Chapter One

Remembrance: written by Kora Knight & Raven Foxx 

"In the Beginning..."

Following a lead from a sketchy informant, Jazz and his twin, Jared, make their way to yet another seedy underground rave. Jazz growls, his gaze locking onto a huge, questionable looking bouncer at the base of the stairwell, the male's dark energy irritating the angel's nerves. The faint sound of thumping music can be heard seeping from around the large metal door behind him. Jazz narrows his eyes, the ominous vibes within unmistakable.

He sends his brother a 'mental.' ~This place feels wrong, Jare. Maybe we should turn back.~

Jared gives him a determined head shake.

~Yeah, no you’re right.~ Jazz grunts. ~Too many marks here to miss such an opportunity. It's like a freaking buffet of quota in there.~

With a smirk over to his twin, Jazz descends the concrete steps with Jared close behind on his heels. Jazz gives the ornery-looking bouncer a nod. "S'up, big guy. How 'bout you step aside?"

When the male narrows his eyes on them, then opens the door with a snarl, Jazz turns to Jared. ~What the fuck. What was way too easy. This could be a trap, bro. Stay on red-alert.~

Jared gives him a curt nod.

He turns back and heads inside, Jared flanking his right. Their eyes scan the area, wanting to make this as quick a visit as possible. Jazz's stomach starts to lurch as his tell-tale gag reflex kicks in, always fucking with him when the major baddies are around. He turns to look at Jared, his eyes going wide as he sees a huge demon coming up behind his brother. His arms are raised, readying to level a blow with his meaty fist.

"Jared!" Jazz barks. "Behind you!"

Jared spins around in a flash, and without hesitating, nails the thug with a brutal rib shot followed by a righteous upper cut. At the same time, another leaps onto Jazz's back, snapping its thick arms around his chest from behind. Jazz lets out a roar, throwing his arms out, sending the demon stumbling back. The twins are instantly back to back, their warrior training slamming into gear as their bodies flash blindingly-bright, their essence transitioning into battle mode as they face the throngs of evil suddenly descending on them. Jackets and jeans morph instantly into metal armor forged from the heavenly flames of the Maker. In their hands, razor sharp swords manifest and ignite.

"Motherfucking set up," Jazz cusses.

Swinging their blazing swords wildly, the angels fight for their lives. Demons go flying, falling in pieces to the dirty ground, but more just keep blitzing forward. The brothers have each others' back, but it’s clear they've fallen quickly into really deep shit.

Over Jazz's shoulder, Jared barks out between swings of his blade. "Would have been nice to have gotten a better warning at the entrance, brother," he tried to joke. "Like, oh I don't know, maybe a "Do not enter, ambush ahead."

Jazz barked out a laugh, ducking down to dodge the business end of an incoming baseball bat. "Yeah, no shit. Seems our spidey-sense radar needs a tune up."

Jared gave a curt nod, smirking as he lunged forward to force the demon whose throat was now beneath his boot to surrender his name. Doing so would allow Jared to send him back to Hell where it belongs. If only their demon foes were more cooperative.

A door slams open and more demons pour in, launching eagerly into the fight while other stand on the sidelines to watch, cheering and passing money around. Were they seriously gambling? This wasn't going to end well.

Jared lifts his leg and throws a hard, unexpected reverse kick, sending his attacker from behind soaring into his cohort buddies. He slashes his sword formidably, ducking and dodging hits while maiming whoever comes at him from every and any angle. Some of their aggressors back off, obviously fearing for their lives. Many actually exit the place entirely.

He glances to where Jazz is facing off with a couple of huge, ogre-faced demons, while at his feet countless more moan and writhe in pain. Some are actually screaming their names in hopes that the angel would send them on their way.

Jazz spears his sword forward, impaling one of the thugs before sending a hard, armor-covered elbow into the other. The demon went flying, taking another nearby miscreant with him as he slams into a wall. The sound of bones crunching echoes grotesquely.

Jared sends his brother a grin, pleased as always at the impressive team they make. But Jazz doesn't return the look. Instead, his dark brown eyes go wide. Jared quickly realizes there's a demon coming fast from behind him. He spins quickly to engage, but he demon is already too close. Just by his wild, fiery eyes Jared could tell it was one of the higher ranking of its kind. Unbelievably powerful, it sends a wrecking ball of a fist into his stomach. Air explodes from Jared's lungs, denting his celestial armor as the angel careens to the ground.

