” he muses. “You’re like a wave of muscle and flesh, rising up to meet my hand.” He shifts his weight so his other hand can cup Seth's sack, rolling his balls in his fingers.

When Seth sucks in a sharp, ragged breath, Jazz chuckles. “Oh… Fuck… Me....”


“I would right now,” Seth manages to bite out, “if I could think straight enough to get your ass ready for me.” With a wicked, tensed smile, he reaches down and wraps his hand around Jazz’s, guiding him in the pumping action.

“Yes,” he hisses, grinding his teeth. He can feel his balls drawing up tight and fights the urge to explode. But damn it, he had a gorgeous, innocent angel stroking him like no other. “Lean down,” he rasps. “Lick me. Taste me.” A glistening drop on his crown waited anxiously for Jazz’s sweet tongue. “Suck me, Jazz,” he growls, “and watch me cum for you.”

He could see the angel fight with his inner voices.

“Please,” Seth moans, the word one he's never spoken before. It shocked him that he’d used it, but not so much to distract him from his angel now.


Jazz blinks drunkenly at the male gazing at him, Seth’s huge chest rapidly rising and falling beneath him.

Fuck. How can this vampire temp him so easily?

He looks back down at the huge shaft in his grip, its head swollen with one perfect tear drop perched at its opening. Jazz licks his lips. He'd so love to see what his tongue would do to this heavily breathing male. But can he really do it?

He pauses, his thumb stroking back and forth across the ledge of Seth's sensitive crown. “I… I've never... I don’t...”

“Please,” Seth breathes.

Jazz's remaining will power crumbles. Leaning down, his hot tongue slowly slides out from between his lips—and drags tentatively over Seth's firm head. He lingers it at the top, its tip making a tiny swirl around and through the savory drop.  

Seth hisses.

Jazz groans. His eyes slide shut as his grip tightens. “Oh man….”


Nearly coming apart at the feel of Jazz's mouth, Seth snarls. And then the angel’s lips close around his crown and give a gentle suck. Seth’s eyes roll back on a curse as his entire body tenses. Jazz’s tongue makes another swirl around his head, more firmly than the last time, but just as velvety hot. Seth’s finger jab into Jazz’s hair and grip tight, his jaw clenching brutally as he fights back eruption.

“Jazz,” he grits. “My Jazz.”

The angel sighs around his flesh, then suckles him stronger, his tongue stroking down and back up against the V of Seth’s swollen head.

“Fuck,” Seth barks, nearly bucking off the bed.

Yanking Jazz up by his unruly man, he barely gets the angel's mouth up to his before his cock jerks then explodes. Kissing him hard, he snarls against his lips, his hot, jetting release covering both of their torsos.

“Fuuuck,” he groans again, muscles going lax as he pants. He gives Jazz a sated smile. “Happy now?”

Jazz smiles slowly, nodding his head.  “Uh huh…”

Seth chuckles, even as a full-body shiver racks him with the last tremors of his orgasm. He sucks in a breath. “Felt so good,” he whispers roughly. “So impossibly good.”



Jazz stares at him with an awestruck smile. He doesn’t have words. Hell, he can barely formulate thoughts. Seeing Seth lighting up like that, losing all control as his body undulated in orgasmic bliss? Fuck. Jazz had almost busted a second nut just from sounds the guy had been making. And Jazz had swallowed down each and every one of them.  

As the sated vampire smiles up at him, Jazz's insides shift. His hand slides along Seth's jaw to sink into the hair at his temples. His thumb drags back and forth across his high, regal cheek bone.

Again, Jazz nods, clearing his throat gently. “Happy is an understatement, actually.” He chuckles low. “More like really fucking turned on. You're stunning when you let go. A sight to behold.” His smile turns boyish. “I can’t believe I was able to make you do that…”


Seth licks his lips. “Neither can I.”  He stills, then glances at the bathroom door. “Get up,” he murmurs, abruptly pushing the angel off him.

Rolling out of bed, he looks back at the annoyed, confused expression on Jazz’s face. “I want to clean up.” He holds out his hand.

Jazz frowns, then bypasses his offer to clamor off the bed on his own. Seth scowls, grabbing his arm, giving him no time to argue as he drags him to the bathroom. Shutting the door behind them, he knows a servant is already in Jazz’s chambers, changing the sheets on his bed. 

“Just relax and enjoy yourself,” he grumbles, cupping the angel's face and kissing him possessively as he tugs off the remnants of their clothes.



Heart pounding, Jazz is still wrapping his brain around what just happened—and how he's currently feeling about it. Torn, yes, but he has just seen a side of Seth that eases a bit of his confused restlessness. The guy was into what they did on a level beyond just seeking release. Hell, he’d only wanted to bring Jazz pleasure at first. He’d touched, kissed, spoken to Jazz with a certain reverence and respect that Jazz couldn’t ignore ─like Jazz had meant something to him. And if jazz was honest with himself, he knew he’d reciprocated the same feelings.

So as Seth stripped them both of their clothes, Jazz was okay with it ─for the moment at least. The contact and affection is nice. It soothes his soul. He's pretty sure it's soothing Seth's, too. Jazz can’t help feeling happy about that. Bringing comfort, relief, pleasure to another was a good thing.

It was good.

Jazz lets his lips move against Seth's as the male guides them both into the shower. After washing Jazz with careful precision, and letting Jazz do the same to him, they end up full circle on Jazz's freshly dressed bed, casually lounging with little Rex.


They smile and joke and laugh. 


And it was good.

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