Remembrance: written by Kora Knight & Raven Foxx 

Chapter Ten

"Fuck You"


A few days later, Jazz is dragged by a large, nasty-smelling demon to a room that puts him quickly at unease. Shackles hang from every surface.

“Awesome,” Jazz mutters. “Looks like I'm the party’s main attraction. Again.”

The thug yanks him over to the center of the room beneath a gently-swaying, long chain with wrist restraints. Jazz tries to resist, but the fucker is twice his size. In seconds, he has Jazz secured. Jazz growls, the demon completely ignoring him as he tromps over and grabs hold of the other end of the chain.

“Master wants you to hang, angel,” he chuckles in his baritone voice. “So you shall hang.”

Slowly, he pulls the chain downward. Jazz feels himself being raised up until only his tippy toes remain on the cold floor. With a curse, he yanks at his constraints, the action causing him to circle to the right. The demon snickers but goes silent as the room's large door opens with an ominous creeeeeeeek.

Jazz freezes, breathing fast in dread, as he feels Seth's dark presence. “Aw hell,” he groans. “It’s show time.”

Walking in wearing only leather pants, Seth lazily looks him over. “So, what did I do this morning?” he mutters irritably. “I did a pet count and found that there is yet another one missing. Yet another name added to the list of my murdered demons.” He circles around and approaches Jazz from behind. With a growl, he gives him a shove. Jazz could feel his cold stare watching him sway. “Was that the doing of your brother?” he grits out. Moving around, his hard gaze watching Jazz as he slows to a stop.

Their eyes lock.

Jazz knows exactly who the underlord is referring to. It was the last demon gang he and Jared had set their sights on before Jazz got snagged. The two had meticulously planned their attack. The thugs were huge and clearly of high rank. Both twins knew the demons’ master would feel their loss as soon as they took them out. At the time, the idea had Jazz and Jared laughing their asses off. At the moment, though? Yeah, not as funny. Jared had clearly done the deed. And now Jazz was going to pay the price for it.

Glaring at the vampire, Jazz mutters, “He’s just doing his job ridding evil from the human realm. If you'd just keep your nasty slugs underground you wouldn’t have to worry about them dropping off the grid. Easy peasy, bro,” he drawls, holding Seth’s glare.

Which evidently pissed the underlord off.

Next thing Jazz knows, Seth punches him in the gut, knocking the air instantly from Jazz’s body.

Coughing and gasping, Jazz wheezes through a grimace. “That was—absolutely—uncalled for.”

“The fuck it was,” Seth snarls, getting into Jazz's face. “It's the least I could do. And I’ll be doing so much more.” He drives his fist into Jazz's gut two more times, then steps back, smirking as if enjoying Jazz’s pain. “There are other creatures very upset with your brother for slaughtering these demons. They too had families,” he mutters. “And of course, an unforgiving master. They were sent to do a task and your sibling has ruined it.”

Seething, he steps back and gestures toward God only knows what. “Come, my pets. Show this angel what you think of his kind now.” Shadows instantly slither from the darkness, followed by demons and pale-white vampires.

Jazz braces, eyes going wide. “Oh fuck.” He yanks on his restraints.

The monsters leap, like a malevolent wave crashing down on him from all sides, latching onto every inch of his body. Claws rip at his clothes, baring skin to salivating mouths.

They tear into his flesh. Jazz's eyes bulge even wide. “Ahh!!” he howls, as their teeth sink deep. And their claws, fuck, they sear like blades of fire. In seconds, every nerve ending erupts in soul-searing agony. He pitches and bucks, thrashing helplessly against the onslaught, his mind reeling. “SETH!!” he bellows.


Listening as Jazz cries out his name, Seth finds himself frowning, suddenly fighting the urge to stop the angel’s torment. His jaw ticks, then the next thing he knows, he’s stalking forward. The creatures scatter instantly out of his way back to the shadows. Seth stops in front of his wildly-panting captive and glares, then fists Jazz's hair and jerks his head to the side.

“What,” he snarls, baring his fangs. Leaning forward, he takes in Jazz’s scent. Horror and pain. Seth’s mouth waters. His favorite vintage. Striking, he sinks his fangs into his captive's neck and drinks his share of Jazz’s pure, sweet blood.


Jazz groans, eyes rolling back in bitter relief. Even with the under lord’s fangs buried deep in his jugular, compared to before, it is still a reprieve. Yes, fucked up, but true, he’d take Seth's closeness any day to those vile abominations that were just feeding on his flesh. On his soul. Nightmare material like nothing he’s ever known.

Seth's hand in his hair fists tighter, his hot lips on Jazz’s throat like heaven. Undeniably so much better than the teeth from just moments before, chewing on his muscles, his tendons, like he was a drumstick. Jazz moans in morbid gratitude, Seth’s sharp fangs easily tolerable. His chest heaves erratically, his heart still hammering like a piston.