Jazz watched in shock as the deadly beast buried his massive fist in Jared's gut. "NO!" he roared, lunging forward.

No longer did he care about protocol. From here on out, all he unleashed would fall under righteous anger. A necessary deed of angelic warfare. Even though a Mission Angel's primary objective was not to kill but return demons to the pit from whence they came, at times they were granted the lenience to smite their adversaries if times turned critical. If the fate of their fellow soldiers required it.

Jazz glared vengeance on the right bastard before him. He fit the bill perfectly. Charging forward with a thunderous battle cry, his distorted warrior timber booming throughout the underground enclave, his shoulder slams multiple demons who try to intercept him from the target his gaze is locked onto. Thugs go tumbling left and right as Jazz plows them over, his legs pumping, his swords slashing through their middles.

Anguished shrieks and wet thuds splat to the ground, reverberating in the back of his mind. But all he sees is Jared. The moment moves in slow motion. His heart pounds, his lungs saw and his blades swing - for his brother and his brother alone.

"Jared!" he bellows as his brother hits the ground, that monster's massive fist hitting Jared's chest as he lands on his back. Like a Mack truck, caving in his armor even further. Eyes roll back as Jared loses consciousness.

Righteous fire flashes in Jazz's eyes as he launched himself off a downed demon in his path, vaulting up into the air with both swords held high, their flashing sharp tips pointed down, directed at the massive brute he was descending upon. Giving it only the chance to curse, Jazz's plummeted his blazing blades deep, impaled them into the beast's massive shoulders, tunneling deep into its torso. He could hear, could feel, the slick, sickening crunches of his swords piercing every vital organ and vessel on their path downward.

The demon lets out a choked, wet howl before crashing hard toward the ground. But Jazz's bellow easily drowns it out as he yanks free his blades and quickly swipes them horizontally in a scissor-like motion, snipping the fuckers head clean off his shoulders.

Jazz lands hard on braced feet a split second later, spinning around, anticipating another round of attacks. He needed to protect his twin. But instead, wide shocked eyes stare back at him. Only a few demons remain. And it’s clear they have no intention of engaging him. Smart fuckers, Jazz grunts, gasping for breath.

Swiftly he rushes to Jared's side, yanking him up to throw him over his shoulder. He needed to haul ass out of there before more bold bastards arrived. There would be no tending to his brother's injuries if they both ended up dead...



* * * * *

The faint drip-drop of water splashing upon the cold stone echoes through the dark cavern. The only sound but for the faint rattle of breath between bloodied lips. Moving with silent boot steps, Seth enters the underground prison, hand rising to his nose. Even he, despite his debauchery, didn’t enjoy the scent of rot that lingers within the stone cells. Moving through the darkness towards the one cage occupied at the time, he stops to look within at the body dangling from its wrists, a small length of chain holding them to the ceiling.

Reaching a hand in to touch the figure, he purrs at the painful hiss that escapes the body as it swings, slowly turning so he can take in the lash marks marring its naked back.

"Why, I do believe they left a bit of flesh on you, boy. I'll have to see that fixed." Smiling he steps back, watching the body sway to a stop, the look of torture on its face far too sweet. "You'll be more of a monster then you ever dreamed of being when I'm done with you. I truly cannot wait."

The prisoner closes his eyes, trying to ignore everything done to him by the master. As if reaching out, searching for a lingering strand of strength deep within, Seth groans. The male could fight tooth and claw, but his master was far stronger.

He was so much more than everyone assumed. They all thought he was vampire, or even a demon, but never did they think that he could be both. And still more. He could take a creature's life force and powers and absorb them into himself.

The prisoner groaned, the pull of his weight on his wrists excruciating after having them dislocated within the first short hours of hanging. There was just no way to keep his weight from pulling them out of place. If he was lucky, the numbness would soon begin. With his lips so parched and damaged, as well as his throat, he couldn’t speak, only pray that death would come soon. Perhaps, Seth thought, if the male played his cards right he could insure his death as well. He just had to give in to it all, to the pain and the weakness, and stop fighting...

All around, whispers filled the darkness. It was time, it was time to suffer and pay for failing the master. The strike comes with brutal quickness, knocking the male's knees out from under him, sending him falling toward the floor. Brought up short by the chains, his scream echoes off the walls along with the sickening sound of his shoulders being ripped out of place.

"Kill me!" he pleads, praying openly for reprieve. Clearly, he understood that what the master would have him become was far worse than the alternative. Worse than death.

*Guest writer for Jared: Olga G

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