Seth growls, snapping his free arm around Jazz’s ribs, clutching him tighter as he feeds. Jazz’s head spins, his feet shuffling against the cold floor below. Again, the vampire growls, but this time it sounds less agitated, more pleased. In the haze of Jazz’s temporary state of insanity, he senses dark streaks of pleasure slithering under his flesh, like skilled fingers stroking his ravished body. Ire still pulsates just as strong though. Jazz hasn’t forgotten what the asshole just did.

Seth’s lips shift against his neck. Jazz hisses a curse. The vamp’s pulls have turned leisurely. Slow. Lazy. Which, fuck, feels way too good. Shit. Jazz can’t allow himself to enjoy this.

“No. Stop. You’re such a... a...”  

Seth flicks his tongue against Jazz’s skin, making Jazz’s cock jerk, disrupting his thoughts. Jazz gasps. Goose bumps erupt all over his shredded, trembling body, mixing fresh pain with dark, inexplicable pleasure.

“Fuuuuck...” he groans as his anxious fidgeting slows, his mind beginning to fuzz in rapturous bliss.


Seth purrs against Jazz’s throat. Blindly, he reaches up and pulls the pin from the cuffs around Jazz’s wrists. The angel spills free, slumping limply against Seth’s chest, a chest now warmed the angel’s decadent blood.

Breaking the bite, Seth slowly lifts Jazz into his arms and peers down at him. Another frown forms. What is wrong with him? Why did the angel’s misery suddenly trouble him so? The sight of Jazz covered in bite marks suddenly disturb him?

With one arm beneath Jazz’s back and another under his knees, Seth scowls and carries his captive from the room. Down the hall, he moves soundlessly, not saying a word as he enters through the door of a small bathing room. Approaching the steaming pool, he steps into the water, descending the large stone steps with his pants still on. Carefully, he lays Jazz's nearly nude body in the calm, soothing water’s warm embrace.

“You need to drink now,” Seth murmurs, lifting his own wrist to his mouth. With a swift bite, he brings the dripping gash to Jazz's lips. “Drink. Don't argue. Just obey.”



Only half aware of what is happening, Jazz’s mind feels nearly short-circuited. One minute, he’s hanging from his wrists, dripping blood, Seth's fangs buried deep in his neck. The next, he’s being carried, then lowered into a bath of hot water. The contact to his ravished flesh jerks him back to awareness, Seth's quiet instructions quickly sinking in. Instinctively, his mind rejects them, but somewhere deep inside, he’s starving for exactly what the vampire is offering.

Before he knows what he’s doing, he frantically grips Seth's forearm and latches his lips to the under lord's wound. A moan rumbles free. Blood pools on his tongue, then rushes down his throat into his gut. Instantly, his body ignites, bucking hard. Water splashes all around them. Doesn’t care though. Just sucks harder, the taste inexplicably addicting.

He hears Seth suck in a breath. Jazz stills, but then is quickly distracted, his brain shifting to the sensations washing over his body. Rapid healing. Even his strength is beginning to return.

His eyes slide partially open, making contact with Seth's. The big, dark male’s gaze is downright smoldering. But at the moment, that’s neither here nor there to Jazz. He continues to drink, holding Seth’s heady stare. As his urgency ebbs, one hand lets go of Seth’s wrist, dropping down to absently palm Seth’s thigh.

Then squeeze it. Hard.

Jazz grins when Seth jerks. But then his angel eyes were sliding closed. Fuck, the vampire tasted so fucking good. Impossibly amazing. So much so that even know, Jazz can’t help wondering if the under lord’s blood has addictive agents in it. Because as fucked up as it was, there was no denying it—Jazz could drink Seth’s torn wrist all fucking day.


Watching Jazz, Seth’s cock turns rock hard beneath he angel. He growls low, perturbed. This should not be arousing him. Not the soothing of his angel rather than his torment? But with every second that passes, he responds even more, his captive somehow controlling his bodily functions.

Tugging his wrist from that hungry mouth, Seth broodingly sinks lower into the pool. Jazz groans, eyes still closed as he licks his lips. The husky sound makes Seth hiss, a raw, strange need swiftly seizing him. Before he knows what he’s doing, he captures the angel’s mouth. In a scorching kiss, he grasps his free hand to his own throbbing shaft, irritably trying to squeeze it into submission.

Jazz moans and turns into him, their chests pressing closer, the angel seeming dazed, drunk, totally oblivious. And in the silence of that moment, in a room lit only by candles, Seth for the first time ever, questions his own sanity. Or what little is actually left of it. Yes, feedings were erotic for vampires by nature, but he’d been turned by the mere act of providing for Jazz’s body.

Anger spiked at the thought. Had the angel bespelled him?

“Fuck you,” he snarled, pulling away with a glare.


Jazz blinks at the abrupt severance, then sucks in a breath, eyes going wide in alarm as he peered into Seth’s flushed face. What the hell was he doing on the receiving end of such an incredibly wicked kiss? His eyes flare wider as his brain comes back online.

Seth. He had his nasty evil tongue in Jazz's mouth.

Jazz jerks, cursing vehemently, water splashing left and right.

Seth’s snarl rips past his ears. Now the vampire sounds pissed, too.

Jazz's mind reels, trying to grasp what the hell is going on. Going utterly still, he catches his breath and stares at his captor. Seth still has him firmly in his hold, their bodies still submerged. Jazz shifts against his hard body, then frowns, his eyes narrowing accusingly. “What the fuck kind of game are you trying to play?”

Seth growls, leaning close again. “Do you ever shut up?” He inhales deep, the scent of their combined breaths mixing. “You want me to leave you alone?” he grates.

Jazz blinks, then opens his mouth, but no words will come out. In fact, his whole body seems unable to move. Seth smirks, a softer growl slowly rumbling up his throat, his wry grin turning casually to a dark smile. Again, as if taken by twisted curiosity, he leans in closer and kisses Jazz again. Jazz freezes in surprise, then goes rigid as a board as Seth’s hot hand suddenly settles atop Jazz’s bulge. A bulge that was entirely way too big.

Jazz curses against Seth’s mouth, but still can’t seem to move.

Seth chuckles and slowly strokes him, his big thumb brushing Jazz’s crown. “You're a perfect handful,” he murmurs, his timbre husky in velvet approval. Abruptly he stops, though, as if slammed by a thought. Yanking his hand away, he shifts out from under the angel, readying to depart.

For reasons utterly unbeknownst to Jazz, he grabs Seth’s arm.  

“What,” the underlord growls.

“Just wait,” Jazz croaks. With Seth's blood burning through every cell of his body, he can barely think straight. Has to concentrate. Heady power pulses through his veins, pounding in his ears. But Jazz also feels an underlying darkness. A quiet presence amidst his angel physiology. Making him feel things, want things, crave things. Things that he shouldn’t. Things utterly foreign. So much so, that it’s scrambling Jazz’s brain. He honestly doesn’t know if he wants Seth to leave… or to stop. What he does know for sure is that he hates the male before him. He’s evil incarnate, a monster, a fiend.

But his mouth, the way it felt against Jazz’s just now? It in itself didn’t feel so bad. Separate from its owner, it felt warm and soft. Tantalizing. Pleasurable…

Jazz gasped as Seth’s thumb stroked his crown a second time. What the hell is the vampire doing? And why the fuck hasn’t Jazz yanked his hand away? Fingers stroke up his shaft. Jazz moans, derailed, Seth’s touch short-circuiting his brain, making him arch.

Damn…. That feels really fucking good, no doubt about it, but is making Jazz’s head spin way too fast. Somewhere in the haze of his frazzled mind, he knows he needs to pull the fuck out of this guy's hold. Put some distance between them and tell the vamp to fuck off. But shit, Jazz has never been touched like this before. By another. Like this. Or kissed for that matter. And damn, if it all wasn’t sweeter than he imagined.

If he was honest, he’d admit that while his eyes had been closed, he’d forced himself not to think about who was kissing him. He’s just been so insanely tired, emotionally drained from the beatings, his captivity, that his mind’s in a state of screw-it-I-need-this-piece-of-heaven-right-fucking-now. Somehow it had turned off his head, his reason, as if pleading for him to just let his sanity have that one moment.

Seth's eyes bore into his. A sinister rumble fills the room. Only then does Jazz fully snap out of it. Hissing, he yanks his hand off Seth’s arm. And thigh. Why? Why would he want this from the fucker who just tortured him? Sic’ing a horde of demons on his ass? Seth had stood back and watched as they ravished him whole.

Abruptly, Jazz recoils. “Oh my God, what the fuck did you just─” He doesn’t bother finishing, just lurches to the far end of the pool. “What the fucking hell just fucking happened!?”

Deep laughter boils from Seth’s chest. “That, angel boy, is called desire. Lust,” he growls, eyes dancing with fire. “And you liked it so much you gave in for seconds. Soon you will come to me on your knees.”

With a smirk, he rises, his soaked pants clinging to his body, and snatches up a towel. “Bathe,” he mutters. “I will be visiting you again soon. Heading to the exit, he steps into a shadow, disappearing to God only knows fucking where.

Jazz watches him leave, then groans. He needs to get a grip. A handle on these dark urges so new to his system. Red-tinted water gently laps against him. His troubled frown deepens, bombarded with conflicting emotions. He looks down at his lap and curses in disgust. He's as hard as a steel rod. Unacceptable. He shoves the heel of his palm into his hard on, as if reprimanding it, then anxiously scrubs his face.

Everything that just happened in this bathe was so not good. Not that it didn’t feel good…

He groans and exits the pool, stepping into an adjacent beside it. Quickly, he washes off his rapidly healing body, needing to scour away the last half hour. A few minutes later, his personal servant enters the room, brining with her a fresh change of clothing. He climbs out and thanks her gruffly, then scowls at the wine she insists he drink. Not wanting to deal with her and desperately needing his solitude, he downs the warm beverage and quickly dons his pants.

With a grunt he departs, padding back to his bed chamber, where he could privately to lose his every loving mind.

This place, that male, were fucking with his head. He needed to get out of there. Yesterday.

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